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EpicMegatrax writes more bullshit

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-12-02 18:53 [#02622918]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular



offline kei9 from Argentina on 2022-12-02 18:53 [#02622919]
Points: 421 Status: Regular

yeah i remember how hard it was to get porn, but all that
changed when i became the visitor number 1000000 of a random
page i clicked. i am the pornstar now, i even have my own
geocities website


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-12-03 15:28 [#02622945]
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i should begin to keep track of the things i've been right
about here, because it is starting to pile up


first post where it first dawned on me ~ it keeps
going, but this was the start.

then things like i'm always talking about the weasels
running things so my mind can be elsewhere, and that is
really about physical movement in the end


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-04 01:05 [#02623728]
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my typing, yes. freshman year of high school, the state is
doing some study on "can students in this state type, and if
so, how fast?" and so the class has been hoarded into a
computer lab and a program asks you to type this or that.
obviously, i thought this was an incredible deal to get out
of sitting through english class. i think everyone did

then someone says: "let's see how far up EpicMegatrax can
make it go" and suddenly people have crowded around me and
this amused me.

the software let you cheat, really. that you could see what
you were supposed to type before you typed it. i didn't want
to let everyone down, so i found myself... going off into my
head and, like, pre-typing it. queuing up the motions in
advance... so when the buzzer went off to type a little
blurb -- like two sentences without difficult words -- i
promptly clocked something physically impossible like over
200 WPM. then i'm like: there guys, i rinsed it, are you
happy? there were.

i realized: you know what, i already have been doing that...
finger planning... thing already, just planning what to type
next while the computer's thinking because i'm just
waiting... and let's keep going on this; seems cool

pre-visualizing motions in my head, then queuing them up for
when the buzzer drops. and now when i record music it's
pretty minutes of that queued up in advance. it can take me
hours to get that far built up.

it's not even exactly visualizing... is more like a control
script of what patterns to move my fingers in... or
everything, if i'm whipping around running 8 synths

but it's a good story about my typing. even at 16 i was a
ferocious beast


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-06 18:43 [#02623850]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

so i've worked out that, it was like

thinking about the part of my post where "
drive is better for folders though" [mental screenshot of
google drive rectangles, i can only pick out a few names
then i'm thinking about and then kim dotdom,
driving on a golf course then i'm thinking of a p. good
article on some nutty dutch guy who loved living and
building sketchy data centers in underground bunkers. his
sister says, "my brother was just always... too much. too
much of everything." and i'm still pondering this. it
doesn't sound like the 12-stepper "always want more" thing,
it sounds more like... how the dutch always give things
gigantic model numbers like Toaster 10000 and maybe this is
a separate thing and

shit how did i get here

i'm in a yoga posture across the room from where this
started, and i stack trace back as far as this. but i cannot
suss out what made me think of [that bit of that post in
that thread].

in the sense that it will help -- just a feeling -- i go
back to the room and place myself where the train of thought
started. then, yes, i recrossed my feet the other way a bit
before that; i do so again. samsonite, right, i think,
looking at a suitcase -- another train of thought from that
comes back, but it's a few links in the chain before i
before i thought if [that bit of that post in that thread]

i could have kept fussing with it and gotten more bits back;
perhaps actually sorted what the transition was, there. but
it's really not that important. once i'd done the decided
amount of yoga i gave up mulling it and here we are.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-06 18:59 [#02623852]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

no, fuck me, that wasn't the dutch. that was belgium
i think.

off to argue with myself, if arguing with myself about
arguing with myself about whether or not arguing with myself
whether or not it the belch or the dutchians, is a waste of

big thx ever so much for that tag tip


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 08:11 [#02623919]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

h€¥ §¡©ķ


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 08:13 [#02623920]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

but then you're not actually providing a chart with
what the things look like. it doesn't matter. i'm not going
to use most of these anyways.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 08:15 [#02623921]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 08:16 [#02623922]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

divide by double-o error


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 08:22 [#02623923]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

<dead_circumflex> <U01B1> : "Ʊ̂" # LATIN
<dead_caron> <U01B1> : "Ʊ̌" # LATIN CAPITAL
<dead_macron> <U01B1> : "Ʊ̄" # LATIN CAPITAL
<dead_acute> <dead_tilde> <a> : "ã́" #
<dead_grave> <dead_tilde> <a> : "ã̀" #

i think "dead grave" is a meta-key in some african country?
charmingly batshit. this is at the end under "XCOMM
Diacritics used in African languages"

i've no idea what XCOMM stands for, nor what the heck
diacritics are. but i like the word


