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BATTLE!!!! ArchRival VS Titsworth Courier

ArchRival on 2002-01-22 16:42 [#00073568]

Let the battle begin

Round 1 Eat THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck AFX messageboard rhyming / You're just clogging up my
modem /
It's like I'm the cerebellum and you are the scrotum / What
are we, three? / Making allusions to cartoons, for real! / I
bet you ARE a Ninja Turtle / You're April O'Neil / Your
rhymestyle's pussy / Go put on a dress / You couldn't be
more pansy if you were RuPaul with bigger breasts / I
profess / A lyrical mess / Never regress / Just make sense /
I think it was stated best by Canibus / "Your last rhyme was
only half as good as my next" / I don't mean to be
meticulous / Titsworths verse will be ridiculous / I don't
wanna have to pick at this / But it's like you aimed at me
and missed / The vocabulary protagonist / I've shown
salutary neglect in this / But now I'm back to broaden minds
as I strike harder than a dragon's fist / You got so few
good rhymes that your mind's naked like Mystic / Let's be
realistic / I could wreck you like I'm auto and you're
stickshift / V12 with more verbal horesepower than 400
stallions / I display valiance / As I run shit like Italians
/ The transcendentalist mentalist / I'm more lyrical than
Emerson's best / A elec music fundamentalist / I could
massacre you at my gentlest / I was watching the Late Show
and the Top 10 List for fun / And to my surprise Titsworth
appeared at number one / I knew it couldn't mean the best
emcee in the for-UM / And then they announced the topic:
Cats that caught wreck from the "Old Gun" shogun Archrival,

Eat that :)


The_Funkmaster from Newfoundland, Canada on 2002-01-22 17:11 [#00073590]

"It's like I'm the cerebellum and you are the scrotum"

ok then... that's where I stop reading...


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2002-01-22 17:12 [#00073591]

Yo, check this out/ Ophecks in da house!!
Kickin' yo ass/ Like Cat on Mouse!


Ironlung from The Basement of the ALAMO on 2002-01-22 17:12 [#00073592]


tits has been called out


Narkotic from stupid american on 2002-01-22 17:16 [#00073594]

this method seems to work a lot better whilst in person
having people gather around..


The_Funkmaster from Newfoundland, Canada on 2002-01-22 17:16 [#00073595]

this is kinda stupid in a message base like this... cause
the real talent is rhyming off your head... how do we know
you didn't sit down for an hour and write all that out?


Ironlung from prayer session at the porcelin throne on 2002-01-22 17:19 [#00073599]

tru, its like showering with a raincoat on...just doesnt
work actually


ArchRival on 2002-01-22 17:35 [#00073602]

This is a AFX Twin messageboard battle, just for fun :)

Directly from the top of my not everything.


ArchRival on 2002-01-22 17:38 [#00073603]

Come On Titsworth gimme something. You can sit down for 3
hours and write if u want, you still aint got a chance :)


Narkotic from stupid american on 2002-01-22 17:55 [#00073612]

you should know better than to try and battle with a guy
that calls himself "titsworth"

reminds me of some dumb knob that wears a hat with a
propellor on it and bucky teeth


ArchRival on 2002-01-22 18:09 [#00073620]

LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ArchRival on 2002-01-22 18:10 [#00073621]

"dumb knob that wears a hat with a propellor on it and bucky

Yeah! shoulda known better.


Archrival on 2002-01-22 20:17 [#00073672]



ArchRival on 2002-01-23 16:49 [#00074120]

Dont try to hide from this one!!


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2002-01-23 16:51 [#00074122]

Heh heh...

There's no escape!


The_Funkmaster from Newfoundland, Canada on 2002-01-23 19:08 [#00074153]

how about this for some sweet ass rhyming!!!

"My rhymes rule, and yours drool!!!"


