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BATTLE!!!! ArchRival VS Titsworth - Part II

offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-21 08:29 [#00227798]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

this was a lot of fun last time, let's have another go at
it. four rounds, me/you, me/you, me/you, end.

i haven't written in a long time so this will hopefully get
me primed for the summer, i wanna "rep for the hood" like i
used to ;)

anyway, here goes my verse for round one, i'll come back at
you tomorrow probably..

Bringing death and destruction to this junction be my
Close your eyes and open your mind, embrace the chaos
I can chessbox the hell out of you and you know what I mean
I'm smarter than 98% of the country and I'm only 19
To all you herbs, bottoms up cos here's armageddon
Archie... I know you're sweatin
Cos to the depths of dooooom is where you're headin
Commence the bedwetting
You're a biter, hey that's cool
Whatever, I'm a biter too
Except I got a mouth rull of sharp teeth like Baraka
and I tomahawk-chop wack emcees like that cat Tatanka
My process of decision making is taking your bacon and
equating hip-hop with a naked sensation
Come when I think of it, I'll always love H.E.R. but even
words have limitations
I'm the flyest, wisest, most biased lady romancer
Y'all some prancers
These rhymes hit you twats like ovarian cancer
So a take a chance or
don't, fuck it, you think I care? Last time most of you just
rephrased mainstream shit anyway
But unlike these Canadians and Swiss cheeseballs with their
rehashed ill communications
I come with few frills to drill and rebuild your anthills
with my very own assortment of mad ..skillz
I'm ill (blech) and my shit kills
and I don't need a ghostwriter cos my own shit is tighter
Fuck the rest of you biters
Ima crush you like some spiders
So go ahead and bring it cos even your dopest verse can't
contain me
Man, I break down your box, crush them bones and get born
again like Layne Staley
Peep it in your daily
And kid I'm leavin you decked out in Alison's chains,
straight high and dry,
like Radiohead featuring Thom Yorke's convulsing eye against
flesh of my flesh and mind of


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-21 08:30 [#00227801]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind
Go ahead and ride my darts cos I'm mos definitely leaving
you full of more holes than a porcupine
You're not promised tomorrow...
ArchRival, I'M your arch rival
You worse than Francis and hardly a sage
By the time I'm through with you you'll only have parts of
your brain
Stabbed in the frontal cortex with a wet tip hen ax
just like Phineas Gage


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-21 08:31 [#00227802]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

the line breaks kinda kill it, oh well.. holla


offline Steamtank from Melancholia Isle (Poland) on 2002-05-21 08:33 [#00227805]
Points: 1271 Status: Regular



offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-21 08:33 [#00227806]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

oops, btw that should be four me/you's.. can you tell it's
3:30am? damn


offline LeCoeur from the outer edge of the universe (United States) on 2002-05-21 08:51 [#00227832]
Points: 8249 Status: Lurker

*puts on cheerleading outfit and starts to cheer*


let's get it going ON

(tits......your rhymes are stylinggg=0)


offline Ophecks from Nova Scotia (Canada) on 2002-05-21 16:39 [#00228547]
Points: 19190 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

Haha, I remember the last topic like this. That was classic,


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-30 07:26 [#00242043]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

ArchRival thinks he can hide, but i see him on ;)


offline LeCoeur from the outer edge of the universe (United States) on 2002-05-30 07:30 [#00242050]
Points: 8249 Status: Lurker

Archie......put UP your DUKES.....i wanna battle ze
winner........ummmm hahahha


i wanna see some righteous rhymes dooooood!!!



offline Archrival on 2002-05-30 08:10 [#00242080]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

Ooh shit...HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-30 08:17 [#00242083]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

glad you finally found the thread! haha :) when can i expect
a reply?


offline Archrival on 2002-05-30 10:39 [#00242165]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

Now sucker ;)

