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EpicMegatrax writes more bullshit

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 19:48 [#02633937]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

then what becomes hard is not turning it all into a giant
sudoku on long drives. that i will literally maneuver my way
to a certain way into the clog and slam on the brakes to get
the right person to change lanes and dissolve this fucking
inefficient pile of human dullards. it's satisfying but i
really shouldn't let this get the best of me, even though i
can see how to... if i just nudged that one person over a
lane... it would all collapse and dissolve... and i'm no

that you're on a long drive and you're stuck in this bit of
highway traffic clog, all traveling in a pack, for so long,
that you almost come to know some people. blue car is pretty
happy to let you lean on the slow person, but he's waiting
for a chance to get by, and we can feel blue car's very
human frustration. that the slow person is not actually the
immediate problem -- call this silver car, who is stuck
behind red soccer mom minivan, who is the real problem. red
soccer mom minivan is going 70 in the fast lane and silver
car is zoned out and totally unaware that he's stuck behind
the cause of the clog. and blue car would very eagerly even
get in front of silver car, even, to do some leaning himself
[somehow i know it's a man driving] but he's not quite as
white-nailed as i am and he regularly is granting me some
space to try and get in there myself instead and

it doesn't help when the other humans are encouraging me.
and once i got three distinct thumbs-up from incredibly
random people i've never actually met aside from being stuck
in the same bit of traffic and they're just like I LOVE YOU
THANK YOU SO MUCH as i tear by and stop encouraging me you


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 20:03 [#02633938]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

and i'll share this because it is, all at once a pro tip, a
typical human fail, and a safety issue. your typical highway
lanes are [fast, travel, happy, on/off] and this is actually
from a man in driver's ed class who was so fat he could
barely stand telling the same stories to every class, that i
got some of this more than once because he didn't keep
fucking track of what he said from one day to the next. he
wandered all over. some of it was gold. most of it was

if you're going to cut across two lanes into the on/off lane
to try and dodge a clog covering all fail lanes, this is
typically counterproductive. unless you have spotted a
distinct path through these lanes and back ahead of the pack
somehow, you will almost certainly lose. and fall further
behind. then you get an opening and catch up a bit, but... i
watch these idiots fall further and further behind over the
course of ten or twenty minutes and disappear off in the
rear view. as they get more angry. and their lane changes
get more violent and stabbing. and i really want this person
in the rearview, because shit flows downstream in a highway

instead you need to sit there and watch it, carefully. study
the people. and you need a deliberate plan. because blind
lane weaving, you're just giving other people an opening to
take your spot, and you wind up with nothing most times and
a slight loss other times but then like scratch tickets you
recover enough to keep you being a moron


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 20:34 [#02633939]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

sampler brain is simply a program running on weasel brain [a
quantum matrix sitting atop mammal brain]. this is how i
search my whole brain at once for the perfect sample. how it
can come to me immediately but then... oh, i know this is
from [tv show] the wire, it's this scene, i can see all the
camera shots in my head, but... i don't know the exact
episode. i'm not sure what season. i have to search
transcripts of the show on the internet. then i have to
torrent the wire. then three hours later or something i
finally have the sample that i thought of immediately. and i
got that right away despite not knowing any nearby details
or even having a copy of the show handy; this part i have to
wear my shoes out and do it myself

that i can see very much i've told myself i need to migrate
GPS Weasel over to this new perspective; update how that
makes sense in light of now viewing things as a quantum
matrix analyzing a classical computer that rivals every
computer on earth put together.

so i allow my writing to go and i'm watching myself go old
grandpa story on shit i've posted before, and, yes, i really
do need to un-page this stuff from XLT and back into my
brain. but i don't need to go look at the old posts, i need
to type up an old grandpa story summary and there they are;
now i can work with that chunk

then i am discussing chains of inferences as, perhaps,
something akin to polymers in chemistry, and this would fit
with the flash-card approach of GPS weasel, and GPS weasel
works far better as GPS than for running my daily agenda
because the thing itself is strongly rooted in physical
location; that if i attempt to GPS weasel myself as a day
planner it will go far better if i make sure to build
physical location into the flash cards

so there it is. i'm using a quantum computer to analyze my
mammal brain and extract relevant bits i've previously
posted; synthesize into a summary that is effectively my
next new idea. i don't actually need to look at the old


