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the new freestyle thread

offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2019-12-26 03:08 [#02592186]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

post 151 like the bacardi
closed eye typin, lookin deader than jeremy hardy
in a pinch i can bring it
a few stellas in and somethin i robbed from the clinic
sergeant slaughter's spilled the bong waters
doubletime bars or slow like a tortoise
wastin time playin on the mega drive
notes of pine are givin me the red eye, well i
don't know where i'm going with that thought
diggin in my brain like i was opening a trap door
remember your emma? well now she's a crack whore
that's a bad scene, no wonder i stay mad lean
erase button, backspace for mental crud
drug glutton, booze and bud, wasted equals good
i don't pay rent but i'll rend you asunder
on the white lightning and i'm bringin the thunder
i barely know what the concept of cash is
it just keeps me choppin out lines of yr ashes
wait, mate, gimme a 3 litre
a pack of blank tapes and a can of ribena
you don't feel alive? well me neither
stick another fiver on the meter


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-12-26 03:38 [#02592187]
Points: 22890 Status: Regular

milk and peanuts
milk milk and peanuts
milk and sasquatch
milk peanuts sasquatch


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2019-12-30 22:58 [#02592334]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

walking like a zombie on the ket
hail fellow well met, i'm offensive like the tet
scummy skullfucker, i'll plug ya with a blunderbuss
i'm higher than all of the himalayas under us
i overdose and pause to smell the roses
the cause of megaton explosives, ya best know this
i'm seein via gaslight, zilty geeks hang tight
yr gettin lachrymose, wankin into pantyhose
i'm snackin on some eggy toast
and that's frankly how it goes
a spiky porcupine, marking the waterline
underneath yr nostril, dippin into hog swill
overestimate my goodwill, a curious notion
i'm obelix crawlin out the cauldron of potion
when you reach the boss's lair
i'll fix you with a steely stare, leave you in a wheelchair
y'all are tossers, can't seem to reach the colossus
bit of backtalk? i'll leave you in the rap morgue


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-01-13 09:37 [#02593154]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

i'm getting randy man, conjuring the candyman
my heart starts to hammer like a handyman
had a bellyful of bellyache n the cheap end of thrills
what've i got to do to get plenty of these pills?
munch em til i'm rattlin, teacher's teachin battlin
biters gonna bite but i'm cookin em for cracklin
do em litvenenko, shit has to end though
endured war n now i'm startin on the mend yo
i've done some dumb shit, taxpayer funded
end of story, it's fun baiting a tory
any excuse to lose my sense of self
leave 50 pence on the shelf
can't come clearer, i bin on the shit since jack n vera
on since curly, high up in the sky like a bird gone whirly
telly or a helipad, need interpreters? clearly
smelly bags of weed from kersal nearly
mangled my health, gotta play the hand that you dealt
how many times can you see the room melt?
treading heavy waters, mental disorders
tried outrunnin but it caught us
artist with a calm demeanour stayin leaner
drowning duckpaddle, steamin like a cleaner
guzzle like a pelican, goin back to hell again
scrooge mcducks couldn't give two fucks
but i'll never be well again
reached enlightenment too many times
done too many lines, blown too many minds
and i'm grinning ear to ear
at project fear and the world keeps spinnin, innit


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-02-10 19:51 [#02594619]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

taking the piss? i'm robbing yr bladder
bitch i'm badder, venomous spit like an adder
hoot or holler, yr not the top dollar
popped like collar, man'll get stopped
caught four in his gullets, dropped like portcullis
and yr gonna watch four more in yr lips, we run this
red everywhere like strawberry punnets
big mac filled with my lyrical bullets
killer like bubonic was, i'm on it cuz
on it til the end of eternity, yr an absurdity
in two minds? i got two screwfaces
pickin ya brains out my bootlaces
wait, have you filled yr nappy?
punch to the jaw make yr teeth look gappy
have you filled yr boxers?
whoever you think you are, trust me, yr not cuz