Tits, I question ya wiz status, step average and watch ya
thread get shredded like lettuce and cabbage/
Titsworth wanna get put on the map, so I pegged him with an
This bitch-Tits took so many shots from clips I thought you
were a ”dead actress”/
oh, so you ”the Answer” (AI)? no wonder your text looks
as if ya dread practice/
ya head will get more slices than bread-baskets, u may drop
bars, but they're similar to lifers who've misled faggots/
just cuz we war'ren don't make you a regulator, this bout'll
be over-easy, hater/
you met ya maker, cuz those threats are faker than the flop
fouls thrown at the LA Lakers/
Your scripts so boring its like watchin the porn clips of
but ive peeld and crunchd pricks like eatin ”corn chips”
and oranges/
its just sumthin i was born with, ive sworn to make ya style
switch, so the results is a torn hip/
this fool beatin me in a duel will never be true ”kid”,
ya flow's bout as fluid as anal school chicks with
ill have Goddess flirt with this dude and get his head
gassed until he lose it/
let the lead blast because it seams ya want your thread
smashed right thru the computer/
like the Klumps in track meets, what you spats weak and is
dead last/
Archrival bring de-tension to that ass like im throwin eggs
in class/
Titsworth please… aint even in my class/…….


(As Titsworths hands grasp the rope as the neck chokes,/
Wear the death cloak, and reveal your inner beauty… /
Soothe me…with cactus thorns under my fingernails,/
Propane the sane, the burning flesh smells in hell…/
Strapped to the cross but fell; only my soul to sell,/
Visions of whips slicing back flesh… bringing death, to
those who chose to pose like they know the mysteries of
You only ninteen, youngster, dont battle the old god...this
”rival” is too hard/

There u have it BWOY!!!!


offline Archrival on 2002-05-30 12:30 [#00242234]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

U cant win, son. ;) LOL


offline nanotech from Flagstaff, AZ (United States) on 2002-05-30 14:16 [#00242423]
Points: 3599 Status: Regular

"Except I got a mouth rull of sharp teeth like Baraka"
...classic! i love videogame that line in
the new nautilis...about MK and SF...too cool.


offline The_Funkmaster from St. John's (Canada) on 2002-05-30 16:09 [#00242656]
Points: 16280 Status: Lurker

Can I join in?

"Are you down my beats, because I flowing like lava down a
volcano!! Yup, that's right, I'll burn you with my red hot
flows!!! Oh, and I got lots of bling bling bitches!!!"



offline Mr_Flappypants from Louisville (United States) on 2002-05-30 17:08 [#00242730]
Points: 2796 Status: Addict

heres my 2 nickels

up and down, round and round, i cant rap worth a stinkin
pound, hey hey hey, yo yo yo, *wicky wicky*, come on down,
see my stuff, dont you dare bluff, cuz im MC JJ Get On Wit'
It, ooo yea! JJ in the house, without no blouse!!


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-30 20:24 [#00243015]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

round 2, comin with my heineken brew ;)
Listen Mongrel, I ain't met shit but some more rhymes you
You on the tip like you artistic/
1549 fuckin posts, you certainly ain't AUTISTIC/
Tits called your name out, you nearly didn't respond/
Archrival starting to wish he ain't never been born/
I mix-mash my flows just to show you ho's I know/
a thing or two about how to put on the better lyrical show/
case, still leaving you cowards with cum on your face/
Still rocking these battles making your verses a total

Cunt, holllllllaaaaa/
You feed on shit-n-feces/
You tryna play me when you don't even know it's chessboxin
To be honest sometimes listening to you is straight
It's just that your style is so, uh.. disingenuous/
Your boasts and your flow don't add up/
like the U.S. economic surplus/
Why's that?/
While in third world countries where/
young people be bleedin/
and babies needin to be feedin/
we just sit at our computers readin and I ask again,/
I find that lyrical battles can be hit-or-miss/
For instance, Beans and Jadakiss/
It's ridiculous, those fools.../
You think freestyles with DJ Clue will lead either of them
to their doom?/
In a restroom they be like strangers in two adjoining
A conversation between assholes./
Fuck it. Let's rassle./