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 08:44 [#02623924]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

at first, i was all, "how do i get the windows ALT codes
going here" because i actually know a good number of them.

very quickly, though, ALT codes and FUCK OFF this is much
more coherent. that all the currency is like
meta+equals+thingy and e is going to be euro let's try €
see there it is. and it's not fucking numbers, ¥ou k...
fuck, none of the kroners have a currency symbol? there's no
currency k? learning things already

and this is why i am stoked about this. it's not that i'll
do anything particularly grand with it tonight, but it's all
patterns, and this encourages shower thoughts of... i wonder
what... that would come out as... and you get some of this
with picking numbers, but, now you're directing the chaos

fucking hell, that order even matters. i don't know what
language these characters belong to but already it was
pretty casual to just paint a helix around the last four
letters of the last paragraph. sicwquidetc


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 09:08 [#02623927]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

so then i thought: how's mac on this? out of curiosity. and

Option + 3 = £ (British pound)

this fired off a cluster of neurons entrained on me
repeatedly doing this by accident on a class mac (LC 550),
and, no, i wanted octot#orpe this keyboard is weird where is
the the dos prompt

and, i could be wrong, here, but... lol? that OSX still uses
the fucking "special" character keybindings that date back
to, like, the Apple Lisa perhaps? that they're perfectly
solid but you're left with a few dozen to my few thousand to
explore, with only having to learn simple combos until i
feel content to try more. on a mac, you're just stuck
with... "click and hold to select the character from a menu
with a mouse"

i do need to use macs as well. if there's something this
expressive in OSX, i'll gladly trade lol for knowing how to
get to it. meanwhile: lol. this is an area where OSX is not
only worse than linux, but it's worse than windows



offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 09:17 [#02623928]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

apple's official shit is all: "hold down the key and a menu
will pop up, maybe." and then "you can add an icon for the
character to your desktop to click it anytime!" and this is
where an OS starts to feel like it's trying to make
wednesday adams watch a disney movie.



offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 10:34 [#02623933]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

i do have a deep nostalgic fondness for those mac keyboards
-- you know, the ones right up until they went iFruit. lab
full of them, we called it "the flavor lab" sarcastically,
they ran quake III, no complaints except THE MOUSE AND

and i suppose this worked alright back when all mac was
actually worth the money for was running aldus pagebaker.

that i want to know, and -- okay, it's back to the 90's, the
current mac keyboard layout is from mac system 7.

The Option key can also provide access to dead key
functionality. For example, holding down ⌥ Option while
pressing ` will create a highlighted grave accent which will
be added to the next letter if possible – so if an e is
then pressed, the resultant character is è. If an r is
pressed instead, the two characters are not compatible so
the result is `r.

that okay, this is part of what i wanted to know how/if macs
did. that i clicked on dead key and that also answers some
of my question from earlier [XCOMM perhaps best left
unexplained for now].

you can remap the mac keyboard, so let is drop the labels
and just refer to option as "meta". if you give a shit, i've
mapped it to the right alt key, which i never fucking use

so macs will accent to meta+` but i have, like... meta+`
meta+~ meta+ _ metā + = meta + cǫmma

and honestly i'm just trying this shit. i barely know what
any of it is. it feels very similar to getting a new bit of

can macs "just work" like that


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 10:55 [#02623934]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

i gave up and actually fired up the macbook right next to

answer is: lol, solidly in the lol camp. but not as abysmal
as i was first lol'n@. that, fuck me, i actually have a very
crisp answer

indeed, option+` gives me... shit, i can just do it now! it
gives me è. but how do i get ẽ? ę? é? on the mac? and
the answer is: you can use the the menu, maybe! you can add
an icon to your desktop

it is because -- i haven't looked this up; pure feel here --
this layout was designed by some hippie on speed and
amphetamines to be "the last keyboard layout ever needed."
that it was going to do all languages from one thing
forever, no one will ever need another, and it was all
compulsively done up while tripping balls, or at least the
broadstrokes. then let's go in like a mad squirrel and stuff
every character we can in any corners we didn't full in with
the general grand plan to cover french, spanish, german,

that, really, for 30 years, that was solid. it was. but
something something johnny depp; the things that were cute
when he was young are just kind of scary and dysfunctional
now that he's older than 30.