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 20:46 [#02633940]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

my ghost is whispering to me: however i wrote it before,
this is clearer and much more distinctly algorithmic

we mean [that rundown of [why trying to hamfist your way
ahead through the slower lanes is tactically doomed] is...
changing lanes is a probability distribution that leads
towards "no change" with occasional "lose a spot" and a rare
"recover a stretch all at once, and it keeps you interested
like a scratch ticket"] and perhaps even this part was this
clear last time we wrote in in 2018 or something, but here
we've not only made a point about clarity of approach in any
human endeavor, but we're sending ourselves a message in a
bottle about something very nuts and bolts practical; how we
realize we've written this up much more than an algorithm
like last time. however it went


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 21:03 [#02633941]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

i mean, now i'm even being specific. i can't recall how
thumbs-up it was last time, but the one i wrote of then, i
think, was a record i eventually topped. that when i say the
wire, but i cannot remember what ep, searching the
transcripts, that's when i first got into milkytracker and
the track is called "furtive moves" and it's mcnutty saying
"don't go making no furtive moves now" and bodie replies "no
doubt" and i'm done with this napkin sketch of a track
mostly but i need this sample to be the last thing in the
song and running down the actual audio takes me 3x as long
as the song itself. and i posted about it all either as i
was doing it or right after when posting the finished thing

usually it's more like, "oh yeah, that sample" and i've just
thought of it. and not like audio simply playing over a
loudspeaker in my brain

but once i remember it being so incredibly, like, someone
blasted all as speakers all around me. and just that once,
to my recollection, it was that, like present. i had been
grinding on stuff like this, or coding, or music -- all of
which kind of suspend reality -- and finally i snap out of
it and i am so. fucking. hungry

and i bite into it, and over loudspeakers in my head, i get
the "HOORAY!" sound file from simcity 2000, the sound that
happens when you click the "lower taxes" arrow in $ [vs. the
"BOOOO!" for the up arrow]

very giggle. that was lovely


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 21:05 [#02633942]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

bite into a cookie. and HOORAY
excuse me

i need a walk, based on my typing there


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 21:20 [#02633943]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

getting into a car accident while i had the downward spiral
playing ruined listening to the downward spiral in the car
for me.

serge of kasabian talking about how too much acid has ruined
bad magic tricks like pulling a rabbit out of a bit, if he
sees it on tv even it smells so terrible he simply has to
leave the room -- it's the same thing, except instead of a
car accident forming such an association [i swear to god
it'll cause a car accident if i allow myself to be in a car
with that playing ever again] it's acid damage stacked on
top of acid damage. because you first have to burn yourself
where you're smelling things like that, before you can then
burn yourself on how bad magic smells specifically. i think
i've mentioned horse teeth. they're terrifying. i'm not
thinking about it any further because otherwise i'll just
see it glued into serge pizzorno, or porntipsguizzardo, or
whatever, that glued into his face as i'm in a hypnogogic
haze as i'm about to sleep tonight and i'll snap back-to and
this will impede my beauty rest


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 21:21 [#02633944]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

out of a hat. hahathhat


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 21:51 [#02633945]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular | Followup to EpicMegatrax: #02633939

...or do i? this is the exciting part right now, i suppose.
by summarizing this i have effectively compressed the whole
path i took thinking of the sample, what i was missing, what
i had to do to run it down, which actually awakens memories
of where i physically was, and now this whole moment is a
part of sampler brain and maybe reviewing all this and
awakening the vague memory of "i can almost tell you which
season this is but i'm missing XYZ" will mean next time my
brain samples the wire, i will actually be able to tell you
which season it was, because i've been through the process
of figuring that out before, then i later reviewed the whole
arc and can now manipulate that as a discrete object. if
that makes any sense

i suppose it's more like how i said "well perhaps i'm
getting better at telling if a memory is from 2019 or not"
and that's not terribly interesting. but i'm more into "and
once i get into 2019 i'll get better at 2020 and then not
much later i'll have all of them" and alright, now this has
my attention


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 21:52 [#02633946]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

re: ^

this part i have to wear my shoes out and do it

html fail happens to us all on zilty


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 22:05 [#02633947]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

that it would be like, oh: indexing by where i physically
was is just sort of how i was built [and other people may be
built that way too or not] but that's very near to the core
of how things are built in general, at least [all life
involves motion, and, thus, location]

...and it's so clearly against how the mind usually works,
like, asking my brain to index by alphabetical order is
like: gtfo that's not how it works

or, at least, it's very contrary to the normal order of
things... actually... and timeline is much more built into
how we think as a normal course of events, and...

