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offline mermaidman on 2021-08-13 14:07 [#02610731]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

motherfuckeur is kinda like an auteur only it's not


offline mermaidman on 2021-08-13 14:19 [#02610732]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

what about this movie anyone watched this movie? the trailer
looks BOMBASTIC long-days-journey-into-night-2018


offline mermaidman on 2021-08-13 23:24 [#02610736]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

aguirre, the wrath of god (1972) - 7/10
altered states (1980) - 7/10
fallen angels (1995) - 7/10
chungking express (1994) - 8/10


offline mermaidman on 2021-08-18 22:39 [#02610941]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

sorcerer (1977) - 8/10 thanx hyper very like


offline mermaidman on 2021-08-19 00:10 [#02610953]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular | Followup to mermaidman: #02610732

this movie turned out to be amazing. should watch it again


offline mermaidman on 2021-08-19 09:51 [#02610982]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

i give Long Day’s Journey Into Night a 8/10. last hour of
the movie is one take and in 3d lol


offline mermaidman on 2021-08-22 12:35 [#02611080]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular | Followup to mermaidman: #02610736

upon watching chungking express a 2nd time i want to give it
a 9 out of ten


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-08-23 00:00 [#02611114]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

Street Trash (1987) 7/10

drags a little but is a classic meltfest.

Iron Angels (1987) 8/10

great female-centric HK action film, like Miami Vice
(the show) meets Charlie's Angels (the show).

Ninja in the Dragon's Den (1982) 8/10

classic early 80s HK kung fu film, set in pre-modern China.

Night Moves (1975) 8/10

very decent 70s neo-noir directed by Arthur Penn and
starring Gene Hackman.

Cutter's Way (1981) 9/10

Brilliant fucked-up amateur detectives trying to solve a

Fat City (1972) 8/10

Stacy Keach is a former professional boxer reduced to day
work with the Mexicans. Susan Tyrrell is absolutely fucking
fantastic as a barfly who he hooks up with.

Dead Sushi (2012) 7/10

If flying zombie sushi led by a resurrected tuna-headed mad
scientist is your idea of a fun time then this is the film
for you.

毎日が夏休み (Every Day is a Summer Holiday)
(1994) 8/10

Very charming film where a salaryman who has secretly quit
his high-ranking job bumps into his step-daughter who has
been skipping school, and they start a two-person business
doing whatever jobs come their way.

Ninja Vixens: Demonic Sacrifices (2003) 5/10

If Uwe Boll moved to Japan and decided to make a historical
fantasy action film then this is quite possibly exactly how
it would turn out.

The Green Knight (2021) 8/10

Before I watched this I didn't realise it was A24, so
thought it was going to be a Marvel-type film - so glad to
have been completely wrong. Dev Patel is great.

Bu Su (1987) 8/10

A quiet and semi-gloomy teenager moves to her auntie's
geisha house in Tokyo and enrols in high school while trying
to help out in the evenings at the geisha house. An
introspective drama with some very touching moments,
especially the traditional dance plotline.


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-08-23 00:11 [#02611115]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

Evil Dead Trap (1988) 7/10

Nothing to do with the Evil Dead films, in fact this
Japanese horror has more in common with Italian horrors from
the late 70s and early 80s.

歩いて歩いて (Still Walking) (2008)

A very touching small drama - a family gather at the family
home in Tokyo on the anniversary of the oldest brother's
death. Funny, sad, uplifting.

ぼくらの七日ー間戦争 (Our Seven Day War)
(1988) 7/10

A group of middle-school kids stage a rebellion against
their overly-strict and borderline physically abusive
school, which is much more fun than it sounds. The climax,
for instance, is like a cross between the booby traps of
Home Alone and the crazy muddy maze from Takeshi's

さびしんぼう (Miss Lonely/Lonelyheart)
(1985) 9/10

With the rhythms and energy of the characters and the
musicality infused throughout this is almost musical
theatre, in a way that really works and that I've rarely
seen - based around Chopin's Etude in E major, Tristesse,
this piece threads the film in many forms.

