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Is this a free service?

What browsers do you recommend?
Internet Explorer 5/6 or Netscape 6.2 with cookies turned on.
A well-known bug is appearing in IE 5.01, which we are aware of.

Why do I need to register before I can post messages?
It's for your own safety.

Am I allowed to have multiple usernames?
No, you're not!

What are the username restrictions/limitations?
2-15 alphanumeric chars. No special chars allowed.

Any password restrictions/limitations?
Yes, 6-50 alphanumeric chars. No special chars allowed.

What are the the userphoto resctrictions/limitations?
60x80 (wxh) pixels. We recommend you to optimize and crop your photo to the correct dimensions before you upload it.

Can I restore an old photo?
No, make sure you have a local copy somewhere.

Am I forced to have a photo of me?
No, we can't force you. It would be cool if the regulars could use a real photo of themselves to tight the community even more.


My message is gone! What happened?
Only 25 messages are shown on each page unless you adjust your settings in your profile. Use the dropdown box in the bottom to navigate thru the topic-pages.

How does the pointsystem works?
You'll receive one point per message and 5 points each time you vote in the weekly poll. Additional points might be gained by contributing custom remixes and artworks. Helping us in other ways could give you points as well, like translating or transcribing interviews.

What about the Followup-feature? I don't get it!!!
You could reply to an individual message in the topic other than making a "normal" reply. Just click the message # and write the reply. This is useful to trace messages in large topics.

What are the Status-ranks? We're using a dynamic system for determing member-Status, yeah it's a bad term but actually we mean "current behaviour".
The system check for your last two weeks posting frequency:
  • Addict: 10 or more posts per day
  • Regular: 2 or more posts per day
  • Lurker: Less than 2 posts per day

What is Premium memberships?
All members who donates at least $10 to Xltronic will be granted this kind of membership. It allows you to post pictures on the message and some other "yet-to-be-discovered" features.

Who are the Webmasters?
phobiazero and tunemx.

Who are the Moderators?
gonzola, chapman, jand, xceque, ophecks, ceri jc, xanatos, pomme de terre, spd, qrter and tolstoyed.

The new Messageboard is slow. What's wrong?
Well, are you experience this all the time or occasionally? The MB should be very fast and optimized even for 56 bkit connections. You might try to disable userphotos in your preferences to gain more speed.

How to include URL's/links in my message?
Type the following: <a href="">click here</a>
It will look like this: click here

I can't login. What's wrong?
Basically, you're in the MEMBERS ONLINE list, but your name is not anywhere in PERSONAL INFO box, right? Delete any cookie found on your system. That should solve the problem.

Can you really ban me?
Of course we can. If we find you annoying, destructive for the mb or behaves in a "bad" way - then we won't hesitate to ban you.

Is hacking the board OK?
First of all let's see what "hacking" means. If you fool around the code, and try to hack the server side code, we will punish you at once. It means a permanent ban.
If you only try to do some HTML trickery, and mess up the board's layout, and you have reported it to a member of the crew, you are OK. Otherwise you can count on a temp or perm ban.

Did you sign up only to spam?
That is not tolerated. We might even ban your account just for the sake of it - and it's strictly forbidden to create another account, so think twice before spamming around...