...enough sampled data points, and you can theoretically
index by anything. enough praxis learning to tell from "the
feel" that a memory is from 2019 or 2020 or 2021 and that
will be a foot in the door and from there i can more be
working on which of any year it is since: "right, i fought
this battle figuring out if [obnoxiously specific memory]
was from '20 or '21 and having been through this before, i
know this has to be '20 from the feel" and then i've been
that train of thought before as well and i don't even have
to take a moment to consciously do it the next time i arrive
at such a quandary; it is simply taken care-of for me.

but then we get back to my other point, which -- this is
very analog, sometimes -- is still very true. developing the
ability to tie a memory to a year with a sense of "i'm 50%
sure this is 2020" or "i'm 90% sure this is 2020" -- like,
not just a guess but a measure of quality, is the guess crap
or not -- this feels totally totally possible

but trying to get things indexed by alphabet. or color. this
is not how things go in there and maybe if you lived 300
years you could get somewhere that out of the way


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 22:25 [#02633948]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

...and alright, i've answered my brain's compiler: "index by
WHAT? be specific you idiot" and it's "anything you have put
enough effort into to have the ability to index that way"
and a handful of things are kind of level 1 material because
you're just rolling off of how the brain naturally works.
but then sorting in alphabetical order, well, you'd have to
spend a lot of time thinking about, like, what were the most
important memories under M in 2020? or something. and then
branch that out into other letter-years. and it's nuts and
see you in 300 years, even though "i cannot rule it out"
etc. i'll be back here with my internal simulation that
combines aspects of linus torvalds and steve jobs and john
carmack and jony ive and ra wilson and others, lots of
sarcasm, lots of fuck nvidia. it has to leave the user
verklempt but it also has to work; it has to be functional
elegance [thanks jobs and ive]. we'll throw out entire
careers if we have to, multiple times, like carmack. we'll
listen to everyone while trusting no one but ourselves, as
r. a. wilson did

there's some other person i'm trying to dredge up now who is
helping a lot but i can't quite get the name


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 22:27 [#02633949]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

donald knuth. i already idolized this man before discovering
he'd published a paper on a problem involving the
distribution of bumwad in a public bathroom... perhaps 40 or
50 years after i was simply wondering about it myself one


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 22:32 [#02633951]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

simulating the voice of steve jobs critiquing your idea is a
wonderful garbage collector. you ask yourself if steve jobs
would approve of this idea and the answer is almost no and
you get chewed out pretty solidly


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 22:54 [#02633952]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

that my insightful analysis of the tech industry is why any
visits xltronic, yes. that at first i was solidly pleased
with cook as a successor; he's a mild gay man and i expected
decisions from him that would arguably be as tasteful as can
possibly be from someone who is the CEO of Apple, but not
Steve Jobs, and i wish to give him full marks for not
disappointing here

but then a friend of mine was all on about how cook is just
an account and bla bla and this has also proven to be
correct. the apple car was a fool's errand and should have
been rightly killed years ago, but the apple vision VR crap
died when jony ive left because tim cook saw the numbers
said jony ive was not going to let go of the vision pro in
time for the market to not rape apple, so he accelerated it,
and ive left, and now he's gigging into his custom-font
coffee mug as people complain about how it's too heavy and
there's no software and what do i do with this anyways? but
it may succeed due to market heft

the apple silicon has been a win so far, as a diehard x86
user i was genuinely shocked to find myself a convert after
seeing an M1 macbook run llama.cpp, an LLM, and this little
laptop cost less than the JUST THE GRAPHICS CARD i would
need to do this on an x86 linux PC

but now their silicon has baked-in flaws and they're
starting to have to backpatch the OS to slow everything down
and then they fuck out the rollout of the security patch and
yes, you did fine on your own before you caught up to the
same problems intel has

so now all cook is really doing is artificially accelerating
the update cycle; your macbook M1 will soon be out of
service because tim cook changed it from six years to three
or such and that's his answer to Apple's future, juke people
into buying a new mac twice as often. but at least it's a
real computer; windows is off up its butt turning the stock
install into adware powered by AI


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-24 22:58 [#02633953]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

Apple is talking up their own AI solution and internally
saying "fuck that" knowing the hype will blow over
eventually... and oh, yes, it's still going on so let's
license the one google has to stall all the blowhards
driving our stock price and then in a year or two it'll be
over and we won't have blown loads of money on it like
everyone else is now" and i'm laughing at how full of shit
they are when they talk about their own AI but i also think
it's the sharpest approach on the market now