and this leads us to the crisp part: apple fucking knows
this. but they're stuck with this fucking layout; it's part
of their DNA. and this layout is like: every cool thing i
have, does something lame dating back to 1991. to get é i
use [meta+']. when i go over to the mac and try [meta+'] --
or, directly, [option+'] the mac just types æ into the text
editor, and cool, what was what you wanted, right?

how quaint. this is why apple is going to such huge lengths
to suppress any sort of discussion about it.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 10:57 [#02623935]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

roger just can't option+' anymore


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-07 11:09 [#02623936]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

and for the record i did spend a good fifteen minutes trying
every esoteric combo i could think of and the mac is just
shitting out a ≤ before i'm trying to glue an additional
key onto the combo. there are no combos. layout was cask of
amontillado'd right good from the start.

i figure you could somehow tell OSX to ignore this and do
what linux does? oh, right, maybe in the terminal or some
shit, but apple is god everywhere else, and option+3 is £
forever. hidden shame as they charge forward crusading
against... headphone jacks... standardized power bricks...
oh, we're so forward; we're all about ditching the past.

no problem with using macs. OSX is fine. but hell, out of
everything, this is like... for once, apple has a worse
legacy problem than windows.



offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-08 21:27 [#02623976]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

so, hi, i'm just here because jhdfgldfg OSX. nothing to do
with the keyboard rant, except OSX, so i thought i'd put it

please look at this bullshit

i'm just trying to pick out a binary in /opt/homebrew/bin
here, dude. and i can't find my way to the root filesystem
because ... ?

it took me a moment to figure i need to "Go" menu at the top
and the "Home" to dodge the drool-proof nonsense. but for
the life of me, i can't get this one.

i am inclined to say: perhaps i need this app from the
command line as root, and perhaps then it will stop dicking
me around in this asinine sandbox. in any case, i thought
i'd just try clion to see if it was any better, and no, this
is pretty stab-worthy so far. back to the other thing that
sort of works.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-17 01:14 [#02624269]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

I confess that this screed reflects my own experience.
For the past decade, being a finance professor meant being
asked about crypto or about novel valuation methods for
unprofitable companies — and being smiled at (and ignored)
when I would counter with traditional instincts. Every
business problem, I am told, can be solved in radically new
and effective ways by applying artificial intelligence to
ever-increasing amounts of data with a dash of design
Many graduates coming of age in this period of
financial giddiness and widening corporate ambition have
been taught to chase these glittery objects with their human
and financial capital instead of investing in sustainable
paths — a habit that will be harder to instill at later

fist bump ~ for, well, sounding a lot like me.
particularly bold'd part


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-21 07:06 [#02624399]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

have i complained about microsoft in a while? no. i've been
good. i've earned one

i booted up my studio PC just now, and... right before my
very eyes, a "Microsoft Edge" icon appears on my desktop,
out of thin air. shitheads, i think, as i
shift-delete it


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-30 10:41 [#02624754]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

oh, look. a microsoft edge icon appeared on my desktop
again. this clearly makes me eager to use instead of
upgrading from merely not giving a shit, to wanting to
object rape your web browser with a very dry tree branch


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-30 11:39 [#02624756]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

that i got suspended -- effectively banned, since my account
was old enough that i'd never had to enter a fone # and
since i'm not giving them one microsoft got me banned -- for
saying, effectively, "i hope whoever made this decision dies
in a fire, slowly" and perhaps "slowly" was pushing it, but
this wasn't a direct threat, this was an angry nerd, ok?

not ok. microsoft reports it as "threatening" or something
and that's last i used twitter, could have been two years
ago almost. me venting at microsoft's horseshit and they
report me like a fucking karen and

dear microsoft: i want to object rape microsoft edge with a
very dry tree branch. if you care at all about the
well-being of its anus, keep it far the fuck away from me.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-30 11:41 [#02624757]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

i feel better. thanks xltronic, for existing. that i can
post that somewhere. it's not that i need everyone to hear
it or anything, just... get a bit pent up if there's nowhere
i can say anything proper and have people hear it


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-01-30 11:42 [#02624758]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular | Followup to EpicMegatrax: #02624756

[from twitter]

[...i was actually quite ahead of the curve there]


