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windows 11

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-09 09:00 [#02612576]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

let's goooo


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2021-10-09 09:36 [#02612579]
Points: 6203 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

the torture never stops


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 02:15 [#02612584]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

In advice titled "Positioning Windows 11 and Preparing to
Deploy", Gartner research vice president Stephen Kleynhans
assesses the new OS as offering an "overdue facelift" and
praises new features such as the new Microsoft Store,
Android app support, and ditching Internet Explorer.

But Kleynhans also opined "All of these capabilities could
have been released as just another feature update for
Windows 10".

The new name, he suggests, is about creating buzz rather
than marking important change. By calling it Windows 11, he
opines, Microsoft “has created a marketing opportunity for
the PC ecosystem.

ditching internet explorer, lol, it's just been renamed


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 02:24 [#02612585]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

i got less than a year setting up again on an old work
laptop running win10 for music software and the occasional
game. but apparently this laptop -- actually probably only
like four years old -- does not meet the requirements for
win11. thank christ

i hate windows update with a passion. it's like a teenage
kid trying to sneak cigarettes all the time. i'll go off for
an hour and come back to find my computer locked. i didn't
lock it? no, it just decided to sneak in some updates and
reboot my computer. no prompt, no warnings. never mind open
apps unsaved work etc etc

and no indication what the fuck just happened. but i can
smell it. you've been smoking zigs again, haven't you,

there is no longer an option to have it say, "updates a
ready, have a look." you do not get to choose anymore. it
just fucking installs whatever it wants, as soon as it
downloads whatever the fuck it wants.

you can't even totally shut it off. no, all you can do is
click "delay updates for one week" over and over until you
hit the limit of, oh, four weeks. it's gotten me multiple
times with that: hey, what happened to my compu- oh, shit,
it must have been four weeks

so now, every week or so, i "resume updates," let it do
whatever, reboot six times, then mash the delay button until
it's maxed out.

for my troubles, here, i get crapware regularly injected
into my desktop experience. some weather widget to promote
MSN that is really really hard to get rid of. right now, it
keeps pinning random "news" crap to the start menu, from
running updates yesterday.

meanwhile, they have a bunch of twats out there doing
roundtables like "devs just love the microsoft store"

if you say so buddy


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 02:28 [#02612586]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

are you a 40+ sex pest that looks like a melted version of
sylvester stallone? are you willing to step on anyone and
everyone to meet your target? are you willing to wholesale
sabotage other teams over the most trivial of things? you
may have a career at microsoft. we can also pencil you in
for google 2025


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 02:32 [#02612587]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

LAZY_TITLE jesus christ what utter prigs


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 02:44 [#02612588]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

that was the weather thing i mentioned. right now i'm on

at this point i am actually going to set up a router rule to
block bing, msn, etc. because they keep slipping it in, like
an obnoxious jesus-obsessed mom hiding handwritten bible
passages on post-it notes in your lunch, between the pages
your school books, if i wasn't into this msn crap already,
with all you've pressed it on me, why do you still think
this has, well, even a prayer of a chance? ditto for doing
precisely the same horseshit with edge as the did with
internet explorer.

windows 11 looks even more obnoxious on this front. it's
just an artificial barrier to force people into a more
confined box: less control user control, more injecting
crapware whenever marketing has some crack-induced
brainwave. more windows bor^H^H store. but it allows them to
start locking people out by 2025: software will then require
windows 11, windows 10 will no longer be support. it did not
have to be the next XP; it really still does not. they've
just declared a timeline to turn it into the next XP

this round, linux will actually run all my music software.
the only real issue is fucking shit like arturia where you
cannot change the settings on their hardware without
plugging it into a computer and it does not support

2025, i guess, there will be options, and if i have to go to
linux, i'll simply sell off anything that does not support
it. arturia, you have been warn. also fucking anything else
with a USB port that might need an update -- behringer, even
moog. i'll go back to proper analog i swear


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 02:47 [#02612589]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

i don't care if anyone hears me it's just nice to have a
place to vent thx guys, thx xlt.