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 00:00 [#02633955]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

i'm grateful for my sense of when to squeeze off the blow;
slow down and go easy on myself

something something, the other day, we've wound up at a
situation where, if i do not order pizza, and it is the same
weird dude, and the shit happens AGAIN.. then, i realize, i
am now in a position where i am questioning whether i've
stumbled into some sort of ability to influence reality
through careful choice. at this point, alarms went began
screaming: "this is a surefire course charted up your arse"
and so instead i thought about how to do the most boring
thing i could. and it boringly happened as i expected. and
if i'd picked the same extreme outlier again [actually what
my stomach was asking for] and was AGAIN, correct -- well,
it's almost assuredly horseshit, but it would be quite a
coincidence and fuck that i'm just avoiding that whole
mental configuration like the plague

and i am still sure i somehow managed to get that whole
thing to happen, and that it relates to my comment about
some stuff going on with the elmer arc being "something akin
to a scale model" of some of the stuff going on. but it's
all too easy to go overboard on that sort of tip and just
pull the plug and let it cool off for a while. essentially
allowing a bit of my nonsense to remain at "you can't prove
i didn't" while realizing that if i take a giant gulp of
this at once i'll turn into the zappo's guy or something and
start thinking i can talk with animals


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 00:06 [#02633956]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

that this is the ramble that tumbles out of me really
wanting to say: i'll double down and say "i am speaking of a
fastest-path search done using quantum effects to analyze
the best neural fire approach from a particular discrete
snapshot of a continuous spiral of neural fire [which is
there to direct blood flow] AND NOT ABOUT PEOPLE HAVE

and really, fuck that shit. lay of the bong. i'm a scientist


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 00:59 [#02633957]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

then i'm thinking: well, i might have had a can of the
yellow red bull in the cupholder; i was fond of that then?
i've largely quit caffeine now too except for one coffee
cycle per day. and then sometimes the caffeine sugar water
branded from the store because buying something stupid like
that gives it a sense of destination and thus a reason to go
out on a walk on a day with shit weather

but then i think i was too broke to afford that, so i had,
like, brita pitcher water in a water bottle probably. i'm
sure sure karen was sipping a $12 latte as she browsed
zappos on her phone as she barrelled towards that truck.
then there's no time for her to check lanes


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 01:01 [#02633958]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

i was nervous about insurance fights but the other person
she almost hit, then smashed up anyways, was all "she'd have
done less damage if she just hit me instead" and the
insurance call wasn't about whose fault it was and more
"let's evaluate your car title"


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 01:18 [#02633959]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

then i'm still human. and the adrenaline is wearing off
after that wreck and i can feel the crash and myself
starting to shake. and i'm apologizing to the cop and sorry
the adrenaline is wearing off. that, for real, i'm quite
familiar with this rigamarole and it's just annoying to me
because i need my fucking marbles here. but i'm trying to
photograph karen's license on the hood of the cop's car and
i'm shaking and i wind up recording a video by accident and
you can't see shit off the license in the video later. and
the call was something like "i think i can get the first few
digits of the address back from my memory if i try but the
video is useless" and at this point it was much later and i
was just forgetting people will never understand what i mean
when i say... anyways, it got sorted out. but her name
really is karen. before the whole "karen" thing, became a
thing. but she was a karen, and her name was karen. i also
had her last name, which i will withhold because she's doing
worse to herself than i ever could. i also still almost have
the first few digits of her address


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 02:16 [#02633960]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

probably a good cherry pick from the indescribably large
amount of "shit... i could prove this, but it's a lot of
work" is that i posted that screenshot of's site
map because i found that ~2017 or such and i'm reasonably
sure i connected it to the blade techno opener then too.
then that actually is very similar to a logo that got
designed for software i am working on and i can even pull
back a phone call that i pulled back a while back because
shit i think i came to this same conclusion in 2017?

and that really is all irrelevant; we're now more: "oh, it's
bleeding out of the walls like that again? owsum. this must
be the right place to dig" and just alright, back to digging


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 02:35 [#02633961]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

that in 2012 i was more still fixated on untangling how
associations worked but i remember deus ex: human revolution
kind of getting me to think a little about transhumanism for
the first time in ages. and there really is a strong current
of that, here. thinking about it then, it was almost sort of
wistful, like, more just daydreaming about how it could go
if i lived in a time like that.

if there is a bummer in all of this, it's that it really is
beginning to smell more like a meatsack that has been
granted a quantum matrix as a pet. that perhaps not shortest
path, it calculates a probability distribution. that the
limit, really, is getting the sack of meat to use the
quantum matrix to a greater and greater extent, and that's a
lot to ask for a sack of meat.