Bitch Tits? You think this is Fight Club?/
The first and second rules of Fight Club: YOU DO NOT TALK
Then I'll take you out to a country field where there's
prisoners and shit/
Grab one of their rakes and scrape your eyeballs till you
start bleedin and shit/
Then I'll leave you alone with the inmates to get de-filed/
Call ya moms up on my speed-dial, tell her it was in-spired
and throw you in a dirt pile/
To you, winning against me is unknown/
To me, victory is when I hit up ya mom's house, come hard
and go home/
Hahaha yo mama jokez is fun/
But I gotta stay spiritual minded, jus


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-30 20:25 [#00243016]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

(cut off)
But I gotta stay spiritual minded, just like KRS-ONE/
Am I conscious or am I gutter?/
It's just straight butter, you can't believe it's not/
You can deny it all you like but my lyrics stay strong/
I got you pussies shook, I can tell by your thongs/
Ain't it obvious with all these ill rhymes I'm bustin?/
My style's so got-damn sick it's disgustin


offline REFLEX from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) on 2002-05-30 20:26 [#00243017]
Points: 8864 Status: Regular

This is horrible.


offline Mr_Flappypants from Louisville (United States) on 2002-05-30 20:50 [#00243057]
Points: 2796 Status: Addict

reflex: WRONG

this is beautiful


offline REFLEX from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) on 2002-05-30 20:52 [#00243060]
Points: 8864 Status: Regular

NO! its not.


offline Ophecks from Nova Scotia (Canada) on 2002-05-30 20:53 [#00243061]
Points: 19190 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

It may be dumb and horrible, but it's a riot!

I dunno about beautiful, though...


offline REFLEX from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) on 2002-05-30 20:53 [#00243062]
Points: 8864 Status: Regular

The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
(kill kill kill)
Dahh-dum, dahh-dum.. dum
Dahh-dum, dahh-dum, duh-da-da-da-da
(kill kill kill)
Dahh-dum, dahh-dum.. dum
Dahh-dum, dahh-dum, dumm..
(kill kill kill)

Chorus: Eminem

Mentally illll from Amityvilllle (ILLLL)
Accidentally killll your family stillll
Thinkin he won't? God-damnit he willll (HE'SSSS)
Mentally illll from Amityvilllle
** {HE'SSSS} - on repeats only **

I get lifted and spin til I'm half-twisted
Feet planted and stand with a grin full of chapped lipstick
Pen full of ink, think sinful and rap sick shit
Shrink pencil me in for my last visit
Drink gin til my chin's full of splashed whiskers {*whoosh*}

Hash whiskey and ash til I slap bitches {*smack*}
Ask Bizzy, he's been here the past six years
Mash with me you'll get in imagine this

Chorus 2X

I fucked my cousin in his asshole, slit my mother's throat
{*AHHHHHHHH!*} Guess who Slim Shady just signed to
My little sister's birthday, she'll remember me
For a gift I had ten of my boys take her virginity
{*Mmm mm mmm!*} And bitches know me as a horny ass freak
Their mother wasn't raped, I ate her pussy while she was
Pissy-drunk, throwin up in the urinal (YOU FUCKIN HOMO!)
That's what I said at my dad's funeral

Chorus 2X

That's why the city is filled with a bunch of fuckin idiots
still (still)
That's why the first motherfucker poppin some shit he gets
killed (killed)
That's why we don't call it Detroit, we call it Amityville
You can get capped after just havin a cavity filled (filled)

Ahahahaha, that's why we're crowned the murder capital still
This ain't Detroit, this is motherfuckin Hamburger Hill!
We don't do drivebys, we park in front of houses and shoot
and when the police come we fuckin shoot it out with them
That's the mentality here (here) that's the reality here
Did I just hea


offline REFLEX from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) on 2002-05-30 20:54 [#00243066]
Points: 8864 Status: Regular

r somebody say they wanna challenge me here?? (huh?)
While I'm holdin a pistol with this many calibres here??
Got some registration and just made this shit valid this
year? (year?)
Cause once I snap I can't be held accountable for my acts
and that's when accidents happen,
when a thousand bullets come at your house
and collapse the foundation around and they found you
and your family in it (AHHHHH!)