Archrival on 2002-01-23 19:24 [#00074163]

nice one Funkmaster :) You got mad rhyming skills DOG ;)

I got to admit that I really like your name "Funkmaster" its
very nice and kinda funky too


Archrival on 2002-01-23 19:26 [#00074164]

Come on you beggin for some kinda whup ass Titsworth, dont
be shy bust your illest rhymes :)


The_Funkmaster from Newfoundland, Canada on 2002-01-23 19:26 [#00074165]

yeah that's what my posse tells me, they all say I got
skills yo...

and thanks man, I'm touched that you like my name *sniff*



Archrival on 2002-01-23 19:34 [#00074169]

I know, my name sucks....but hey, im still the almighty
supreme archrival.


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2002-01-23 19:35 [#00074170]

Yo, Ophecks in da house! /Kickin' yo ass like cat on mouse!
Do you smell that, bitch?/ It's my mudda fuckin' fist!
Put up a foot up yo ass!/ I'm like the sky and you like the
I'm so high above you/ I'm gonna do the opposite of ''hug
you'"! (shut up, I know that's bad)
So git on the ground and bend over like Red Rover!
We got the bitches in the long limo jumpin/
You hear dat? It's yo mamma and me, humpin'!!!!!

Archrival he got the rhymes, and the rythym...
Whatcha gonna do, Titsworth, can match em?
There's prizes up for grabs/ Who's gonna snatch 'em?

You bitches say I look like Seth Green/ You ain't seen
NOTHIN' yet!
Wait till I get big and strong/ Like the Hulk, then your
match is met!
Like FUCK I'm gonna let you push me 'round/ Make like a PERP
and get on the GROUND!!!!


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2002-01-23 19:35 [#00074171]



Archrival on 2002-01-23 19:37 [#00074172]

Ooohh shit!!!!


Archrival on 2002-01-23 19:47 [#00074174]

OOOoooshit we got a new blazin MC who step in the arena!!!!
Rookie of the year! No other than Ophecks

Ophecks THAT WAS HOT! Ophecks splashin titsworth to pieces.

Peep this

i'll bring you mad sickness, like sicle cell and
syphillis/when im hittin this the witnesses jump in the
abyss/its do or die, and suicide is the easy way out/your
style mad played out/ i serve rhymes like take outs/ like
the tv show cops,when i drop ish its deadly/so why try to
test me?/ameteur, you aint ready/ cause this brotha "rocks
steady",when i bebop,/ destroy yall "idm" thugs with a knee
drop/ me and my rhymes when we sin, it aint no tellin when
we stop/ yall rhyme writers, yall couldnt decipher each plot
/you dont wanna start with me!!!/ ill cut your veins and
arteries/ill have you yellin"MAMA, ARCHRIVAL IS SCARRIN
ME!!!!!!/ill open up your eyelids and dive inside your
iris/ill type a rhyme online and cause a computer virus/im 2
ill for most brothas to even contest/next battle better come
equiped with a bullet proof vest!!!!


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2002-01-23 20:04 [#00074178]

Hmm, I dunno, my rap was pretty sick, but not in a good
way... more like a ''skinny little white boy with no style''
way! :-D

It was funny, though! That shit is fun to do...


titsworth_courier from washington, dc on 2002-01-24 02:59 [#00074309]

damn, i'm so sorry dude.. haha. i've been away from my
computer for a couple days and i JUST saw this thread. i
might hit you up with something tomorrow tho. i didn't even
read what you wrote yet, i'm sure it's good. i'll read after
i send this..