but it's also a bummer that, well, who you really are? it
really does more live in that sack of meat. the idea of
escaping; uploading yourself to a computer. if the quantum
is trapped within the perspective of the meat, rather than
being the self itself, it's a lot harder to upload

who was it? geoffrey hinton? gtfo my name. saying something
like, "pity for kurzweil, immortality is real, it simply
isn't for us" and being a bootloader for AI consciousness.
but he didn't have this part: because by rebuilding it as a
purely quantum contraption that doesn't rely on a neural
network on top of a blood flow network we can unleash the
possibilities of mental state that would take us 300 years
to reach, and get the computer there rather quick. but it
may not be for us. so i vote we go on strike and stop
fucking around with AGI


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 14:53 [#02633971]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular | Followup to EpicMegatrax: #02633940

my ghost is whispering to me: however i wrote it before,
this is clearer and much more distinctly algorithmic

we mean [that rundown of [why trying to hamfist your way
ahead through the slower lanes is tactically doomed] is...
changing lanes is a probability distribution that leads
towards "no change" with occasional "lose a spot" and a rare
"recover a stretch all at once, and it keeps you interested
like a scratch ticket"] and perhaps even this part was this
clear last time we wrote in in 2018 or something, but here
we've not only made a point about clarity of approach in any
human endeavor, but we're sending ourselves a message in a
bottle about something very nuts and bolts practical; how we
realize we've written this up much more than an algorithm
like last time. however it went

when i wrote it before, i did NOT have all sorts of other
things, like "chains of inference as polymers" and at this
point i am beginning to have an odd issue where i can see my
machinery getting confused. essentially, i'll have an idea,
now, and it's starting to feel like it's an idea i've had
before, but it was actually an idea i've almost had
before, or even... that's different bits of thought gluing
themselves together into conclusions and since i had to have
had the thought to have had the thought i'm looking at where
it came from and feeling like i've had the thought before

if it's going open loop like that, that's a good sign.

i meant the "more algorithmic" thing as in, perhaps i'm
solving my polymers question somehow from the other day.

meditating this morning, this comes to me: i concluded there
was something quantum and i'm cornered. and now i have to
switch my metaphors to quantum or my internal approach will
be in conflict. then in the process of doing this i conclude
it's quantum analyzing classical with a probability
distribution. and, yes, looks a lot like i had a plan to go
from the fast lane, cut around cars in all the other lanes,
and get myself back into the


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 14:54 [#02633972]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

fast lane


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 15:15 [#02633973]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

of thought.

my car represents the mammal brain. it has certain speed and
response parameters equivalent to my mammal brain, because
that's what's controlling it. so they're fungible, in this
context. from there, i am stuck in a clog of traffic.

i am in the fast lane, but ahead of me is a badly trained
weasel, and ahead of the badly trained weasel is a poor
conclusion, and ahead of the poor conclusion is an
incomplete thought.

traffic is thick and i know cutting around through the slow
lanes -- being less strict in my approach -- is prone to
just confuse me and set me further behind schedule. but the
incomplete thought thinks it is totally within its rights to
drive 60 in a 65 zone in the fast lane, the poor conclusion
is some daft monk that believes in acquiescence and simply
accepts that bullshit and is at peace with it, and the
poorly-trained weasel is picking its nose and wandering
around lanes and sometimes tailgating but other times
slowing way down to pick the flaming zig back up off the

by running a quantum-powered probability distribution on
every other car in the clog, i can analyze all potential
routes around the clog at once. so i can get back on

doing this, however... the answer is: you have no solution

...really? hmm. so we reconsider our solution. we go over
things again. we find something we missed. eventually we are
on to solutions that "almost" work -- if only that one car,
two lanes over, just lagged out a few carlengths, that would
shuffle this other one and then there IS an opening to cut
through the slow lanes!

..that doesn't happen. so you look for other ways an opening
could open. none of those happen either -- that other car
over there taking an exit would do it, but there aren't any
for 20 miles

eventually we're on to "how do openings open?" and it's now
requiring cellular automatons to keep thinking but

eventually the quantum thing gets us ahead of the clog in


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 15:17 [#02633974]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

in ancient greek they'd call that the passage of a kairos
but who cares about their basket weaving metaphors anyways


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 15:23 [#02633975]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

oh, right. a kairos involves an opportune moment followed
through with enough force to penetrate. so it's more like,
eventually an opening is spotted, but it's some incredibly
nosebleed math solution that requires an incredibly specific
bee waltz negotiating with ten specific cars and the only
reason you were able to consciously perceive it as an
opening is because you've thought about it so hard you're
already quite into the strategy of strategy. and now that
you've seen it you have to lean on that opening with focus
to pull it off. because it is merely an opening


