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offline OK on 2007-01-28 21:19 [#02039906]
Points: 4791 Status: Lurker

I read it as joyrex at first. fucking dyslexia


offline JohnnyEscobar from Gardena (United States) on 2007-01-31 21:08 [#02042559]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker



offline Dolleater from Afrika Bambaataa on 2007-02-01 05:23 [#02042673]
Points: 4819 Status: Addict

Really guys, you should just upload whatever crap you think
will get downloaded. No one ever complains and the mods
don't really check anything out; and regardless of what they
say, they wont check to see if an mp3 is transcoded or a
scene recording unless someone bitches about the quality
being complete and utter crap.


offline spevster from United Kingdom on 2007-02-03 15:20 [#02044420]
Points: 4 Status: Regular

hi there, i dont suppose theres anychance of you having any
invites left. id even e willing to pay as ive been trying to
get hold of one for months now.

id be ever so gratefull

all the best

regards kev


offline redrum from the allman brothers band (Ireland) on 2007-02-03 15:24 [#02044421]
Points: 12878 Status: Addict | Followup to spevster: #02044420

HI KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!


offline spevster from United Kingdom on 2007-02-03 15:40 [#02044429]
Points: 4 Status: Regular

hi redrum,

you a new member here also ?


offline spevster from United Kingdom on 2007-02-03 15:41 [#02044430]
Points: 4 Status: Regular

i noticed your points, so you must be a long time member. Do
you have any idea what oink is like inside ?


offline b6662966 from ? on 2007-02-03 17:19 [#02044495]
Points: 1110 Status: Lurker | Followup to spevster: #02044430

Points to not indicate a long time member. You can buy
points from the webmaster here. I believe they sell them
for 1000 Points = $10.


offline spevster from United Kingdom on 2007-02-03 18:17 [#02044527]
Points: 4 Status: Regular

Oh ok, thanks for pointing that out mate. Would you be
interested in a trade or sell of a oink invite by any chance


offline Undefinedmusic on 2007-02-03 19:58 [#02044569]
Points: 2 Status: Regular

I've been searching for a decent audio torrent site with a
hardworking community for quite some time now.

So I spotted Oink and would very much like to be invited to
the site. I can guarantee you I will be an asset to the site
and I will keep up my 1:1 ratio like my life depends on it.

Please consider my humble request


offline dog_belch from Netherlands, The on 2007-02-03 20:24 [#02044575]
Points: 15098 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

The expectant, obsequious grovelling that gets paraded in
this thread really turns my guts.


offline b6662966 from ? on 2007-02-03 20:26 [#02044579]
Points: 1110 Status: Lurker

I dont have invites, but if anyones interested, my pet
hamster just gave birth to 7 baby hamsters. I'd be willing
to sell them for $20 dollars a piece.


offline Undefinedmusic on 2007-02-03 20:31 [#02044581]
Points: 2 Status: Regular

Off-topic huh ? Hamsters ? ..

Send me one with ups, be sure to make breathing holes.




offline bmartise from United States on 2007-02-07 18:35 [#02046843]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker

hey does anyone have an extra oink invite that they are
willing to give out? it would be greatly appreciated :)


offline Indeksical from Phobiazero Damage Control (United Kingdom) on 2007-02-07 18:38 [#02046844]
Points: 10671 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

just when you thought it was safe to go back to xlt...


offline b6662966 from ? on 2007-02-07 19:13 [#02046851]
Points: 1110 Status: Lurker

5 hamsters sold!!


$20 dollars each or both for $35!!!

Email for details.


offline goDel from ɐpʎǝx (Seychelles) on 2007-02-07 23:57 [#02046890]
Points: 10225 Status: Lurker | Followup to b6662966: #02044579



offline Mr Brazil from Oh Joan, I love you so... on 2007-02-07 23:58 [#02046893]
Points: 1970 Status: Lurker | Followup to b6662966: #02046851

Those are expensive hamsters.


offline b6662966 from ? on 2007-02-08 01:25 [#02046910]
Points: 1110 Status: Lurker

Mr Brazil, these arent your run-of-the-mill pet store
These are certified pure bred and have won multiple awards
in the western United States.


offline djfunz from Lake Worth (United States) on 2007-02-08 12:35 [#02047266]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker

i have to say i believe the demand for this oink is for 2
reasons...1, people always want what they can't have...and
2, if your like me you have been searching for a site as
good as audiogalaxy ever since it was shut down. most people
on these public trackers just download and remove the file
as soon as there done cause there greedy about there
bandwidth. personally i've been collecting digital music for
7 years now so id have plenty of music old, new, common, and
rare to share. to be precise about 500gigs!! i also have a
watercooled setup at home so ratios are never a problem
cause i just leave the computer on 24/7. to be honest i've
never really researched or spent time in a true community
cause most people are just greedy and don't really wanna i guess from spending time and reading this
thread i could understand people getting upset when all they
do is sign up to this forum and say gimmie an invite. anyway
if any kind souls wish to add me to the oink community it
would be greatly appreciated. my e-mail addy is: or


offline OK on 2007-02-08 13:01 [#02047286]
Points: 4791 Status: Lurker

wow very nice try.


offline Humpert on 2007-02-10 05:52 [#02048242]
Points: 3 Status: Lurker

Well you nice people!