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-02-14 23:47 [#02625262]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

personal note: people have been ignoring me in some thread.
i've shitposted my way to the last post on the page; posted
a bit of the OP as the first on the next as a bit of sampler
looping; off for a smoke. then, wait, did i misread the
original premise of the thread in a churning haste? that
might explain it. indeed, i had, lol. now that i read it
properly, i have a very succinct answer. to a very long post
that began by referencing my very long posts. and now that i
review it, there's actually a very nice musical progression
to the texture of this thread, to me interrupting it, then,
yes, hell, here's the central pickle, that's tough to even
say aloud, whoops, sorry i misread the OP the whole first
page. or not really, i think the weasels did it to me
because they knew it would be fortuitous gardening

that if i free-run on, say, "what's the best process for
manually compiling Qt from source on OSX" that could be the
end of me for a week or two, and, no, it's not worth it.
instead, the above. much more bite-sized


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-03-16 03:09 [#02625945]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

that i will just continue 127511#02625942 here

probably one of the more wonderful gifts i could give
anyone would be to say: things weren't always like this, i
noticed it going on by accident one day, then i started
going at it deliberately... then we're at a place where we
know we have something, down the road, but we still don't
know what it is quite yet

that i know some authors write books, where... they just let
things happen... and this is delightful in the same way, in
that, you're along with the audience, somewhat; you're not
sure where it will go yourself, and that makes it exciting.

this is different. this is more like smelling something
delicious and i can't wait to have a bit of that, i just
have to track down where that smell is coming from

...except, have to abandon my metaphor there; tack from
smell to "a feeling like aphasia, but more granular." ohhh,
that word, what is it, it's on the tip of my tongue. except,
i'm sure i have something here, and ohh, what is it, it's on
the tip of my consciousness, what is that


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-03-16 03:18 [#02625946]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

then, finally, i sort it:

in retrospect, you can see it condensing like beads of
water on a toilet: this shit is too much for snoop. it's a
battle. it's a history thing... ..and yes, you can see it,
there's a pattern: all of these are conservative totems,
arguably: vietnam. watergate. finally i get to "gettysburg"
and again, just running my mouth "aaaugh i am so close" that
i still don't have it, i can just... like when you're really
sure someone's staring at you, i'm sure i'm a hair away.

and, of course: custard's last stand. snoop's last stand.
because it knocks him the fuck ova

and the only reason i'm continuing here is to make this
point ~ at the end of the day, it was a pun off of
"custard's last stand" and because it knocks dogg ova, yo.
but what i'm getting is "snoop's vietnam" and no that's just
kind of ugly and then "snoop's watergate" and i genuinely
thought that was just my subconscious goofing off but

the dark cluster of neurons missing from the equation was
custard's last stand. that i could tell something fit,
somewhere over there.. where other neural clusters like
"vietnam" and "watergate" were lighting up and then i get to
"gettysberg" and i am saying "aaaugh i am so close" after
saying "it's historical, it's a battle" and turns out the
one i wanted happened, i dunno, 15-20 years after
gettysberg, definitely closer than vietnam or watergate

but none of that had anything the fuck to do with snoop, or
the stand/knock da fuck ova joke. that was just the answer
to the equation, and what i got was a series of breadcrumbs
leading me up to the thing i know i have, but don't know
what is, like a james cameron movie

recommend developing this as a skill


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-03-16 03:21 [#02625947]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

very much like dreams, really. it's a verbal pun based on
"stand" and i have to backhack my way through reams of
conservative nonsense


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-04-05 19:38 [#02626435]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

pure nerd rant; it had to go somewhere

i find myself saying " the internet kinda sucks now"
and then "wow, then internet sucks now"

that i found out a load of search engines are actually
powered by bing
and, like, DuckDuckGo? you're seeing
bing results

they are sewage. that, about had it when, last night, a full
90% of the output is spam: outright rankings spam sites
[quora and worse], but also arguably legitimate sites that
write "reviews" to earn money through affiliate links
[engadget etc]. and reddit links.

all of this on an endless fucking salad toss, with an
occasional nugget of actual use mixed in. your stupid
algoriddims can't tell you're looping the crap spam over and
over? can't you simply link them once and then put all the
ones that... aren't repeats... in?

that the reddit links are the only ones with any useful
info. i get it now; the useful internet has been enslaved on
the plantation that is reddit. the internet sucks now

i try google, and it's largely identical, except the density
of looping spam is slightly less.