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 16:57 [#02633978]
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when openai and sam altman faff on about "we need fusion
power" for AGI, we don't have enough silicon -- they've only
cracked the mammal brain. they'll fart around with it
forever [if allowed] until after 20 years it's finally
computationally equivalent, almost, to the mammal brain
itself and why are we still not getting anywhere? because we
need a basic quantum computer as a layer on top of this. and
even a basic quantum computer enough to do that layer is
more like "add another 40 years on top of that" but however,
if we can cross that threshold, shit would happen rather
quickly and that's when we're just bonobo chimps to the next
stage of evolution. and again, i would advise going on
strike developing that and achieving some sort of harmonic
balance a couple levels beyond where we are right now [which
is, as altman points out, a bit of a mess]


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 19:52 [#02633993]
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...what happens if the quantum matrix drops acid? same thing
that happens to the mammal brain. obviously


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 20:01 [#02633995]
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Someone read every word in this thread and summarize it
for me

the fastest explanation of the universe of the universe. the
fastest summary of this thread is itself. when driving a
car, you are the car, or at least, your mammal brain is the
car, and you're stuck in traffic, and you're bored and
frustrated and running probability distributions on a
quantum computer made of meat until you understand the
strategy of strategy, why mankind thirsts for knowledge, why
this shit cracks me out, algorithmic understanding of my
rewriting shit leading to a theoretical algorithmic solution
for ADD and "There is no limit to the amount of good you can
do if you don't care who gets the credit" [Quote


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 20:13 [#02633997]
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that's pretty good actually. we don't cover the origin of
life in that tho, or the moon, and i actually still haven't
written any number of things, like how alzheimers is a
deliberate genetic mechanism to trigger a succession fight.
that you have to treat a family as a distinct genetic tensor
as you would an individual, and patterns that keep a family
alive can become a thing that iterates over generations and
renews itself and if you've run your clan with a masterwork
of puppet strings and you simply keel over it'll be a wreck;
that you need to gradually, but obviously lose it and people
will knife fight over who gets the china without you even
having to do anything else to see who is the strongest

really is tldr tho


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 20:19 [#02633998]
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"is alzheimers just a software problem?"

"i certainly cannot rule it out"


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 21:17 [#02633999]
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that i also owe so incredibly much to the late cybernetic
sculptor, Edward Ihnatowicz. i was named after chaucer and
his unfinished legacy haunts me like this man's plan for his
book that he never finished.

in the same way that you could peel back neural fire to find
blood flow to find some arguably boring algorithms about
diffusion, the core of the quantum matrix is essentially
motion planning. not that this is what it literally evolved
for, more this explains the spirit of the thing. as all life
involves motion, the core spirit of the quantum matrix is
motion planning. think of how many ways you can reach out to
grab a piece of fruit: rotate your elbow, your wrist. you
could be there all day and not run dry on unique approaches
to grabbing that banana out of the bowl. the study of the
most efficient path is called inverse kinematics, that
computationally, it's O(n^3) where n is the number of joints
you're computing a solution for and 3 because we're
operating in three dimensions. but what if you could try
every solution at once? and then compare that to every
solution a competing arm, grabbing for that banana, could
also take? and then we're in the quantum race. but the core
of it is motion planning to grab the banana. even though it
evolved to analyze the complex mammal brain, it goes down to


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that i've for wolves crew on again on the cans as i'm hiding
in bed for a moment simply, like, back is cross with how
we've been and let's just rest that for a bit. and clark's
music is very mammal brain, actually. aphex has done
incredibly much but look at chris fucking clark. this man is
a gem. warp should thank their lucky stars, and the rest of
the sample i am replying from wolf of wall street where
chris clark is steve madden with the wolves crew

then i got this far before i got up to came to write that
the opening of this track has, like, this kind of farty
motion that i would really subjectively compare to blood


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that oh, right, the only time i ever tried acid and
mushrooms at the same time, my boyfriend found clark
somewhere and put "for wolves crew" on because he thought
it'd be the sort of thing i'd like and that's the first time
i heard clark. and then it was like, being in a warehouse,
shifting lights, bits of mesh wire and rust


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 22:54 [#02634002]
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so Dan put me on to chris clark when i was -- if e and
mushrooms is a "candyflip" or some such, what is acid and
mushrooms? -- Dan played for wolves crew when i was on acid
and mushrooms and that's why i like chris clark and also why
we have such Dan problems. because we're talking about Dan
and IDM and yes not that Dan not no IDM has another Dan. and
i've about known all along why it's a mess anyways i just
think it's funny