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-02-19 23:55 [#02595459]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

it's widely and commonly known
my rhymes are hydroponically grown
the end is nigh, fuck yr seratonin supply
i'm doper meaning fly, neurotransmitter lullaby
others spitters start to stumble and cry
i turn astrolite into astroglide
cos i'm sicker than a chinese virus
spittin mucus at the useless and saliva at the spineless
fartknocker, i bring the art proper
yr best shit's beta like a blocker
see my stick figure feelin supercool, truly
i'm drinkin a liquid helium smoothie
makin beats that're chunky like stay puft
and please don't hit me up on facebook
heads, shoulders, knees and toes
can't compete with one of these flows?
fuck ya parrot rap, i'll smack you out ya maga cap
firere like a gas tap, armed like an octopus
crept from a sarcophagus, blood thicker than treacle
feelin my heart coughin dust n particles of evil
me of all people, as a pacifist
it hurts me to hurt you but i'm teachin ya what rappin is
i swing a padlock in a sock
stoned like scissors, blunted on the rock
flippin you the bird cos i'm flyer than the whole flock
crazy like a fox, more cuckoo than yr grandfather's clock
heavy on the flac or the vinyl
i bring the tension like a black ball final
somebody slit my corpus collosum open
i think in two minds, yr hopin that i'm jokin
carve you with a ladyshave razor
the charming stranger, quark to a quasar
my focus is a misaligned laser
mr misanthropic but hot like hot topic
yr shit's a con like panoptic
bitch i think it's time that yr gettin the dropkick


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-03-02 22:23 [#02596169]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

wha gwanin brah, i'm off to andromeda
drinkin the mercury out yr thermometer
gimme a kiss, i'm stinkin like a tramp's piss
stanker than this wanker with a limp wrist?
cancer on the microphone, fire in the booth
i answer with a righteous flow, lies into truth
information manager, spammin like a spambot
pure dodgy fuck, jammier than jam hot
a man's got to follow his nature
trust, i'm gettin higher than a great glass elevator
elevated, top rated, i caned it, shook the can, sprayed it
juk you in the neck, now sit down if you feel faded
cos here's a line, wait i got a goodun
hear you tryna rhyme, mate, it's proper wooden
hear one of mine and it's boosh like the mighty
rhyme like belbulon? not very likely


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-03-05 11:54 [#02596274]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

are ya still shoppin at waitrose or poppin the H, bros?
unclear diction, prescription benzos
going back to bed for a quick doze
six hours later i still got the sick flows
the spins kicked in, yeah i get those
kicked the bucket and sampled it for a kick drum
now what happens? i'm a bit dumb
something something blah blah fuck yr bitch mum
i'm inappropriate, i told ya
desecrating the grave of the unknown soldier
this shit's largely over
i'm maserati, you're a broken skoda
put down the chalice, hold onto yr ballast
lysergic rabbithole, i travel after alice
hit you like deeley plaza, dallas
believe me, galaxies dangle in the balance
fruit juice is sugary, i'm fucked up to buggery
bubbles in my vein and lungs full of pleurisy
crypto AG made my security
this sorcerer's apprentice sensed neural perjury
they wanna talk, i want em in the morgue
poppin eyes out with a plastic fork
limpin as i walk, still jumpy in withdrawal
nooses give, guns aren't lawful
disreputable, wrecked in my mental bubble
are we gonna have trouble?
unclicked the hyperlinks, face like the sphinx
now i'm off to catch another 400 winks