someone on microsoft complained about me complaining about
windows 11 and that's why i'm not on twitter anymore. now
that internets is ~big business~ corporations have developed
very flexible architectures for silencing the sort of
caustic bile that once kept their predicable horseshit in


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 03:02 [#02612591]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

don't get me started on the center-ized taskbar shit. it's
simply terrible design, especially if you're not using a
touchscreen -- which the vast majority of windows users are
not. having the start menu, pins, open apps on the left, vs.
the smaller taskbar on the right -- arguably balanced, in
the sort of off-kilter japanese way. but center, and it's
like the universe is always slighting down tot he left, the
heft of the tray off in the distance weighing down the
see-saw; you're sliding down towards it forever

vs. when the start menu was heavier; the start menu is what
you want the eye on, yes? that's 90% of the click

while we're on that -- it's way easier to lazily whip the
mouse down and to the left; wind up in the corner... then it
is to hit a precise little nub that's 5/12 the way across
the bottom of the screen, or something awkward like that.

honestly, i think they just thought: "shiiit, people will
know they're paying for exactly the same shit [except with
less control and more of our marketing horseshit!] unless we
change some shit shit shit oh i know let's 'centerize' the
startaskbar and say we're helping you be more productive
because it's closer to where the curshit usually shits



offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 04:22 [#02612594]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

that i got one of those razer mice, plugged it in, and...
it's running software, despite me having downloaded none at
all. what the shit?! where did this installer come from?
this is a fucking mouse. i don't care about setting the
light colors, OK? i did not download this installer; i did
not want it. i did not give you permission to run this on my
computer. in fact, isn't this a huge security risk?

go figure, it is:

LAZY_TITLE "Need to get root on a Windows box? Plug in a
Razer gaming mouse"

razer gets even worse, from what i've read. on their
high-end gaming PCs, they have an optional install add on
that uses your comp and GPU to mine cryptocoins and razer
pockets 'em, i think there's a "scoreboard" and they're all
oh look it's a game to see who has the most PC! but, no,
it's called like "gammanow" and very clearly dodges saying
what it's actually doing with your shit. but since it's
optional; someone has to deliberately install it, it's kind
of like, "if someone is that dumb you cannot hold us

microsoft hasn't gone that far, yet. i don't seem the doing
crypto, either. no, instead they'll have your "spare" CPU
cycles go to powering the azure cloud or some shit, win11


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2021-10-10 08:13 [#02612596]
Points: 6203 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

too much text didnt read,
that last post made me more suspicious though.
7 for everything, dual boot to 10
for anything that doesnt work on 7 anymore


offline mermaidman on 2021-10-10 10:17 [#02612598]
Points: 6998 Status: Addict



offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 11:07 [#02612599]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict | Followup to mermaidman: #02612598

no idea what you're on about; your LOL is the first in the
entire thred.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 11:14 [#02612600]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict | Followup to ijonspeches: #02612596

i do not like 7 at all. but i guess it's my history

i got fucked twice in a row; just timing: first new laptop i
ever bought came with fucking Windows ME. second comes with
fucking Windows Vista. my XP boxes fine and 7 is just Vista
[worst crap fixed] and eff that except some old box with a
video capture card that needs it...

however, XP, quite manageable. you can just image the disk
and then blast the image onto whatever; it doesn't care. so
many great VST plugins

windows 10, had to use it for work for a while, and i
thought: now that this is a few years old and they've fixed
the bugs, as well as relented and taken the worst horseshit
out -- enforced cortana voice assistant, perfect for for the
1/2 of your customer base working in open offices -- it's
only kinda shit. the control panel is still a schizophrenic
meltdown; separate teams fighting to make settings panels
that do the same shit in three different places. used to be
you could pick updates; that functionality seems to be gone.
but they have done some mad science on how to ruin my day by
forcibly installing high-pressure, gassy, spraying,
hippopotamus shit on teh my PC

did u read that.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-10 11:19 [#02612601]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

windows update available please update your windows


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2021-10-10 12:14 [#02612604]
Points: 6203 Status: Regular | Followup to EpicMegatrax: #02612600 | Show recordbag

read it!
settings are weird in 7.
there is a ton of progs and games that wont do on xp
so its inevitable to move on for me.
unsurprisingly this will be the same for w10 and so forth.
its so annoying.