The Chopin work connects a teenage boy to the unrestrained
youth of his mother and to the lonely girl he sees
practising it in a schoolroom alone, and is heard throughout
both diagetically - on the piano by both the boy and his
mysterious lonely crush, by the boy and his father as a
joyous duet hummed in the bathtub, and on a music box that
becomes a final moment of emotion and joy - and on the
musical score, in both its original form and in lush
orchestrations and even as this great slice of '80s jpop at
the end: Here.

P. P. Rider (1983) 9/10

I have no idea why the English title is this, but this
highly eccentric film is just great - a trio of teenagers
see the local chubby bully boy getting kidnapped and set out
to find him and rescue him from a couple of yakuza. Lots of
extended takes and some incredible tracking shots and a long


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-08-23 00:12 [#02611116]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

-ot final scene at the end that is like watching a play.
Great film.


offline magicant from toronto (Canada) on 2021-09-01 22:33 [#02611434]
Points: 2451 Status: Regular

SPACE JAM 2 10/10


offline RussellDust on 2021-09-01 22:52 [#02611439]
Points: 15607 Status: Regular

I wondered who I’d see bumping this thread, so to speak.
Marlowe and Mermaidman of course! The self exiled discord
members who cancelled each other out, and then post here.
The irony is so good!


offline RussellDust on 2021-09-01 23:18 [#02611450]
Points: 15607 Status: Regular | Followup to magicant: #02611434

Sorry, magicant. I did notice you.


offline mermaidman on 2021-09-02 10:09 [#02611463]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

l'eclisse (1962) - 8/10


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-09-04 22:47 [#02611535]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

Typhoon Club (1985) 8/10

Same director as P. P. Rider - a group of school students
before and during a typhoon in semi-rural Japan.

The Terrible Couple (1980) 7/10

Same director as the previous two. Yusuke, a teenage boy,
moves from Kyushu to Tokyo to attend a new high school,
moving into his Uncle's empty house. Through a mix-up, one
of his new schoolfriends has rented one of the rooms, Kei, a

Structured mostly like a romantic comedy, but with added
elements of kitchen sink drama and schooldays drama, this is
an enjoyable little film, not as interesting or dynamic as
the director's later works, and has a bit of an abrupt
ending, but definitely worth a watch.

Grave of the Firefilies (1988) 7½/10

Pretty sad.

The Deserted City (1984) 7/10

Eguchi, a post-grad student from Tokyo, takes up summer
residency to have some peace & quiet to complete a thesis on
Edgar Allan Poe. Having some connection to the family who
live there, he is greeted by the youngest daughter, 19
year-old Yasuko, played the always-excellent Kobayashi
Satomi. Also in residence is the grandmother. Absent is the
older sister and her husband. The mother died some 12 years

Around this group the drama plays out, while Yanagawa itself
is used thematically as Old Japan, tradition and the
creakingly slow movement of time and energy. While much of
the story is literally told, it is quite charming and calls
to mind Merchant-Ivory productions in the west.

Asahinagu (2017) 7/10

A pretty charming and goofy Nogizaka46 High School Club
movie, where three freshmen girls find themselves having
joined their high school's all-girl naginata club. The film
follows the highs, the lows, the bonding, training with an
amusingly strict female monk and her little helper, and
overcoming adversity and building confidence.

Not on a par with films such as Swing Girls or Shodo Girls
but if you are a fan of those films you will very probably
enjoy this.


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-09-04 22:52 [#02611536]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

Joshiizu (2014) 7/10

A fun parody of super sentai, an all-girl superhero
unit formed, the five young women recruited because their
surnames are colours - red, yellow, blue, green, and navy.

There are several laugh-aloud moments throughout, and some
favourites are in the cast: Mitsuki Takahata as 'Yellow',
Kasumi Arimura as 'Green' (a has-been actress currently
playing "Tree B" in a small theatre troup), and Jiro Sato as

Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura (2017) 7/10

Mitsuki Takahata and Masato Sakai star as a writer and his
young wife - she has moved in with him in his house in
Kamakura, where spirits and humans freely intermingle.
Akiko, the young wife, adjusts to the small city and even
befriends the God of Poverty much to the surprise and
bemusement of her husband.

However, her acceptance and open-heartedness pays dividends
after her soul is stolen and her plucky husband must decide
upon travelling to the Great Beyond in an attempt to rescue

Demonic (2021) 6/10

Watched solely in preparation for RLM's episode of Half in
the Bag. The concept isn't terrible but the film is very

Annette (2021) 7½/10

Annette has a great beginning, so unexpected and
refreshing, and it has a great ending, with a fantastic
performance from a child actor.