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-03-05 21:06 [#02596337]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

bored of reefer, got my lean in a beaker
proceed to put my feet through the speaker
i'm schizo n skint but appealing, dancing on the ceiling
once more with feeling, it's not samplin, i'm stealin
if e is mc cubed i'm yr dude
drank my benefits, pennies left for food
quel surprise, i'm crawlin on my knees
no surprise, i'm not dealin with nice guys
codeine got me itching like the fleas
eyes diseased, eating half peas n half rice
with vegan beef n smoked gouda, sold my computer
stole 4 frames from abraham zapruder
empires are falling off like hans gruber
got sarin comin under yr draft excluder
VX next unless ya cut me a cheque
like the wu said, best protect ya neck
i'm only awake cos i haven't yet slept
watchin shadows creep til they've crept
bad dancer with a double dose of cancer
heard a murmur as i pushed the art further
private numbers? they never get an answer
blood curdles as i plan my own murder
behead the bosses, nail em to crosses
gosh, it's the poshes v ghillies and galoshes
sick stoners break bones with heavy coshes
yr shit won't stick but we'll make sure it backwashes
and fuck yr rap schemes, i'll hit you with cat memes
u can't haz cheezburger, know what that means?
i'm lightning in a bottle, full throttle
munchin jam butty and drinkin frobscottle
oversharing's broke my ball bearings
jog on ya damn dutty snot gobble


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-03-12 22:56 [#02596983]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

let's get degraded
only chased the dragon so i can say that i slayed it
yr shit is weaksauce, hp lovecraft
nurse? i think i'm ready for a sponitge bath
it's the wanker from lubyanka calling smersh
cursin as i drive a pink hearse in reverse
i'm the worst and there's a few to choose from
find a bible you can shoot yr splooge on
why signal virtue? let's get ripped like rizla
think i won't hurt you? turkey like twizzler
hate in all forms must hit it's target
i'm still gettin bombed like carpet
lookin very roughly like buffy with bigger tits
crusty loop digger on a mish
who's got the pellets, who's on the switch?
who's still wishin boris was dead in a ditch?
i tapped the cable at bude now i'm screwed
GCHQ'd, got yr picture in the nude
snorted til i saw aborted babies causing symptoms of rabies
in young ladies' labias, what's the plague's kill radius
stay with us and take a quick breath
this is gigadeath, nowhere near finished yet
pumpy and a bally on, i'll clap yr battalion
yr dealing with the rap rapscallion, the vagabond
eenie meanie kundalini
gonna smoke weed cos the weed'll free me
or is it a mirage, chose to think hard
agnostic sniffin bostik in a moshpit, bizarre
morbid orbits, caught in thoughts so formless n frail
this could be the end of my tale
or page 1 book 2
i'm still sending out a general fuck you


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-03-20 18:13 [#02597641]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

i'm sicker than mortality rates
on phone speaker with next to no bass
or soundsystem bringin plaster down
ask around, i got that power to astound
class clown, where's he from, what's he up to?
believe me this int a run through
i'll run up and mug yr mum before i mug you off
with the phlegm in my cough
imaginary skeng in my waistband, execute wasteman
send you to the wasteland, t.s. eliot
where's that weed? cos i think i'm smellin it
anybody know who's sellin it?
must be psychosomatic, i'm so erratic
mind full of benzos and static
all ya little fish in big ponds can bite me
cash the bong and pass it on politely
say parrumpa-pum-pum to yr brain pan
little funky drummer boy hijacked yr brain scan
aren't we gettin disrespectful?
"wait is he shittin me? got to be a leg pull"
one corona two corona three corona, loads
fuck 50 percent next to one of these flows


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-04-12 21:06 [#02599653]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

you should uninstall yr DAW
then pull the covers up til the covers cover you
yes lawd i would love a brew
got blue pills? cos i need a few of them too
quick, where's the bucket for ya spew?
who still kills it in pink elephant zoo?
i'm hella confused
successfully stuck with less than nothin to do
i'm shaky like milk, man
still too sick to open my drinks can
pissed life into a bedpan
try to keep goin, dystopian homeland
my flows are my own brand
picture a stoner creating a persona
chugging a corona, i'm my own man
solo like han, cephalo-invaded 
straight to the brain like pinky
keep myselc faded, gotta inhale that stinky 
space n back, fillin my face with shake n vac
seen my life disappear into the rear view
stick it out? there's nowt to adhere to
sniffin tippex n chewin used lil-lets
do my best thinkin rollin the king skin 
pink-sinkin, on for the brown
land of the pound and the poundland, try not to drown
bruiser, glass jaw, still leave yr ass raw
import the gas for blue velvet dreams
leave you apart at the seams
kings on the payroll, gunning for ya queens