titsworth_courier from washington, dc on 2002-01-24 03:57 [#00074333]

nevermind. i decided to sit down for 15 minutes and write a
comeback. it ain't much (sloppy as hell). i considered
waiting till tomorrow and listening to a couple of my
favorite emcees cos i haven't listened to hip-hop in a week
now. but, like you, i wanted to keep it straight from the
dome..... gnome ;)

took me bloody long enough to type it tho (had it on
So now I finally reply to this fool ArchRival / Throw the
rap dictionary at you with more force than a redneck
muthafucka with his Bible / Quit laughing / I'm psychic like
Warwick and it's your future into which I'm tapping /
Lyrically I shred you into filigree / This is irreparable
damage so you can forget the pedigree / My rhymes break you
down like an independent clause / Sharp words bring on your
early menopause / Cunt / This assault will leave you as
brittle as a Christmas tree in June / You'll be dead
immediately, if not, soon / So you've proved you can spell
fundamentalist, as if it weren't phonetic / Why don't you
select some more easy ass words to keep it copacetic / Like
Local H baby, you're so pathetic / You're like the Pinto to
my Intrepid / Son, your weak freestyles come across fucking
tepid / Bitch, your style is lukewarm at best / Just like
the tainted, sour milk dispersed from your mom's flabby
breasts / I saw them one time when your mother was coughing
/ Then I called it: she's too sick from being sperm-a-holic
/ I peeped her suckin' balls from down in the Baltic / and
getting sloppy with Asian chumps who pull jalopies / I
caught her gargling cum from 12 year olds in Viet Nam / and
chewing big red dicks in dozens of wigwams / Hell, it's a
wonder you were ever born / Seems like everyone but your
father was getting blown / I bet she'll try to freak you
next / I already saw her fondling your spent sperm rag
Kleenex / that you left next to your Lil Bow Wow CD /
Thinking someday you'd like him to whisper "Rape me" / Then
you'll slide your little pecker into his tight brown ass /
and shoot your diseased jizz in two seconds fast / I'm not
like you though / I prefer girls, yo / You see they call me
Titsworth for particular reasons / I be fuckin' womens twats
and breasts throughout all seasons / and when I'm done I can
send you what's left / "Oh but Titsworth, you know I like
boys, surely you jest / I just want to sneak into their
rooms and cut their cocks off and stuff them in my mouth /
Sorry for all the braggin' / but I'm simply the best faggot
/ I taught my mom everything she know / from how to rhyme
wack, how to smoke crack and mostly how to blow" / Well go
ahead and team up with your boyfriend Ophecks / because when
the tits start a-wobblin' you know it's the best / Word. ;-D


Aaladorn from on 2002-01-24 04:27 [#00074338]

"Momma, I'm scared of the battleraps"

"We all are, hun"

Seriously, this is not cool, not cool. Rap doesn't look
good on paper, not at all. My head doesn't work with rap
rhythem or some shit.

Werd out yo,


silverflux from nyc on 2002-01-24 04:31 [#00074340]

tsk, tsk, tsk...such language.



ArchRival on 2002-01-24 07:52 [#00074359]

Nice one titsworth, but the flow was kinda lackin....anyway
heres my response

My rap style hits so hard it makes you read with your
nose,walk on your hands and spit out you butt hole./
yeah,you sought gain,but Archrival brought pain/i'll cause
your thought train to derail in ya brain/Battle? You dont
want me to get on to that!/ Ya style sounds like its jacked
from a Laundrymat!/prisoners broke out when Arhcrival spoke
out!!!!!/prozac got me doped out so people think i smoke
out/but i never was convicted of any vast crime/living in
the future is my favorite pastime/pussy, you insulted me for
the last time/ill bring you to tears before i reach my last
rhyme/I warned you before why try to test me
unprotected???/i leave ya weak attempts straight deflected
and rejected/now can i get a moment of silence...../my raps
is lika a science/to damage one line you have to start a
whole alliance/Im defiant as a tall skyscraper, the mic
raider/ You get burned like some weed, thats rolled in white
paper!/ Goodbye hater!/ I demolish ya mindset/ Its hot in my
area, so find another climate/ The rhymes that I spit was
toofilthy to-taste/ So you espectorate and downed a whole
tube of Toothpaste!/Other emcees came close and got kil't/
You weak in the knees, hey "Tits" you got milk?/


titsworth_courier from washington, dc on 2002-01-24 15:37 [#00074449]

actually my flow was pretty good. i switched it up a few
times. it's hard for either of us to really tell what kind
of rhythm we're going for. mine's a little more complex cos
of the emcees i listen to. i'm sure you listen to a lot of
the same, so yours could've been the same way. ;) the
sloppiness was stuff like i shoulda made "faggot" rhyme with
"bragart" instead of "braggin'", stuff like that. anyway
this is fun, i hadn't "freestyled" since like october and
i'm starting to get into it now.