i feel you with microsoft changing the interface on and on
without thinking about the users who are perfectly happy
with it, constantly hiding the settings and file management

with all the supposedly improving usability users spend
hours on managing the previous´s os usability. why not let
the users decide if they want a new interface within the new
version or just use the old one? its beyond me. sometime i
feel its malicious intent keeping the user as dumb as
possible, but its also simply targeting to a bigger consumer
group altogether.

now there is acutally one thing i really want as a user.
full voice control. i know what i need to click, but i cant
be bothered at times. i turn on the mic (so it doesnt spy on
me all day). "wake up [computer´s name]! open program
[Music XY] play [Genre]. open program [xp] open recent
files, open file [xy] output as... blah blah shut down when
youre finished. ta!

i can do this while not sitting on front of it getting a
or tendovagnitis etc..


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-11 22:46 [#02612645]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

today it seems that window-key+q -- search for whatever --
now seems to send everything you type into the internet bing
shit and i type cactus and spews hippo farts everywhere,
bing results with ads, in a menu you never actually use to
search the web, just files, progs

am i the only one that has a problem with this? it's like,
not only does it feel like someone's come into your house
and moved all your shit around, but they've installed
cameras and microphones as well. to help you get more
relevant ads

also today: phone OS update, all the shit there has changed
too. particularly on my nerves is the new lock screen. it's
not showing 24-hour time and if it's >9 it shows the 1 in
RED with the rest in WHITE and i keep looking at it and
shorts my brain out: the fuck it's 5:04? no, it's that thing
again. it actually says 15:04 and it's 3:04, i am not
tripping, god, whoever made this interface decision, i hope
they trip and fall into a pile of bricks, repeatedly


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-11 22:47 [#02612646]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

*it's now showing


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-11 23:57 [#02612647]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

LAZY_TITLE how obvious, of course


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-12 04:23 [#02612648]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict



offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-15 22:25 [#02612742]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

so, also, since the update on my phone to andoid 11
something, i've also had this issue where i take it out of
my pocket and it's already in the process of turning itself
on. it's been driving me nuts. i dropped it mildly the other
day; is it fucked? or is it the update?

and, no, it's the update. something called "tap to wake" [or
shut off], a feature i never wanted nor knew about, is now
seemingly enabled. i'm not sure if it's new, or if they just
decided to switch it on for me. you know, to add to the pile
of shit that... like, christ, i just update one day and all
this crap is changed, and there's not even a memo. not even
a list of "we turned this shit on" "we moved the cheese over
here" etc

no, nothing but "hi, eat this! lol"


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-15 22:34 [#02612743]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

i guess, actually, that's really what my point is: you are
reaching into tools i live inside to run my life and do my
job, you do it at arbitrary intervals, and then you don't
tell me jack squat about what i've changed; leave me
fumbling around trying to do something i knew how to do
yesterday. i get that change is inevitable, but, i dunno.
how would you feel if someone broke into your house every
day, and rearranged your kitchen? where are the cups today?
oh! that's a novel hiding spot for the silverware; under the

this is both microsoft and google, now; mods please rename

anyways, i could compromise. hey, yo, microsoft: do
whatever, whenever, but then pop up a very detailed, very
tedious changelog, with links to documentation. but also,
always, an option to disable future notices. most people say
"wut dis" and disable them promptly. mostly business as

however, people like me -- who care about the nuances of
their setup -- can pour through it and carefully undo
whatever damage you've done. i would still not hugely
appreciate it, but i would probably no longer get mad. just
mildly irritated. and i don't make dumb threads like this
when i am merely mildly irritated.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-15 22:38 [#02612744]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

i'll note i did carefully trawl through the changelog
presented to me for the android update, which did not
explicitly mention any of this, nor suggest an avenue to
obtain more detailed info. and i still can't figure out how
to fix the fucking lock screen cock clock piss cunt