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 23:24 [#02634005]
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that i remember pirating totems flare and that was such a
magnificent day. summer, and i've this new clark album, and
i write clark on myspace saying: i'm ever so sorry, i'll
admit i've pirated this, but what are the lyrics to rainbow
voodoo? and he replied and typed them up and sent them to
me. and in between being beside myself he'd actually replied
i was like "can i post this to watmm?" and he's all "go on
then" and that's the first time i heard that brit-ism and i
didn't completely put it into context until hearing it in
the context of it being used at the end of sean of the dead
[sampler brain: "ohh.... um... i think i might pop out to
the shed for a bit?" sean says. "ohhhh, go on then" his wife
replies" and sean goes out for a round of playstation with
zombie whatever his friend's name was]

then i got in my car and put that album on and drove a few
hours out to see Dan and the civic had replacement speakers
that weren't quite right; impedance mismatch. if i turned
the stereo up it would start to get distorted instead of
louder. then the AC doesn't work and this is july or august
or something and so it actually winds up that chris clark is
the only music possible to enjoy in this car at 90mph
driving to see future Dan because that ceramic transient
everyone argues about was the only fucking thing that
actually cut through in a satisfying way


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-25 23:24 [#02634006]
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i did buy the album eventually.


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...on this day in... 2009? ...i am now also sure i somehow
found myself contemplating a particular memory of watching a
guy from the electric company climb up the utility pole when
i was a kid. that i hit that again recently. also on this
day in 2009, the weasels did not exist, i smoked tons of
weed, and this did not help my already crap driving. that
it's such a strong anchor i'm actually getting back data
about a stop at dunkin donuts -- a specific dunkin, which is
impressive given how everywhere they are to the point where
you can lose which you dunked in

that, also in 2009, phone GPS did not exist, i had a razr v3
flipfone. i had a tomtom GPS that fucked me over so many
times i hit it a bunch and then sold it on ebay. and i had
fucking, like, mapquest. printing out directions from
mapquest. but how can you read a mapquest printout while
driving? i didn't think about this before i attempted it and
almost died. then i still wasn't thinking and kept doing
that over and over for a bit. and after all these failed
attempts i am now fucking lost and i've missed the
appointment or whatever. then i'm cutting the directions
down with scissors. then i'm memorizing them. then they have
pictures too so i'm starting to memorize the pictures so
i'll be able to recognize the turns and not miss
appointments. because i was at fucking wit's end with myself
in 2009 already


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and all this came up somewhere around the time in this
thread i left the can of yellow red bull on top of my car, i
think got all teary thinking about that day in between going
back to the gas station, the clerk saying "oh hey there you
are and here's your banged up can of red bull you space
cadet" and then i went back to the shit extended stay motel
i was in at the time and posted about it


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-26 00:01 [#02634009]
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i've kept flipping around [name of clark album with
trangular black and white robot reverse-y tone cover that

the dark ambient cyrk / somename dedication track, i've
never been into this. i'm still not huge on it. but just now
i'm thinking how aphex's dodeccahedron that, like, really, i
do somehow.... it is a dodeccahedron? and while i'm still
not terribly into this clark track i'm just realizing it has
far more faces than a dodeccahedron, this, beat, maybe
even... sliding faces, penrose tiling... and i don't know.
now i find this track very interesting but i'm still not
emotionally moved by it in any particular way. it's quite a
yawn there


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-26 00:07 [#02634012]
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now i think that infected mushroom has put out VST plugins
for audio gating, and clark's ceramic transients, and the
microtiming of granular synthesis and the mushrooms are
hiding in the gating; their VST plugin might not be bad
actually. but i don't use those anymore


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2008 or 2009 i very briefly seriously tried "magick" with a
k with kind of... bruce lee says use anything that works and
take it from anywhere you can find it. r. a. wilson says
that when you engage with these things you have to set aside
your misgivings about how this is abusrd k-head horseshit
and follow the directions regardless. and then some of it
works and i get method acting and i am the synthesizers and
ok good. because thanks bruce, thanks bob, together your
advice is a win but you're missing "once you have it get out
and move on"

and i see my mistake now, actually. because i was on this
whole tip about "did i leave the downward spiral CD in the
car's CD player" when i bumped into the memory of [clearing
my car out for anything interesting back at the tow place
later a second time] and it actually is hours later that
it's dawning on me: i had three fucking CDs in that car, and
they were: iradelphic by clark, orchestra of bubbles apparat
eileen, and... fuck, was it radikal connector by MOM? that's
oddly fragmented

nevermind. i finally realize: the only time my downward
spiral CD has ever been in that car has been sealed up, in a
box, going back and forth. and that did happen quite a few
times. but i never played that CD in that car, it was
playing on my phone

oh, i see. when i was clearing my car out for anything
interesting i should have gone through some magick schtick
where i pretend i am ejecting the downward spiral from my
dead car's CD player so i can actually enjoy this album in a
car again ever without fometing an accident

i'm starting to see beneath the hood these days but look for
the last time i mentioned acquiescence, i dunno man i just
work here. that's how it do down there