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-05-11 22:07 [#02601546]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

i'm free range, the baby in the manger then
i get shitfaced, crash a plane with a laser pen
know i'm sick but i keep washin my hands man
black hoodie up like an inverse klansman
pacifist but yr in all kinds of trouble
my tongue is the acidest, the path is this
talk set to double, bong set to bubble
hella clones murmur murder into megaphones
mephistopheles and coffin breeds
gimme proper green and a system to be rockin please
abort the birth of earth in the sunrays
i've done worse, usually in dumb ways
long pause then it's all so tasty
let you get yr breath back, then you can race me
mate i'll flick you off like a bogey
it's not even like that you know me
you comprise lies, i'm alpha if yr alphabetizing
how about poetry not dicksizing
wanna give that dick a pull? mate yr a little dull
i'm pure analytical, sick, mission critical
still madman, injected every tuesday
bad lad to mess with, that's a truesay
truth hurts, nature of the truth eh
what's it worth if you can't feel hurt
say b to the elbow drop
got to make the lyrical leng go pop
but leng man down? man look around
yr shit's ten a penny, it's all round town yr a clown
can't step to me, can't go up against belbulon
what the hell you on?
it's b to the e to the l to the b again
crack a brew and guzzle like a pelican
curses on yr residence, shiva with a cleaver
eloquence to delete a nonbeliever
i trained my brain while i was steaming like a cleaner
shit, now i can't remember my name either


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-06-23 14:10 [#02604098]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

a hankering for dutch smoke and buckfast
got me channelling el producto and young nas
that's the vagabond, floatin down the amazon
lit the stinky tarragon and smashed yr battalion
now i gotta wait til the para's gone
mate, what's thar closed circuit camera on?
can hurt you with virtue but i'm hardly a paragon
another phenmetrazine marathon
the best green's my permanent persuasion
24/7 stay awake gettin spaced like a station
codeine levitation, lean all day
meditate on bass weight and a pine smellin eighth
high concentrates, staggering starstruck
frame my rhymes as readmades, r mutt
life's mega great and the sub is thunderous
ask mr mirror man, must i use the blunderbuss? 
fuck a sycophant, crumble to dust, lung rusted shut
last continue and 1up, bullet to the gut
break you in half like phob's promises
non-violent science is not where the profit is
i speak in evil tongues and nonsenses
freak for musique concrete and poisoned hollowtips
rhyme slurred, flip you the bird, shit n make ya swallow it
ya can't follow this, want a hit?
shamed by a deranged cunt
who started gargling aids blood in corpse paint makeup
this is a nightmare, wake up
scream and i'll make sure yr mouth stays shut
then kick you downstairs like slinkys
here's the new star of an old print media thinkpiece
grind you to particulate matter, brew it for tea
now scatter, if ya gotta hate a rapper make it me


offline yann_g from now on 2020-06-27 22:38 [#02604343]
Points: 3772 Status: Lurker

okay the thread's nice but it kinda lacks spice
girls mind your curls and your pearls is my only advice
cause when my flow unfurls, yo! you gonna pay the price
pet your squirrels, lick a twirl pop, suck an ice
cream, dream, or scream when my word beam divides
in stupid halves your sorry minds, hide! run for cover
fear the manoeuvre, lover, you might not recover!
kiss your four-leaf clover good bye, when i'm over
if you ever wake up you'll miss your worst hangover
you're hurt? alert! here comes the motherfuckin' dessert!
don't you kids start no fight if you're underage
swallow your rage, get off the stage you're not worth
minimum wage
ok i'll play fair and let you pack your luggage...
kicking your baby mouths in their own language :(