So you keepin' it streets / Well I'm talkin' 'bout semen and
vas deferens feats / Never want that / but it comes though /
splashin' your mom in the face while she lay low / You sound
like you ripped your rhymes off a middle school playground /
imagining shitty 303 beats in the background / Fucka, I
could give a fucka 'bout your weed / We all know you're just
smoking my dried seed / So quit getting high off my
offspring / and think of some better rhymes to be offerin' /
Nigga, your imagery is just wack / You're the cranium of a
retard and I'm Adonis's nutsack / So stay back / cos I'll
paint your face Steve Albino like fucking Shellac / but
nevermind that / I need you to know / that I deliver milk,
rhymes, and ass kickings to a sucka emcee's do' [door] /
from early in the morning / through all twenty-fo' / It's
only hot in your area cos yo mama twat keep fawtin' / So
keep your ass glued to yo seat cos fucka I'm just startin' /
Nuck nuck f'r33l


titsworth_courier from washington, dc on 2002-01-25 03:22 [#00074672]

bump for archie


titsworth_courier from washington, dc on 2002-01-25 05:14 [#00074729]

c'mon muthafucka!!!!! quit hiding! haha
(i'm going to sleep tho, i hope for a reply in the morning!)


JOB on 2002-01-25 05:30 [#00074732]

heh i'm totally not into that rhymin stuff but hey

yo G cat smokin da weed bat, drop tone beats wit da shufflin
feets no more worries cuz outside da flurries gonna shut da
shit down, yo clown, in my town it snow, like a white flow
from da sky to yo door, then u be up at 7am, look at the
fukkin mayham, white shit all over, under and over, time to
break out da shovel, and get the love O all da peeps stuck
in their cribs, like stoopid little babies with stoopid
little bibs, muthafuckas don know wuts its like, when da
shit snows.

yeah dont ask thats totally off the top of my head.


ArchRival on 2002-01-25 09:14 [#00074754]

Titsworth Courier!!!! that was definitly a hot
one!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I thaught that this was going to be a easy one, you got very
very good skills (no joke, I mean it). You really stepped
up to a much higher level on that last one, im really
feeling the last one (better flow on it too). Shit I better
come raw on this one (im on my job, gonna post later) :)



ArchRival on 2002-01-25 09:20 [#00074757]

"mine's a little more complex cos of the emcees i listen to"
let me guess...Kool Keith, Company Flow, the whole Anticon
crew, Sage Francis, Atmosphere, Del The Funky Homosapien,
Aesop Rock, MF Doom, Aceyalone, Zion I etc etc am I right?


ArchRival on 2002-01-25 09:22 [#00074759]

"i'm starting to get into it now" yeah definitly
but.......PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


ArchRival on 2002-01-25 09:23 [#00074760]

while im into Puff Daddy, JA Rule, Master P No Limit and
the Cash Money click and DMX. :)


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2002-01-25 09:40 [#00074765]

yo yo look at me im p diddy, what a joke.


ArchRival on 2002-01-25 11:02 [#00074789]

no no look at me it p diddy what a joke.


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2002-01-25 13:30 [#00074824]

I'm going to make another rap and blow you fuckers out of
the water.



ArchRival on 2002-01-25 13:36 [#00074827]

This battle can go one forever (I got rhymes for years) lets
say 4 rounds.