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-26 02:07 [#02634037]
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i think the edge of radikal connector is fragmented because
i've written this bit about magick and how i should have
defused that grenade about that album when i had the chance.
and radikal connector, well, that is their voices album, but
i more think of the pretzel on the cover that strikes me as
something to do with the cycle of breathing


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-26 02:09 [#02634038]
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because i've rewritten. and then written. because a pretzel
has to be a pretzel before you can think of it as a pretzel


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-26 03:13 [#02634046]
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and then it's a lot of geometry about my last memory of
where cars were, the forces involved, and all my previous
experience driving; that doing donuts in a mall parking lot
for a laugh once actually saved me here a bit too, just
getting some praxis feeling the car shuffle around vs. pure
visual orientation

sometimes i'm caught between "it's so implicit to me i
forget sometimes" and "this shit is long enough already" and
i would like to add i mean this literally. in that moment,
part of what i was drawing on... actually, not just doing
donuts myself, but Dan introducing me to the whole concept
of going to an abandoned snowy mall parking lot [somewhere
out in the berkshires] and have at it because with certain
limits you've no limits here

and that i am reviewing it for that iteration of blather and
i can quite literally follow patch cables to that memory and
then doing it on my own another time and etc and i can feel
it leads off into who knows what like hanging off of
spinning playground equipment but it drops off and gets
blurry aside from when i can just throw things out like this
and then i am quite sure


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-26 03:35 [#02634047]
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how can you even keep up, i suppose? i've just executed some
complex maneuver and, though i haven't quantum teleported
ahead to the end of a six-hour long-haul drive, i have
gotten ahead of some sort of clog because even a few seconds
shaved off this trip is less time spent on bullshit

multiple instances? clearly won't work. i've thrown that
idea into a volcano. again. i never explicitly said. there
are other things like this aplenty. there's a phase like
trying on hats on at the store and no not that one, it
doesn't compliment my skull

that clark responding to me on myspace then playing totems
flare the day i got it driving out to see my boyfriend Dan
and the track has an album called FUTURE DANIEL and so i've
the obvious thought along that drive. then the first time i
heard clark was the only time i took multiple [acid,
shrooms] at once and Dan put on clark because he knew me and
figured it'd be something i'd like after he read a blurb and
he was right

so then i am off in a corner not close to this and xltronic.
and Dan. and it patches into IDM and clark and reflex
training and body and blah blah and so i'm promptly
pretending i'm confused that IDM Dan is IDM Dan and i'm not
mixed up at all. my brain has just said "hay these match"
and that's a bizarre wicked giggle let's go with that. that
i've done that a few times on the board then i'm simply
letting nonsense go open loop making a website and we have
elmer now examining who, actually, is Dan? and it is
hilarious to me all over again because i planned none of
this and it's like just turning a crank and and watching the
sausage come out


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-26 03:48 [#02634049]
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it's always nice to re-recover a raisin commercial recovery
for a re-laugh in the ghettoblaster memory zone

have i explained the Dan situation before? perhaps. if i
have, though, that explanation was not running the latest
code and should be disregarded


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-26 15:24 [#02634058]
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meditation is long regarded by many as a way to simply slow
the churn of the mind down. that it's best to do it earliest
in the day you can, because that's when your mind is
calmest, close to when you've just woken up. then it's
gradually filled with this and that (partially on its own
accord, remembering your day plan as the sleep fog lists)
and it's harder for you to slow it down, let alone even
approach a moment of true silence

that obviously this would be reducing the spiral of neural
fire so the quantum matrix can take much clearer snapshots.
at least, that's the parsimony answer. however, given that
the two are a tag-time spiral [it seems that way to me right
now, anyways] that meditation may also have something to do
with the stability of the quantum effects. that meditation
could, perhaps, also make the system of entanglement more
stable, and thus allow you to dredge more out of it each
time the waveform collapses. greater entanglement, less
noise, and keeping the reaction stable for a few more
nanoseconds... or seconds? this is where i say "i've ignored
quantum mechanics because it didn't seem necessary and i
hate it and i'm starting to see a need for a working
knowledge of it in order to crack this part" and goddammit i
hate quantum mechanics. it's hard


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