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-06-28 01:17 [#02604344]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

why the fuck not, here's another set of rhymes
gutshot to a gobshite, better bitesize revise yr lines
you a threat? nope, nada, nyet 
belb is going well harder yet
stop yr chatter, i'll have you battered, atoms scattered
madder than the hatter, still want to rip off my patter?
at strike three without the first two
everything you said is bouncing back to hurt you
gotta defend my honour, drop you like an oxford comma
then inhale nitrous til i'm convinced you quite like us
it's all been a terrible mistake
that's what you get for startin a pisstake


offline Cliff Glitchard from DEEP DOWN INSIDE on 2020-06-28 02:54 [#02604345]
Points: 4142 Status: Lurker

fuck what you suspect paranoia doesn't touch it
propagandas targetted, it's advertising bullshit
fall in place or get the thought police raging
demonisation is the war they're waging
choose wisely 'cos they will come for us all
best hide behind the righteousness spouted by the fools
no rest for the wicked, they hunt at night in packs
but can steal your soul in daylight and still cover their
welcome to the last of, end days disasterous
no second lives or handy medikits to plaster us
full scale hatred, a war upon war
no innocent surviors, no-one left that is pure
it's a minefield of hate, you're best to tread wise
say the right thing wrong and you will end up despised
right the wrongs of days beyond by magnifying guilt
use the wronged to hide behind to warm you like a quilt
we'll be equal once the social misery can fully spread
we can shit on everyone through time and celebrate they're
welcome to hell, please check your bag at reception
there's no rights here, it was all a dark deception


offline yann_g from now on 2020-06-28 04:36 [#02604348]
Points: 3772 Status: Lurker

your rhymes and your lines lack all kinds of flavour
i know way better uses for your sorry saliva
if you're a dim lightbulb i'm a supernova
can't hear you belb i'm surfing andromeda
with friends you don't have and my disciple buddha
chillin sippin soda on the top of a pagoda
no fucks given to your pathetic abracadabra
just pray i don't find time in my divine agenda
to visit planet earth reset your repulsive karma
protect ya chin, protect ya neck, i'll come for your
cause you're a drama queen you think you're cleopatra
assured and assertive i deliver my godly mantra
don't be sleazy i'm sound as count basie's orchestra
even dizzy, like gillespie the flow goes easy-peasy
with consistency i disprove your lusted over supremacy
i'm zidane's forehead in the chest of materazzi
you'll be pushin daisies before i even start to get busy


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-06-28 10:30 [#02604351]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

we could do with less rancor, rancid wanker
join the dots, paranoid's my MO
spot the paradox, then tickle me elmo
wait i mean furby, you cursed and got served free
fee-fie-foh-fum - me strike yoh dumb
here i'm comfortably numb
must keep it militant but at least bring the stinky plant 
bit less fighting, more of the spliff lighting
makes no diff' if ya set yr mask to frightening
i'm too comatose for fear, grin ear to ear
a jism-dripping leer from a psychical seer
stop here before yr hurt, fixin yr skirt
refill my coffin with dirt, i've risen again
the rhythm chameleon can end you with the stroke of a pen


offline yann_g from now on 2020-06-28 15:24 [#02604352]
Points: 3772 Status: Lurker

light a spliff to fight the chief and don't forget your
your handkerchief and a fair dose of cheap tequila
for your relief i will spare you my most lethal formula
i'm like dracula, a tarantula
my words are direct, i sting with no parabola
i inject, i dissect i'm the bipolar patroller
luckily for you you bore me like your mom's areola
signing off, fire at will, reach for your pistola
shoot me in the back i'll be singing be-bop-a-lula
i think i'll watch a movie, yeah why not a thriller
has anyone seen the bloody remote controller?