If you have one left, i would be very happy to get one!!!




offline thodob from Bergen (Norway) on 2007-02-10 09:59 [#02048311]
Points: 2143 Status: Lurker

anyone have an invite for a friend of mine (and the rest of
the trondheim krew here)



offline brettguy17 on 2007-02-11 15:42 [#02048878]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker

hey if anyone has an oink invite i would greatly appreciate
it! i have a 1.4 ratio on demonoid, you wont regret it!


offline Dannn_ from United Kingdom on 2007-02-11 15:47 [#02048879]
Points: 7877 Status: Lurker

you cant have one, brett


offline OK on 2007-02-11 17:09 [#02048901]
Points: 4791 Status: Lurker | Followup to brettguy17: #02048878

what guarantees can u give that I wont regret it.


offline kidkarma on 2007-02-13 14:45 [#02049705]
Points: 4 Status: Regular

id love an oink invite if there are any left


offline Indeksical from Phobiazero Damage Control (United Kingdom) on 2007-02-13 14:46 [#02049706]
Points: 10671 Status: Regular | Followup to kidkarma: #02049705 | Show recordbag

not even a hello.


offline kidkarma on 2007-02-13 14:56 [#02049713]
Points: 4 Status: Regular

how rude of me...hello


offline Dannn_ from United Kingdom on 2007-02-13 17:19 [#02049769]
Points: 7877 Status: Lurker

there arent any left josh :'(


offline chaosmachine from Ottawa (Canada) on 2007-02-13 17:29 [#02049770]
Points: 2330 Status: Lurker

i'm selling oink invites, $300. contact me to arrange


offline pchapin420 on 2007-02-13 20:00 [#02049805]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker

Hi, I'm looking for an invite if anyone has an extra one
available. I'm a good seeder and you won't regret it. I'd
really appreciate it if you could help me out..
email me at if you have one


offline bruiser from frankfurt (Germany) on 2007-02-14 02:05 [#02049840]
Points: 2 Status: Regular

It would be awesome to recieve a invite to
join oink, my email address is



offline bruiser from frankfurt (Germany) on 2007-02-14 02:08 [#02049841]
Points: 2 Status: Regular

not sure if my last reply worked please send me a invite for
oink my email address is




offline HmND from your mom (Israel) on 2007-02-14 03:59 [#02049883]
Points: 660 Status: Regular

I laugh at all of you.


offline MidnightEffect on 2007-02-14 11:55 [#02050075]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker

I would love to have one if anybody still reads this....

midnighteffect (at) gmail (dot) com


offline epohs from )C: on 2007-02-14 12:00 [#02050078]
Points: 17620 Status: Lurker

Hello, and welcome to the oink invitation dispensing forum.
Please sign up and post a request, your patronage is
important to us.


offline stefano_azevedo from Pindorama (Brazil) on 2007-02-15 13:31 [#02050704]
Points: 4396 Status: Regular

could somebody possibly send an invite to me?
thanks :)


offline modat on 2007-02-15 17:17 [#02050805]
Points: 3 Status: Regular

hey guys. Im new to the forums and i feel bad asking..but
can anyone shoot me an invite please? thanks


offline Dannn_ from United Kingdom on 2007-02-15 17:30 [#02050809]
Points: 7877 Status: Lurker

The next email address posted will recieve subscriptions to
a plethora of free email newsletters and advertisement


offline OK on 2007-02-15 17:33 [#02050811]
Points: 4791 Status: Lurker



offline mandos on 2007-02-16 22:30 [#02051374]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker

Might as well give it a try, and I'll definatly upload my
Jaga Jazzist collection (electronic jazz, check them out.)

I also record electronica / dub / jazz / whatever:


offline AcesMonkey on 2007-02-17 13:02 [#02051620]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker

Can I have one:


offline OK on 2007-02-17 14:54 [#02051668]
Points: 4791 Status: Lurker



offline Stefox on 2007-02-18 12:26 [#02051867]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker

I've been desperately searching for an oink invite for quite
a while so me love you long time if you'll invite me.

Thank youuu!


offline ethx on 2007-02-19 06:54 [#02052068]
Points: 2 Status: Regular

Hey guys

Can some1 give me an oink invitation please?

Thanks in advance !


offline ethx on 2007-02-19 06:55 [#02052070]
Points: 2 Status: Regular

Forgot my email x)


offline dog_belch from Netherlands, The on 2007-02-19 06:57 [#02052071]
Points: 15098 Status: Addict | Followup to ethx: #02052070 | Show recordbag

That'll make all the difference.


online big from lsg on 2007-02-19 07:22 [#02052073]
Points: 23210 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

about us this thread is officially closed


offline akablueeye from United States on 2007-02-20 21:49 [#02052958]
Points: 1 Status: Lurker

Hi, what is this place?


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