...oh, hell, there are other search engines, right? and what
doesn't use bing for the backend?

and i wound up using dogpile and it's better than
google, ddg, bing... dogpile is older-than-altavista old;
it's utterly charming they're here to start anew, like they
did back when... before the internet has washed away its
best stuff with the tides

i tried to set it as my default search engine in firefox
only to find i'm no longer... allowed to do that? i have to
install a fucking extension to add a search engine?

the internet really sucks now

then what's useful is actually on freaking reddit, and i see
now -- it's lke


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-04-05 19:40 [#02626436]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular



offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-04-05 20:11 [#02626439]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

here is wired trying their hand at writing an
engadget affiliate revenue farm article. it's like if RDJ
started doing tracks to shill some dodgy cryptocurrency --
this is still wired; you can feel it being a shelf above
engadget forever. doggedly

...but they're still doing it. here is the other
stuff the article's author has done there

The Best Earplugs for Concerts, Bedtime, and Anytime
The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones to Escape Reality
13 Great Deals on TVs, Headphones, and Office Gear
The Best Wireless Earbuds for Everyone
Our Favorite Audiophile-Grade Gear for Serious Listening
The Best Vinyl Accessories to Jazz Up Your Analog Audio

whatever the fuck a "Focal Bathys" is they are clearly an
$$$$ affiliate get

hey, wired. i remember your physical magazine. i was
actually thinking about subscribing when i have some money
because you do still put out original, good, relevant shit but i already
have wireless headphones -- two sets, in fact, buds and cans
-- and even the plebs are wising up to "13 Great Deals

but, hell. as long as they still put out good stuff, who
cares if they've started a crap farm off to the side

i guess it's more, "you see what i mean? about what the
internet is like now? that even wired is sucked into this.
that they're doing it their way, but, holy fuck, ow, the
internet sux now"


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-04-05 20:16 [#02626440]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

lol, the link to the vaccum tube article has enough tracking
crap in the url params to -- what was it tom said? -- choke
a dozen donkeys ~ author's spam list, tracking spam removed ~ vaccum tube article

i am also about ready to buy a brick phone. not to replace
my fondleslab entirely. two numbers. then mostly take the
brick when i go out and leave the fondleslab at home, off.
i'll also need a hardware mp3/flac/wav player that doesn't
run android or have wifi or a web browser of any sort.
ideally it will be incapable of playing video, have
bluetooth, and a headphone jack


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-04-07 19:14 [#02626504]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

"oh, that's perfect," i thought. knots and sore spots in my
shoulders and upper back and i leaned over onto my hand,
good, but something says keep going

so i leave that hand where it is, but keep moving. gravity
carries my shoulder into the wall, then my other shoulder
into the other wall. when i relax my neck a bit, my head
finds a comfy resting place on the windowsill.

the end result is i've somehow precisely nailed the corner
of the room such that i do not have to use a single muscle
to stay in the position... and it solves all my back and
shoulder geometry problems.

obviously, i stayed there for a while. i contemplated my own
choice of phrasing -- perfect

perfect is a flexible word. when donald trump says "perfect
call," he's whining because "hey, i used all the right
doublespeak, no fair pulling my pud over this call"

then one could say, "oh, perfect" and utterly
marinate the word in crabby sarcasm. like, the car shat a
tire. we're out changing it. a few raindrops start to fall.
"oh, perfect"

there is no "perfect" solution to... a body riddle? hello

still suspended there, i examine the angles of.. my
shoulders, the walls, the floor, my feet, and... this is
actually quite elegant and complex. there's some deep
geometry, here

but there are probably any number of equivalent solutions.

so, after a bit more thot, i decided what i meant was,
"perfectly suited for my current needs"

and never mind any sort of mathematical perfection; this
works for me


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-04-09 09:55 [#02626586]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

probably no one's keeping track; that's kind of why this is
here. just a note to myself