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-06-28 21:06 [#02604356]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

bitch be cool, i'll thoughtcrime yr genepool
yr crappin in yr underpants, my new style is lethal
descended from orangutans, i'm mostly peaceful
painting pretty pieces on the easel
rappin's my other shit, too violent for media to cover it
"gosh, ill!" then it's fish hook in yr nostril
leadin you by the nose to the possibility of better flows
you can imitate but never match my hot skill
i'll leave you for landfill, chose to demolish yr anthill
abolish yr tax break, leave you lyrically ass raped
i suppose you've just got any old rap mate
polish and poise, leave this shit to bigger boys
it's not as if you've got any choice
i'm too hot to handle, yr the crust and i'm the mantle
send yr jets to scramble like eggy toast
belb is better than the best, fully diagnosed


offline yann_g from now on 2020-06-30 01:11 [#02604470]
Points: 3772 Status: Lurker

frankly, i respect you. way more than i should.
problem is: i'm not sure you even understood
i would teach your manhood but in all likelihood
you wouldn't get my alphabet, you sound like a preset,
a brunette marionette in fishnet stockings. you sweat,
but there's no threat playing soviet roulette
with a cigarette butt in place of the bullet...
so put on your headset, rewind the cassette,
light a calumet, make peace with yourself and your lame
well i'm not over yet, let me flip the diskette!
feel the magnetic field of my digital pirouette
my rhyme is exquisite, my strength disproportionate
my throne inviolate and my sentence immediate
follow the exit signs as i reveal your secret
you came to claim the crown, but you're a clown with a


offline Cliff Glitchard from DEEP DOWN INSIDE on 2020-06-30 03:31 [#02604476]
Points: 4142 Status: Lurker

chickity-check yourself you've gone and clearly wrecked your
quality of life like sands of time has truly lost it's
time is ticking, time to choose the things worth picking
no more calls for extensions, no more cans left to be
we're all born equal, equality can't be forced through hate
shutting down all opposition only leads to losing mates
we need to be smarter, talk it out with due respect
all we are is us, we need us both for full effect
so i lay down my guns, and my nuclear opinions
i extend my hand to squash the beef to extinguish hatefilled
i'm giving up, i'm tired of this needless, endless fight
i wish for peace and love to lead us to the ending light...


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2020-06-30 04:15 [#02604480]
Points: 22890 Status: Regular

my fart is a big rig
a big-big big-rig
my big rig big go boom
my big rig rig your doom
my big rig fart doom in your room
(doom in your room)
my fart split apart your room boom boom
(boom boom)


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-06-30 09:25 [#02604487]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

cliff's right, why the aggression?
i've seen the light, time time to learn lessons
there's more to life than one-note battle
i was sick of hearing my own sabres rattle
i want out of the cage, let's turn the page
as de la said, it's a daisy age
just an 8 bar this time, hours can pass rapidly
honestly let's keep our spittin acid-free


offline yann_g from now on 2020-06-30 12:40 [#02604500]
Points: 3772 Status: Lurker

ok guys i'm sorry. won't do it again
i'm a bit too violent for your fragile brains
rhymes flowing out like water from a fountain
pouring acid lines from the himalaya mountains
so i'll just get off to match your orbital plane
watcha wanna rap about, mary jane?
i'm not skilled for peace, i have a condition
i can't love and sadly there is no medicine
so if my acid has burnt a hole through your raincoat
i'm sorry guys you will no longer be my scapegoats
we can still be friends but i'll keep spittin caustic
make sure to wear protection but don't you go plastic
the bomb is atomic when i shout my rage
you probly don't wanna be the collateral damage
so get out of the war zone as i explode
into mushroom clouds when the target meets the payload
i can't have no fun, someone messed with my source code
i don't have no choice i'm here to corrode,
and erode, as i drive my destiny off the main roads