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-30 21:09 [#00243077]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

reflex is a player hater and ignorant to the culture.
disregard anything he says. and i'm not saying that cos he
doesn't like my verse or archie's verse; people are free to
think whatever they want, it's a battle between me and him
and you all are just spectators (though i'm sure either me
or arch wouldn't mind battling you at some point in the
future). no, disregard reflex's comments because he's a
whiner and he has temper tantrums when he's ignored. i'm
going to keep it at that because i don't want this topic
closed (and if you must reply to this, do so in another
topic cos this one needs to stay open for archrival's


offline AMinal from Toronto (Canada) on 2002-05-30 23:45 [#00243346]
Points: 3476 Status: Regular

that was pretty good, both of you


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-31 00:35 [#00243388]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker | Followup to AMinal: #00243346

thanks, 3 more rounds to come!


offline jimisteel from SLC (United States) on 2002-05-31 01:56 [#00243441]
Points: 363 Status: Regular

Titsworth & Archrival, Reflex, got no respect for these
ryhmes we typed on time to no rythm, his thread sucked no
denying hes in denial about what he likes he dont know, IDM,
hip hop, his mind aint gonna grow not with that attitude hes
in no mood to make are heads bop to his thoughts out loud,
hes given in to pride he'll just sit behind a screen and be
proud he dissed his friends that now wont lend him a line
for his topics that dont make our minds grind and think, he
thought he could bring his eminem bite was he right? hell
no, he aint tight. Hip hop you dont stop be bright dont be
negative give me insight on your mind what ya thinkin just
stareing off in space wishin you could erase that post make
it make it disapper like casper, your not a host to us,
offer a chum a pint and some peanuts learn manners and to be
fair and share like carebears, and im out like that .


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-31 02:31 [#00243457]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker | Followup to jimisteel: #00243441



offline The_Funkmaster from St. John's (Canada) on 2002-05-31 03:03 [#00243478]
Points: 16280 Status: Lurker

is this supposed to be all free-style? How do we know it is
free-style, and not something you guys prepared before hand?


offline The_Funkmaster from St. John's (Canada) on 2002-05-31 03:03 [#00243479]
Points: 16280 Status: Lurker

although, by the quality of them, I'd say it's more likely
it is free-style...

(just kidding)



offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-31 03:06 [#00243482]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

i have to be honest, when i think of rhymes i jot 'em down
(why would you want to forget them?) but my lyrics here are
mostly on the spot with only a few lines i've been saving
(used to good effect here)

this is a ton of run, i encourage anyone to pick up the


offline LeCoeur from the outer edge of the universe (United States) on 2002-05-31 06:57 [#00244017]
Points: 8249 Status: Lurker | Followup to Archrival: #00242234

tee hee

ARCHIE you are SOOOOOO badass...ehehhe

righteous rhymes......dissing tits......ohhhhh you be asking
for it =0) came right back, your rhymes are TIGHT!! are damn good!!

*wishes she could freestyle....practice practice practice*


offline cygnus from nowhere and everyplace on 2002-05-31 07:00 [#00244024]
Points: 11887 Status: Regular

OMG! i challenge archrival!!


offline Archrival on 2002-05-31 13:52 [#00244339]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

Tits check it....Round 2 Archie Style.