The first half of this musical charts the formation and
consolidation of a romance between a dark-edged stand-up
comedian and a soprano opera singer. As things move towards
the middle it begins to feel like the adult version of A
Series of Unfortunate Events
, with shades of Les
' Fantine, especially the filmed version as
this also seems to have live singing with a similar vocal

The film does drag during its 2h20m run time, but there are
true moments of emotion in there, although I don't think I'd
be able to sit through it again.


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2021-09-05 03:12 [#02611543]
Points: 30507 Status: Regular

Last action hero (1993), piece of shit basically but I like
Charles dance so watched it

Dreamscape (1984) With Dennis Quaid, not great but not bad
either, especially like the post apocalyptic nightmares the
president has, David Patrick Kelly with Neon green nun
chucks as the bad guy who can turn into a snake monster,
fairly entertaining


offline mermaidman on 2021-09-15 09:39 [#02611879]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

playtime (1967) - 8/10


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-09-15 15:09 [#02611882]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

Here Today (2021) 7/10

A kind of platonic romantic dramatic comedy which begins
with a humorous meet-cute between a septuagenarian comedy
writer who is in the early days of dementia (don't think
it's anything like Hopkins in The Father because it very
much ain't) and a late 30s-ish jazz singer.

Misha and the Wolves (2021) 6/10

So much of the running time is spent in service of
presenting and obsessing over the twisty-turn narrative and
fakery, that the real meat is left to a couple of talking
heads in the final five minutes - what could have been a
fascinating and compassionate documentary about delusion,
and childhood trauma, instead becomes a disappointingly
shallow experience. Hardly worth bothering a watch, just
read the Wikipedia page slowly and gasp loudly every

United in Anger: A History of ACT UP (2012)

This documentary charts the inception and growth of ACT UP,
founded in New York City in March 1987. Seizing the means of
production, ACT UP used such things as media activism, mass
marches, & demonstrations, to raise awareness of AIDS, and
to bring it into a mainstream who was trying desperately to
ignore it.

Waiting... (2005) 7/10

Independent mid-2000s chain restaurant comedy written and
directed by a former waiter who wrote it while still working
as a server. Stars Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, Anna Faris
among others.


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-09-15 15:11 [#02611883]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

Lady of the Manor (2021) 7/10

Justin Long's directorial debut (with his brother
Christian). The thread of the film revolves Hannah, an
uncouth but engaging woman heading towards middle age, who
becomes drawn into intrigue when sleazy Tanner Wadsworth
hires her as live-in tour guide at his family's stately
home. There she is accosted by the prim ghost of the
original civil war-era Lady of the Manor, who is at first
disgusted by Hannah's modern habits and who Hannah naturally
finds starchy and repressed. But, of course, they come
gradually to realise each has their own merit, and they
teach each other mutual respect and become best buddies.

Malignant (2021) 7/10

Watched for RLM's Half in the Bag. Goes from fairly mild
X-Files episode to pretty wild X-Files episode to Harry
Potter and the Audacity of This Bitch.


offline misantroll from Switzerland on 2021-09-18 13:28 [#02611956]
Points: 2150 Status: Regular

Prisoners of the Ghostland : 10000000 / 10
Sono Sion made its Nicolas Cage fanboy flick and it's
glorious. I was thrilled the entire time. Thank god I was
here to witness that madness


offline misantroll from Switzerland on 2021-09-18 22:41 [#02611969]
Points: 2150 Status: Regular

Old : - 12300 / 10
What ? what ? what ? what ? what ? what ? what ?
I hate you Shyanalayiaiahn
And I still see dead people that doesn't excuse much


offline misantroll from Switzerland on 2021-09-19 02:24 [#02611988]
Points: 2150 Status: Regular

Old : - 12300 / 10
What ? what ? what ? what ? what ? what ? what ?
I hate you Shyanalayiaiahn
And I still see dead people that doesn't excuse much


offline obara from birds are not real on 2021-09-19 18:48 [#02612000]
Points: 19277 Status: Regular

Innerspace 7/10 so much fun re-watching it after many many


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2021-09-20 00:14 [#02612047]
Points: 30507 Status: Regular | Followup to obara: #02612000

love innerspace especially the rubber faced bit


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2021-09-20 00:14 [#02612048]
Points: 30507 Status: Regular

anyone seen this?


offline mermaidman on 2021-09-24 11:43 [#02612206]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

the girl with the dragon tattoo (2011) - 7/10


offline mermaidman on 2021-09-24 11:44 [#02612207]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular | Followup to Hyperflake: #02612048

looks like proper 90's sci-fi!


