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[again] trying to quit ziggurats

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2020-03-11 03:34 [#02596844]
Points: 14233 Status: Addict

i am officially tired of ziggurats. i don't even like them

before 2016 or so, i'd smoke the occasional ziggurat, but it
was not a habitual thing. then my life kinda got shit, and
they're cheap, and i started smoking regularly.

i've tried to quit a few times; managed once or twice and
then got back into it. again, really, because i was broke
and, like, fuck it, what else do i have to do. i'm staying
in some shit cheap apartment with a bunch of cokeheads, a
belgian malanois, and a cat. not only is smoking cigarettes
social, but they are currency

things are a bit better now. i have a proper job. i live
alone again, thank god. i hate my commute, i hate the train,
and more, but these are all starting to feel less relevant
in terms of "why am i still smoking zigs?"

but, most directly -- as i openoined, i don't even like them
anymore. at work, it's just habit; a good excuse to get away
from my desk for a bit. tend to come up with answers w/rt to
a bit of work i'm hung up on. so i think i'll need to do
something instead; take walks

anyways, yes, i don't even like them any more. i've cut way
down without much of a problem, but it's very tough to snuff
out the last bit. particularly in the morning, after sleeps,
and the withdrawal is doing things to me like headache and
bowel dysfunction. the morning ziggurat will be a last
holdout, but perhaps it can eventually become a late-morning

the weather is getting warmer. according to the terms of my
lease, i'm not supposed to smoking anything, and windows are
starting to open. been making myself go out for a drive if i
want one, to slow myself down, but, tonight, as i got in my
car, things came alive around me. right. time to quit

also coronavirus. there's that too

wish me luck xlt


offline wavephace from off the chain on 2020-03-11 22:33 [#02596902]
Points: 3083 Status: Lurker

why dont u just VAPE


offline mohamed on 2020-03-17 01:12 [#02597420]
Points: 29847 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

what the heck is zigurrat


offline DADONCK from here on 2020-03-17 01:13 [#02597421]
Points: 2853 Status: Regular

i don't even vape these days…


online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-03-17 01:26 [#02597425]
Points: 5119 Status: Regular | Followup to mohamed: #02597420

A ziggurat (/ˈzɪɡʊˌræt/ ZIG-uu-rat; Akkadian:
ziqqurat, D-stem of zaqāru 'to build on a raised area') is
a type of massive structure built in ancient Mesopotamia and
Iraq. It has the form of a terraced compound of successively
receding stories or levels.


offline mohamed on 2020-03-17 01:32 [#02597426]
Points: 29847 Status: Addict | Followup to belb: #02597425 | Show recordbag

yes i remember that from back when i read mickey mouse


offline Portnoy on 2020-03-17 07:16 [#02597428]
Points: 1123 Status: Addict

I suggest switching to rollies as a way to get off the zigs.
Worked for me. You don't smoke as often because u have to
roll it. After a while u don't want the cigs anymore and
you're smoking a lot less. From this point, you can try to
quit the rollies, which is easier.

that said, I still smoke rollies but a lot less.


offline DADONCK from here on 2020-03-17 19:24 [#02597477]
Points: 2853 Status: Regular

chew it


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2020-03-18 17:24 [#02597512]
Points: 5393 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

theeeese arr aaall the zzigguratts you´lll neeeeeed.


online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2020-03-18 17:50 [#02597513]
Points: 5119 Status: Regular

i couldn't give my ziggies up even if i wanted to, they're
too nice and it's good for making friends in places like
this. i've never met a schizophrenic who didn't smoke, it's
actually part of the diagnostic criteria to some docs. first
zig in the morning, zig with coffee, zig after food... yeah.
mind you i've cut down from when i was drinking, used to be
a 40 a day dude. ziggy zig zig. going for one now


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2020-03-18 18:22 [#02597515]
Points: 14233 Status: Addict

i want one now but i'ma wait a while


offline Portnoy on 2020-03-19 06:58 [#02597536]
Points: 1123 Status: Addict

made a trip into the danger zone and bought a pack, because


offline DADONCK from here on 2020-03-19 21:18 [#02597560]
Points: 2853 Status: Regular

this might help


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