/ˌɒnəˌmætəˈpiːə, -ˌmɑːt-/ (listen);[1][2] from
the Greek ὀνοματοποιία;[3] ὄνομα for
"name"[4] and ποιέω for "I make",[5] adjectival form:
"onomatopoeic" or "onomatopoetic"; also onomatopœia

that whoa, wow. that "nevenen" is a middle english verb, "to
say, tell, express [esp. the truth], to give a name
" and when i found this word on the internet in high
school i was nodding already, but, to name something, is
almost to create it, i thought. perhaps it is creating it.
because without the word there is no concept

then i'm goofing with words and "onomatopedia" hurr and
mostly i know -pedia (as in "encyclopedia" and you've got
what it does) and what is -poeia again? and it means

then, oh, "ono" is the japanese word for axe and i just
referenced the equalizer quote, "you have the axe, use it"

that, as i see the word now... it's very close to nevenen,
in a way

the o.g. a.g. (OG Ancient Greek) means "i make name" and
this is our word for when we say a bee goes buzz because
saying that is like going bzzz with your lips

i suppose, basis of language... you start off with directly
imitating the thing... buzzing like a bee yourself...
because that triggers the other person to react like a bee
is buzzing... and i've made you feel like that, this is a
component of my message, let's move on to the next part

but then that takes quite a while and let's compress it into
words that aren't all raw pantomimes of the sensory input
we're attempting to reference


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-04-27 12:45 [#02626946]
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after a rambling mention of my pirated copy of altered
carbon, oh, hey, maybe i'll put that on again. and, oh, wow,
the opening, i never thought about...

i am actually struck by the way they've used computer
graphics to convey how tak is kind of... feeling the
praetorians through the wall? it's very very pretty and very
much a lift from the deus ex video games (human revolution
etc) but done up with far more expensive graphics than a
game can afford. which is why i kind of missed it

that i feel through walls all the time, actually. i can't
remember when i didn't do this. i think a lot of people
would know... you're in bed as a kid but the adults are
still up, not asleep yet, lying there listening to the
sounds, and you start to get this sense of floating in a
void and watching the house in... not 3D, in a complete
sense, but it's like "noclip" mode in doom or whatnot. and,
oh, my dad is walking up the stairs, my mum has just gone
down the hall into the kitchen. and i kind of very
fleetingly visualize all of this. if dad stubs his toe on a
step i hear it and see it accordingly

right now, i can hear... a fucking lot. cars come down the
street, i have a hazy image of them, how far away they are,
which direction, what sort of car. there's an eastbound
train i can hear about 3/4 of a mile away. someone is using
a leaf blower in a zone somewhere three blocks west and one
north. i see it relative to how i'm facing, but i'm
translating all this into compass direction for consistency

...and, yes, the bit about lying in bed when the adults were
still awake, i think most everyone would get this. how that
CG rendering of it in the opening of altered carbon is...
totally not how it actually is, but that sense of shimmering
things bleeding off into the void like an ink painting isn't
far off

but it definitely is a skill and i think where i've left
most people behind is i kept going with it after the adults
started going to bed earlier than i did


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"There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you
don't care who gets the credit." --Ronald Raygun

that, fuck me, never thought i'd find anything this guy said
even remotely clever. equally as strange of the image of
Richard Milhouse Nixon, who apparently wore suits even if it
was over 100 degrees, loved roaring fires, so it's August in
the white house before air conditioning and he's
getting wasted in front of a roaring fire and soaking a
puddle into the carpet... fucking. biz. arre

and you know what raygun really saying here, kind of more
like: you can wield a lot of power whispering clever ideas
in the right ears and then simply stepping away


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did anything much happen when nixon died? was there a
particular reaction, anywhere, other than a news segment? i
was alive but too young to know that giant nose

just a half glance at wikipedia, and

Richard Nixon's jowly, beard-shadowed face, the ski-jump
nose and the widow's peak, the arms upstretched in the
V-sign, had been so often pictured and caricatured, his
presence had become such a familiar one in the land, he had
been so often in the heat of controversy, that it was hard
to realize the nation really would not "have Nixon to kick
around anymore"

it's an odd thought, but there will be a similar mourning
amongst the left once trump finally dies on the toilet.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-04-27 22:39 [#02626975]
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that i feel through walls all the time, actually. i can't
remember when i didn't do this. i think a lot of people
would know... you're in bed as a kid but the adults are
still up, not asleep yet, lying there listening to the
sounds, and you start to get this sense of floating in a
void and watching the house in... not 3D, in a complete
sense, but it's like "noclip" mode in doom or whatnot. and,
oh, my dad is walking up the stairs, my mum has just gone
down the hall into the kitchen.