Unreal skill kills at will/ Still willing to steal your
surreal steel seal/ for real, I’ll win 4 to nill/ I
instill fear, to make you feel/ like Jack after Jill/ broke
his crown on the hill/ I stay still, cause you’re as
intimidating as Bushwick Bill/ Killin you, like the Jews
did Jesus/ Ignorance spillin out your eyes since you were a
fetus/ Yeah I keepin' it street while you afraid to walk,
talk as I stalk faggots like u on the pavement/ Get ready
for the settlement, slayed millions of you like Hitlers
enlistment/ Titsworth" gets left on the street, like
concrete/ left on the street like old Christmas trees and
wreaths/ read my lyrics and retreat/
I aint ripped shit, the only shit i ripped is "Titsworths"
tits apart /I still flow better over 303 beats than tits
flows over my mums farts/ "U aint startin shit" with your
weak ass flow when you try and utter words, you stutter/
nothin comes out like a Windex bottle tryin to spray peanut
butter/ I see through your rhymes like windows without
shutters/ the words i mutter, leave you shakin like Michael
J. Fox/ Sit and pause, as you receive the premonition that
you’ve lost/ knowin you’re incompetent at prominence
will leave you talkin nonsense/ You’re progression has
ended, its gotta be depressin, knowin that you’ll always
be second/ Archrival claims the 4 best verses in this
tournament/ You’re the same as the rest, a name on the
list of defeated men/ You got crashed, laughed at, harassed
in this class/ On the way out dont let the door hit you on
your ass/ next time learn the alphabet so you can pass/in
All Battles "CannibalArchrival" Destroys Everything
Fragile/ Growing Headlines “Itsworth Just Killed" Left
Murdered Near Ordeal/


ArchRival on 2002-01-25 13:46 [#00074829]

Yeah Ophecks gimme some more hot shit from your ill
vocabulary!!! :)
im starvin for some more sick rhymes

Your new official name is "Ophecks DA Ill Lyricist". heheh


ArchRival on 2002-01-25 13:50 [#00074831]

Thats it I won, you cant come better than that.


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2002-01-25 16:40 [#00074860]

(keep in mind this is tongue in cheek, and I giggle while I
write this... don't hate me because I suck :-D)

YO!!! Check 'dis out!/ I been wheelin' and dealin' and
misbehavin'/ plotting my moves in advance/ Like a raven!
Cold hard calculation/ Rulin' the nation/ I just got a
My mind is all bent out of shape/ Intellectual rape/ don't
make me vomit, like Haley's comet/ I just ate!
Your rhymes don't have nothin' on mine/ stick 'em where
they're out of sight / they make me laugh like two clowns
doin' a 69/ don't make me bite your leg like my main man
Iron Mike!
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee/
That's what my momma told me/
We'll see if girly voiced Mikey/ can take a chunk out of
Lennox's left knee!/
This battle of the masterminds/ has me feelin' like bustin'
out the hot rhymes/ it's just like old times/ good vs evil/
fuckin' goin' crazy like Evil Kenievel!

In conclusion, rappin' ain't like nuclear fusion!/ Keep it
simple!/ Keep it real, before I give you a contusion!
Now get outta my way 'fore I bust a cap in 'yo ass/
concussion blast!


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2002-01-25 16:41 [#00074861]

*takes a breath. I lost mine due to laughing uncontrollably


ArchRival on 2002-01-25 19:36 [#00074915]


I swear that WAS ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like your style,
its kinda....hmmmm......Its very original indeed. Never
heard anything like that I must say. You should go for a
career as a MC (you got a nice voice and lots of attitude?)

I got some hot hip hop beats I made, let record a collabo.


Narkotic from stupid american on 2002-01-25 19:38 [#00074917]

nice voice? that aint shit these days... remember easy e? or
that new fool dj quick? they gots some gay voices, but
people listen to em'... dope rhymes..


ArchRival on 2002-01-25 19:39 [#00074918]

Sick kinda MC PAul Barman style at the same time corny a la
dunno?`Its just strange


Narkotic from stupid american on 2002-01-25 19:40 [#00074919]

agreed though..ophecks those were some dope rhymes... how
long it take you do do that? wasn't really freestylein' was


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