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-09-24 12:55 [#02612208]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

Green Card (1990) 7/10

Peter Weir's take on the odd-couple romantic comedy - the
set up is blessedly taken care of immediately, as the film
opens with Andie MacDowell's Brontë already having accepted
to marry her French friend's French friend, Georges, written
for and played by Gerard Depardieu, to allow him a Green

Tales from the Crypt (1972) 7/10

An anthology of five tales, helmed by Sir Ralph Richardson
as The Crypt Keeper. His illustrious name is accompanied by
other big hitters of British film and television, including
Joan Collins, Peter Cushing and Ian Hendry.

Zappa (2020) 7/10

Practically a hagiography. Watching Serious Musician Zappa
moralise about drugs and business responsibility then
dismissively talk about cheating on his wife while she's at
home giving birth to and raising their kids, with a smirk,
then nonchalantly telling her to get penicillin
prescriptions because he has the clap because hey, how can
he resist fucking young fans, is something to behold.

Candyman (2021) 6/10

Picture a Spike Lee film - teeming with real characters,
real dialogue, real rage, real insight, real philosophy.

Picture this Candyman - teeming with embarrassingly
cardboard characters (is the gay effete? You best believe
it!), bad on-the-nose dialogue whose delivery often sounds
like a humdrum videogame, bleached of anger because it's so
constructed it lacks a spontaneous rage, with the kind of
insight you'll see on social media a hundred times per day,
with nothing to say that hasn't been said before and

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021)

Treads Cube Zero territory by film number two as it combines
a couple of escape rooms with behind-the-scenes shenanigans,
before finally throwing in a little
twist-to-set-up-the-third-film ending.


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-09-24 13:00 [#02612209]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (1982)

Enjoyable early eighties satire on the lower levels of the
music industry, wherein a trio of teen girls, led by the
truculent energy of Corinne Burns (Diane Lane), gains the
notice of a local female news co-anchor via their defiant
anti-baloney stance.

Running Scared (1986) 7/10

An action-comedy centred around two irreverent Chicago cops,
Hughes and Costanzo, played by Gregory Hines and Billy
Crystal respectively. Jimmy Smits is the villain, a
smart-dressed drug smuggler whose stated aim is to become
"the first Hispanic Godfather."

While the comedy is pretty much B-material, and the plot
devices well-worn (including the kidnapping of a loved one
to set up the final confrontation), the two leads have an
easy rapport, and it's a buddy cop action comedy from the
1980s, what's not to enjoy?

People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan (2021)

The greatest love story in the history of cinema.

Rango (2011) 7½/10

Exquisite animation backed up by an entertaining story
filled with film references and a diverse cast of characters
equals an engaging and fun viewing experience.

Black Rain (1989) 7/10

Ridley Scott directs this late 80s international cop movie.
The theme sometimes feels a little muddy - what they're
going for here is some kind of amoral West versus honourable
East, an East tainted by the influence of America, as two
New York detectives are charged with escorting a Yakuza from
America to Japan.

Relaxer (2018) 7½

Inventive, quirky, funny, and piteous - and all without ever
leaving the couch.

Necessary Roughness (1991) 7/10

A nuts and bolts film about a ragtag college american
football team that is elevated by a great cast, and some
genuinely sharp dialogue. If you aren't looking to have your
life changed but simply want to enjoy the company of a film
for a couple of hours then this one should definitely be in
the runni