ok, no, it's not seeing through walls. or feeling. it's
visualizing. simulating. the cartoon thing where a snowflake
rolls into a boulder the size of a house, and the snow is
accumulated, correlated information.

lying in bed, not yet asleep, just kind of listening to your
parents about the house

[that i can hear the tv and mum might be in the tv room.
then i hear her in the kitchen, and no, she's gotten up for
a moment. i know reasons she might go to the kitchen and
when i hear crackers on the plate i can correlate that with
the sound of the fridge closing from earlier. she slices the
cheese using a handheld slicer widget]

and at this point i'm starting to feel a sense of "presence"
in the VR sense of the word. and it's because i'm half
asleep, in bed, hypnagogic, perhaps, and my body has drifted
off on me and i am totally still and focused

so, next leap, learn to meditate as an adult, start to feel
like an orb floating around the neighborhood sometimes

same as sleep paralysis, really. if i hadn't been told about
that before it happened, i might have thot i was being
abducted by aliens too. similarly... no, i'm not leaving my
body. don't even try and tell me i am


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lord help me, this thread has generated some parenting
advice, if you'll accept it from such a vector

same as sleep paralysis, really. if i hadn't been told
about that before it happened, i might have thot i was being
abducted by aliens too

tell your kids about sleep paralysis: merely that it exists,
and "if it happens, it might be upsetting, but it's
absolutely harmless and don't worry. in fact, try and
explore it"

no one gave it to me that deliberately. it was more dad had
explained it to me for one reason or another because...
well, he wasn't much better than me. paid better though


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-05-09 04:47 [#02627357]
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i think maybe i should make a thread to just be a graveyard
of my stupid daydream ideas that... well, this is not really
something i should stop and do, but, oh, that's not quite
stupid enough to throw out entirely

in 2011, i had more time, and i chased such an idea to
completion: GARY'S TANK

i had been watching Gary Busey's "Bulletproof" -- probably
one of the worst, stupidest movies ever -- and i'm noticing
how all the scenes inside the tank and outside the tank are
just... clearly not even filmed in the same state, let alone
the same day. it's the sort of thing movies do all the time
and it's only when they really cock it up that you start to
notice. i thot: you could totally replace all the external
scenes outside the tank with scenes from another movie. and
"avatar" had come out recently. it is perfect, it is
everything i wanted out of the idea. it's even better than i
actually thought it would come out. it has 213 views and if
it ever gains popularity, it will probably get pulled for

similarly: a very deep gut feeling just told me you could
mash up House, episode 1x05, "Damned If You Don't" with the
CSI Vegas episode 7x05 "Double Cross"

and it's the same as Gary's Tank: i'm really not sure how
this will turn out. there's simply a very urgent little
voice in the back of my hed saying: this. will.

that i don't know how it will pan out is part of the fun,
actually. i'm quite curious myself.

so if someone else feels like taking care of it, it'll be
one of those things where it kind of takes off and writes
itself once you get slightly into it

thank u for reading my post(s)


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-05-12 04:15 [#02627487]
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that i was just thinking. about playing "Crusin' USA" on N64
and how the supports for the overhead bridges in the Detroit
level are just the most absolutely miserable stretch of that
game. Is real Detroit that bad?

then i start trying to analyze why i'm even thinking of this
in the first place -- i could figure it out; there's no
doubt in my mind because i will compulsively unearth why i
thought of such a thing, if i let myself -- and, no, fuck
it, there's a reason i thought of this, but it's not worth
chasing down


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-05-12 04:20 [#02627489]
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shit, no, maybe it was chicago, actually. neither a place
i've ever been. but worst traffic in the entire game either


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In the Garbage of Eden, hungry
    for that thing that i know
Something Awful egregious kitty
    Bonasi come and i go


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🤗🤗🤗group hug🤗🤗🤗


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I like this salmon 🍣 tuna 🍣 avocado 🥑
Sushi 🍣 thing last night


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I think his password forgot him


offline glaase from Harrisburg (United States) on 2023-05-22 23:40 [#02627846]
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That reminds me, I was pretty hard on this girl I know last
night for doing things I've done myself. It doesn't make it
hurt any less that's just human nature. I had a side motive
tho, and if she thinks about it she'll probably get it. I
was listening to some Merzbow this morning while I had my
coffee thinking it over.


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Someone read every word in this thread and summarize it for


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