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offline Frag from New Jersey (United States) on 2002-02-03 04:38 [#00078122]
Points: 1024 Status: Lurker


This looks VERY VERY nice. Thank you phobia and whomever
else contributed!


offline AMinal from Toronto (Canada) on 2002-02-03 05:21 [#00078159]
Points: 3476 Status: Regular

yes.. very nice indeed.. it feels so.. i dunno, NICE
its even got that new car smell... *sniff*.. oh wait, thats


offline Ubik from United States on 2002-02-03 05:24 [#00078160]
Points: 662 Status: Lurker

what the hell was wrong with the old one?


offline Morg DOBWCPT from Davis (United States) on 2002-02-03 10:05 [#00078217]
Points: 154 Status: Lurker

the only thing wrong with the old version was that it's not
this version.

and yes, I know that's circular logic, but I like circles.


offline Jarworski from The Grove (United Kingdom) on 2002-02-03 10:10 [#00078219]
Points: 10836 Status: Lurker

This is very nice, a bit like Joyrex but man alive these
colors are nice!


offline Phobiazero from the next Xltronic (Sweden) on 2002-02-03 10:30 [#00078222]
Points: 10507 Status: Webmaster | Followup to Jarworski: #00078219 | Show recordbag

"a bit like joyrex"? Well, this MB has been here for months
- hidden of cos, but I'm sure the moderators will confirm


offline pOgO from behind your belly button fluff on 2002-02-03 10:31 [#00078223]
Points: 12687 Status: Lurker

Very sexy, plus you can put a pic of you on here, just like
Jar the robot in desgiuse!


offline Jarworski from The Grove (United Kingdom) on 2002-02-03 10:33 [#00078224]
Points: 10836 Status: Lurker

Oh right, I don't go on Joyrex very often but when I saw V5
it just reminded me of that site, with the pics and layout,
but I dunno whose came first... who cares? This is very cool


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