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-06-30 19:32 [#02604534]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

i'll cripple you with kindness for spittin with violence
beats and bass are timeless, lyrical fission is my mission
tireless, there's a higher goal
my soul flies like wireless phono modulations
we must erase the spineless
a nation's rap stuck on boom bap, cap buster shit
bust a lip talking outta turn, it's earned
and look, there's a war against cliché
what was it he said? what did she say?
zilty is guilty - shit, i'm a part of it
built to love the art of it, target of my spit uncertain
but that doesn't mean it's the final curtain
semi zatoichi, my view's obscured
blinded by psychosis' process
still i'm putting down my lyrical sword
time to double down, no less


offline yann_g from now on 2020-06-30 20:41 [#02604536]
Points: 3772 Status: Lurker

here i am again, in my friendly man outfit
tryin to be nice for everyone's benefit
i won't be loud, i will spare you my spit
who wants a slice of my banana split?
take a biscuit, i made it with love and good spirit
i won't do you no harm and if i say it, i mean it!
i learnt the recipe when i last visit-
ed my grandma and i assure you she was quite explicit:
"put the butter you got in the pot of the robot
add sugar, flour, maybe a dried apricot
but i would like to remind you that arsenic, you cannot!
bake it hot in the oven you will eat 'em by the dozen
as did yesterday your cousin, all day he was buzzin
round the table, what a glutton"
so yes me friends you need not fear me anymore
come around to the sound of the hugs galore


offline Cliff Glitchard from DEEP DOWN INSIDE on 2020-06-30 22:08 [#02604543]
Points: 4142 Status: Lurker

cash rules everything around me but i don't need much money
to be happy
don't own a home or drive a car but i like to dress quite
i've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one as i respect all
i like to take short walks with them by lakes we sometimes
swim in
take solace from the beauty of the country side surrounding
don't need a shank, a gatt or tank, don't raise a fist for
i'm lounging, i'm cotching, straight up bird watching
surround myself with song birds and record the songs they're
i'm winning, drinking pimm's, living a life worth truly
no need for drugs or tiger blood when you're suave like
david niven


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-06-30 22:45 [#02604544]
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mm food, it's time to get stewed
respect to doom, raise a brew to the dude
peanut thai chilli, heatin yr wok up
time to get silly, grease yr block up
my dishes: for vegans and vegetarians
delicious rules oughtn't be scary uns
the things you can do with quorn TVP
satisfy ya til the dawn easily
side dishes, i make em my bitches
fruit punch shit now the zoot munch hit
boo, if ya find hitches in the kitchen prep
let me guide ya through quick step
one, organic plant matter takes the cake
two, keep relyin on tasting as you make
three, weed improves everything you eat
easy as pie, go cook yrself a treat


offline yann_g from now on 2020-07-01 15:00 [#02604566]
Points: 3772 Status: Lurker

wake up, fm mood, i turn on the radio
modulate frequencies until i enjoy the stereo
with mad rappin villains spicing up my cheerios
but i'm low-spirited, my energy limited
siphoned for fun by motherfuckers incorporated
working like crazy to keep us alienated
selling goods for bad deeds, callin us the bad seeds
their greed feeds on the planet, destruction they plan it
they could waste it all up to the last pomegranate
i'm tired, fired, almost expired
but i'm not leaving until it's all well wired


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-07-12 17:51 [#02605415]
Points: 6161 Status: Regular

little piggy, gonna blow ya house down
outta town, cross the borderline, i wear the crown
by the pound buy it in, let me begin
it's the wickedest wax that i spin
sleazy fuck making beats out of muck
look, if i'm gambling i'm shit out of luck
glued my eyes shut and scratched yr wood panelling
gimme that dust, i'm hoover bag sampling
cancer culture and my lungs took a mangling
stretching the eye of a needle to let the camel in
psychotic outlook but my chest still rises and drops
i'm whatever your lives are not
freely admit, this is end of the bag shit
you couldn't see me in a hi-vis jacket
it's god's word translated verbatim, why you hating
dog turd is all you've been creating


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