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-11-10 08:13 [#02613539]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

yeah. yeah. it's that time of the fucking four or five
weeks, maximum i'm allowed to delay windows update. i have
to update windows. let's gooooo

what are we in for this time? oh! here it is


this did not used to take up the entire left monitor. no, it
was kind of just a search menu, cornered off. now it's
bloated all up to a whole screen. giant white void. i set up
somefing called a "pi-hole" and blocked a lot of microsoft
shit and i figure i'd be seeing a lot of raw sewage in that
soothing white void if i hadn't gone ahead and... flushed it


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-11-10 08:48 [#02613540]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

i dunno. what am i supposed to do, here? a twist of fate
leaves me with a 4-ish core thinkpad running windows as my
winxp machine's swapfest audio interface kicks off. i think:
well, i think i'll be alright! my mixer has decent usb. but
this means i am using windows 10 for music! lord help me

and it's been p. good for months, actually. but now they've
windows 11 bulging like a pustule on their testicle and now
that i think of it i've really just used reaper and its
built-in fings for months and isn't all that on linux

but honestly, my real feels: god dammit, you fucking piss
djfghdjkfgdfhgheads, i just want this shit to be a reliable
tape recorder, stop uprooting my life so you can put ads in
the start menu

and if you fuck with my shit enough i will find you with a
brick. i swear


offline mermaidman on 2021-11-10 10:19 [#02613541]
Points: 6998 Status: Addict | Followup to EpicMegatrax: #02613540

"but this means i am using windows 10 for music!" so what


online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2021-11-10 11:20 [#02613542]
Points: 5734 Status: Lurker

a compulsory windows 10 update borked my ability to record
directly from the soundcard, i've been irritated by this


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-11-16 00:09 [#02613756]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict | Followup to mermaidman: #02613541

so as soon as i'm up, running, and comfy, they announce a
schedule to do the same thing with this music computer as
they did the last one i ran windows on: stop supporting it,
get companies to make their software incompatible with it,
then expect me to buy entirely new hardware, rebuild my
whole setup, and possibly lose access to my old work. still
hundreds of tracks i can't re-open without XP


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-11-16 00:10 [#02613757]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict | Followup to belb: #02613542

but it's easier than ever to use bing to find everything you


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-11-16 00:13 [#02613758]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

microsoft confirms its anticompetitive and user hostile behavior
is purposeful

As originally designed, Windows 11 does not allow rival
web browsers to set themselves as the default with a single
click as with previous Windows releases. Instead, the user
must manually undertake incredibly ponderous steps to make a
non-Edge browser the default in Windows 11, and even then,
certain actions, like clicking a news story in Widgets or
searching the web from the taskbar/Start, will still launch
Microsoft Edge. (And access back-end Microsoft services like
Bing and MSN.)

To date, users have been able to work around this
anticompetitive behavior by using utilities like
EdgeDeflector. And browser makers like Mozilla and Brave
have implemented workarounds in their own products to make
Windows 11 respect the user’s default browser choice.

But the new build blocks these workarounds, leading to
serious questions about Microsoft’s ethics and intentions.
And now we’ve learned, explicitly, that this behavior is

“Windows openly enables applications and services on its
platform, including various web browsers,” a Microsoft
statement notes. “At the same time, Windows also offers
certain end-to-end customer experiences in both Windows 10
and Windows 11, the search experience from the taskbar is
one such example of an end-to-end experience that is not
designed to be redirected. When we become aware of improper
redirection, we issue a fix.”

yeah, officially back in the same place i was with win8,
never installing this shit. except, this time, i will start
formulating a plan ~now~ rather than just trying to keep
win10 going long after it's fucked


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2021-11-16 00:14 [#02613759]
Points: 29313 Status: Regular | Followup to EpicMegatrax: #02613758

i knew they would do that again the twats, wasn't their some
antitrust lawsuits about this sort of behaviour


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-11-16 01:44 [#02613764]
Points: 17658 Status: Addict

there have been many

typically they are slapped somehow, they go off to lick
their wounds for a bit, then promptly do it again, with


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