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-09-24 13:00 [#02612210]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular



offline mermaidman on 2021-10-01 21:56 [#02612373]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

the killing of a chinese bookie (1976) - 7/10


offline mermaidman on 2021-10-10 13:58 [#02612606]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

pierrot le fou (1965) - 8/10


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-11-03 22:31 [#02613332]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

september 26th - november 3rd

free guy;
elvira, mistress of the dark;
big trouble;
palm springs;
the forever purge;
I don't buy kisses anymore;
the man who saved christmas;
for better or worse;
unstrung heroes;
cross my heart;
I'll do anything;
the kid detective;
the late show;
nightwatch (R);
pure luck;
loose cannons;
saturday the 14th;
nice girls don't explode;
yes, god, yes;
shock treatment;
bloody nose, empty pockets;
sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band;
carbon copy;
captain ron;
arachnophobia (R);
woodstock (2019);
tongues untied;
a simple wish;
cabin boy;
evil dead trap 2: hideki;
bud abbott and lou costello meet frankenstein;
abbot and costello meet the killer, boris karloff;
halloween kills;
the velvet underground;
woodstock 99: peace, love, and rage;
four hours at the capitol;
dune (2021);
gay USA;
the self-destruction of gia;
how to survive a plague;
longtime companion;
15 things you didn't know about bigfoot;
one trick pony;
everybody street;
rebirth of mothra;
army of thieves;
ernest scared stupid;
gakkou no kaidan;
downtown '81;
high school ghostbusters;
sisters with transistors;
the alpinist.


offline mermaidman on 2021-11-03 22:47 [#02613333]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular | Followup to marlowe: #02613332

yes but what do you rate them?


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2021-11-05 22:27 [#02613443]
Points: 5798 Status: Regular

There's Someone Inside Your House
total shit don't bother

finally watched this after somehow avoiding any spoilers for
2+ years apart from the vodka/toilet scene... watched it on
my birthday, drunk and slightly tripping and after eating a
big lump of meat.... Shan't forget it in a hurry, quality

(Wish Johan Jonansson was still alive, huge fucking loss to
film/music there... Mbe his Blade Runner score & that other
one unused one will see the light of day some time... it
must have been so gutting to do the massive amount of work
to score a film and then it not get used,twice)


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2021-11-05 22:33 [#02613444]
Points: 5798 Status: Regular

Bond - whatever it's called
Can't really remember, got bored towards the end, the bit in
Cuba was fun; quite liked callback with "All the time in the
world" song to the one where his wife got killed.

I just realised I've only sat down to watch 2.5 films in the
last year...fuck


offline mermaidman on 2021-11-21 23:48 [#02614081]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

columbus (2017) - 8/10


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-11-22 18:08 [#02614103]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular

november 4th - november 22nd

the mcpherson tape;
violent cop;
light sleeper;
going berserk;
enemy mine;
how not to make a movie (R);
ian mckellen: acting shakespeare;
midnight mass (limited series);
the brain;
libeled lady;
petite maman;
the thin man;
last night in soho.


offline mermaidman on 2021-11-22 19:04 [#02614104]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular | Followup to marlowe: #02614103

yes but what do you rate?


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2021-11-22 21:23 [#02614105]
Points: 7068 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

when do you find the time to watch these?!
cant even read the list!


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-11-23 00:38 [#02614106]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular | Followup to ijonspeches: #02614105

steady trickle then once in a while I'll watch 3-4 films a
day for a few days.


offline mermaidman on 2021-11-23 08:35 [#02614109]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular | Followup to marlowe: #02614106

but if you read the thread title it’s not list the films
you see it’s RATE the films you see so it isn’t right
thread for lists


offline mermaidman on 2021-11-23 09:24 [#02614112]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

sonatine (1993) - 7/10


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2021-11-23 12:58 [#02614113]
Points: 24563 Status: Regular | Followup to mermaidman: #02614109

complain to the management then, karen.


offline mermaidman on 2021-11-23 16:29 [#02614116]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular | Followup to marlowe: #02614113

there is no management but if you keep posting lists without
rating what will happen is aphex twin himself will enter
your house at night and have sexual intercourse with your


offline mermaidman on 2021-11-23 16:30 [#02614117]
Points: 7653 Status: Regular

full on deep throating until ejaculation


offline mohamed from the turtle business on 2021-12-04 16:30 [#02614445]
Points: 31127 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

Trauma Center 3/5


offline mohamed from the turtle business on 2021-12-04 16:41 [#02614446]
Points: 31127 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

-0.5 for the dialogue between the killer cops and the chick

damn, that made me want them to kill her, i said bust her,
bust that motherfucker in the head


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