Expected much better…..Titsworth got NO SKILLS/
Take desperate-messures.. get more feedback than 4.0
students receivin college acceptance-letters/ I don't
respect the jesture/ Tits is just a comedian/ Your lines
make me go like arggh, then I laugh/ You washed up like
This A-hole thought he could win but like a slain Quasimodo
I knocked that hunch/
Spiking the refreshments at prom is the only time you rock a
I had to lower my sonar to detect bars/ Leave your head
spinnin when i inject stars/
Similar to persuasive plastic surgeons, I suggest scars/
Get ya flesh-charred-to-bits-tits/ Ya not as
I cant spot ya skills.. ZOOM-mode……. ”smoked up your
corpse”.. to leave this groupie Tomb-Stoned/ Leavin wombs
closed, stickin you with more dental bills than hockey
players/ without mouth guards/ cant get words across a
silent room if you shout hard/
Would not be fat if you were to sprout lard/ Couldve beatin
ya witout-bars/
Instead of more torture I'll make death arrive in an
instance guy/
Puny peon you cant step to "Archrival", now watch this
"Princess Di"/

And why u dissin ”jada and beans” when u aint got half
of their talent/
Why u licking beans ass and kissin jadakiss nuts, thats just
When u mention their names it only giving them props/
Twist your mind when I convey warmth that flares your eyes/

1) Tits is ill and 2)he just won this you

So yall know-the-winner…Archrivals flows ”stick out”
more than HARD ONS wit open-zippers/ Coppin rippers, im
placin threats on ya neck/
Read this n invest in some specs, ”Tits” so wack he
thought cypherin was sex on the net/
spittin weak writtens against Archrival...the only the
outcome would have led to survival/
Throw ya corpse on an opponent, and leave you



offline manicminer from Paris (France) on 2002-05-31 16:01 [#00244502]
Points: 1423 Status: Lurker

Right then Titsworth and Archrival, I'm going to take you
both on:

Muthafuckin bitchin'
Muthafuckin bitchin'
Titsworth and Archrival are muthafuckin' bitchin'
Bitchin' at each other so much it leacves me fuckin
They're just a coupla middle-class computer geek twats
Who think they're fuckin playaz - what a load of fucking


offline manicminer from Paris (France) on 2002-05-31 16:10 [#00244521]
Points: 1423 Status: Lurker

Oh, and I forgot to add that they both take themselves far
far FAR too seriously.


offline jthm from in my garage (United States) on 2002-05-31 17:01 [#00244584]
Points: 248 Status: Regular

hey "people"
hows it going


offline jthm from in my garage (United States) on 2002-05-31 17:02 [#00244586]
Points: 248 Status: Regular



offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-31 17:57 [#00244682]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker | Followup to manicminer: #00244521



offline Archrival on 2002-05-31 18:18 [#00244707]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

manicminer: Que???

"Oh, and I forgot to add that they both take themselves far

far FAR too seriously." I hope that was sarcasm....

I really, really hope youre not serious..


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-05-31 18:30 [#00244718]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker

verse 3
Throw your corpses in the air and wave them side to side/
Archrival tried to step to me but my rap style's bonafide/
See, I'm a cranky old man like Mr. KRS/
Tired of people here talking about hip-hop cos only father
knows best/
You know what else?/
I realized this during sex:/
I'm glad this is only text/
Because caffeine addicts hide coke lines under the bass
You can't disgrace mine/
You'll never grace mine/
Put Archrival over my knee like his boyfriend and procede to
break spine/
You are wasted time/
The following is what a good day make/
Stocks and bonds, and, uh, stalking blondes/
is where I press my rhymes/
Artist's portrait of Archrival: APC Soap Scum and

You can quit knockin my hunch/
I'll finish you up before I finish my lunch/
Emcees are tastier than Trish when I'm tugging on her fish/
Archrival ride high and paralyze those thighs?/
BWOY, you wish/
You'll be lucky if she lets you even gargle her spit/
Fucking sissies, y'all some Pretenders like Chrissie/
Arch, I forgive you, you don't have to be live in your
My necro lyrics can fuck you even dead, it don't have to
Go ahead and Roc it Ruff/
I ain't a hater like Reflex/
I just prefer rappers that aren't dressed in spandex/
Reading your lyrics is like taking NyQuil, it puts me to
But don't let me stop you God, I'm just trying to eat/
Never repeat, keeping it fresh is the necessary/
I carry these European-American relations like an emissary/
Simply revolutionary/
Living in a beautiful place/
somewhere in this nation/
Never boarded in Canada/
because I'm not a Cannuck/
My feelings about hockey?/
I don't give a puck/
All I ask is they let me borrow one of those sticks/
So I can smash Archrival's face in, like a ton of bricks


offline Smyrma from Beloit, WI (United States) on 2002-05-31 19:03 [#00244750]
Points: 2478 Status: Lurker

best rhyme ever:
"Due to my ability to flow with agility I take my place
amongst the nobility but fuck the futility cuz my mobility
is upwards but my cupboards be bare like Hubbard's and it's
killin me!"

Anyone who can guess who wrote that gets a pat on the back


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-06-02 00:11 [#00245937]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker



offline Archrival on 2002-06-05 14:42 [#00250829]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

Ok Here WE GO round three!!!!!

Archrival'll leave ya nose smashed from the crass blows, I
throw cats/ like tits, split ya thorax, so when ya flow raps
I can see right through ya whole act/
This is a composed wrath, so guard ya linguistic scripts,
because defeatin Archrival is harder than chinese
arithmetic/ You won't see the light of day as if an eclipse
just hit or chicks whos quick to get rid of kids like
”Tits”/ Please kid…don't ridicule yourself/
As I run all up through ya house as if im filmin Cribs/ This
little punk is like an abused spouse, punches come and youre
just used to it/
When it comes to mic skills im like Jordan with his, you
portrayin a dykes thrills as if youre enjoyin ”the
'licks”/ Let me throw you a tip, ive slashed the abs of
pricks just from my sadistic adlibs/ When it comes to a
lyrical gift, you just the saddest like my peoples who aint
never had shit/ Oh so ya thoughts are demented?, but like
paragraphs, my lines are known to leave ya jaws indented/
You can't see me as if I spit from a car thats tinted, I
spill out more threats than most forceful tenants/ Plus, I
shatter the rep of one of aphextwin.nus wacker vets/
TITSWORTH!!!!! You couldnt elevate ya flow if ya spit from
ladder steps!!/
I fucking beat you, take that shit like a fucking man, and
stop coming with those gay ass/
”Put Archrival over my knee like his boyfriend and procede
break spine”/ Disentergrate your ryhmes, written ryhmes
and hot lines like broken enzymes/
The fire from my pen ignites, so I lite a fuse at the end of
your lifeline/
You stepped on more times than puddles/
Im disceting you to leave you into more pieces than puzzles/

You fuckin homo, even your own peeps calling you cuddles/
”Tits”, heard that they calling you ”Hankie”/
but you were pyscially imparied everytime you got panky/
And after your little accident, we see you wearin the



offline Archrival on 2002-06-05 14:43 [#00250831]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

So who won round 1, 2 and 3??

Let the voting begin.


offline LeCoeur from the outer edge of the universe (United States) on 2002-06-05 20:17 [#00251374]
Points: 8249 Status: Lurker | Followup to Archrival: #00250829

OHHHH archie is getting DOWN to biznasss.....ahhahah

hey isn't there ONE more round.....4 rounds right??

this is great stuff btw:

TITSWORTH!!!!! You couldnt elevate ya flow if ya spit from
ladder steps!!/
I fucking beat you, take that shit like a fucking man, and
stop coming with those gay ass/
”Put Archrival over my knee like his boyfriend and procede
to break spine”/ Disentergrate your ryhmes, written ryhmes
and hot lines like broken enzymes/

*wonders what tits will come back wit*

keep it goinggggggggggg =0)


offline Archrival on 2002-06-05 20:27 [#00251394]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

Sup "Tits"! this is going to be a classic too

Nice battle ;)


offline Cabbog from Chautauqua (United States) on 2002-06-05 20:38 [#00251412]
Points: 2294 Status: Regular

To the spectators:
Where does your allegiance lie?

I'm sided with Archrival.


offline Archrival on 2002-06-05 22:03 [#00251562]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

Cabbog: Peace :)


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