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the tuss

offline staz on 2007-04-17 14:36 [#02072995]
Points: 9844 Status: Regular


i know i heard track 1 in the afx snowbombing set

sounds a lot like the more experimental analord tracks

love it, wonder if it's an afx alias


offline vlari from beyond the valley of the LOLs on 2007-04-17 14:51 [#02073007]
Points: 13915 Status: Regular



offline EVOL from a long time ago on 2007-04-17 15:30 [#02073029]
Points: 4920 Status: Regular

if it is an alias, it could/should sound/be better, imo.
but then again it does sound more experimental, so i
understand the use of an alias if that is indeed the actual
case here. otherwise it's straight analord samples.


offline staz on 2007-04-17 15:31 [#02073031]
Points: 9844 Status: Regular

i think it sounds really good


offline retape from (Norway) on 2007-04-17 15:33 [#02073033]
Points: 2355 Status: Lurker

yep. it sounds good alright.


offline EVOL from a long time ago on 2007-04-17 15:45 [#02073034]
Points: 4920 Status: Regular | Followup to staz: #02073031

oh no, don't get me wrong... it is good in it's own right.
my first comment was in response to your initial post. i
like it simply for the fact that it's new stuff in the same
vein of analordy sounds.


offline redrum from the allman brothers band (Ireland) on 2007-04-17 16:31 [#02073050]
Points: 12878 Status: Addict



offline manifesto on 2007-04-17 17:21 [#02073080]
Points: 20 Status: Addict

I was really looking forward to spending MORE money on
shitty Analord outtakes, having bought Analord 10 twice and
paid 40 quid for a folder, this is great news!


offline recycle from Where is Phobiazero (Lincoln) (United States) on 2007-04-17 18:38 [#02073111]
Points: 38443 Status: Regular



offline pigster from melbs on 2007-04-18 02:03 [#02073249]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker

can't be too sure, but at the moment i'm pretty positive
that this is rdj.
the first sample is a song he played live. noise person has

things just seem to be pointing torwards this being rdj.
warp writing sus' description mentioning aphex in every
line. joyrex unofficially confirming it's him (though this
doesnt necessarily mean much)..

the analord synths, the aphex sound. why would richard
release an ep on rephle records by two french dudes which,
if it weren't aphex, would sound like trying to ripping
aphex off.

anyway, might just be two french dudes : )


offline zero-cool on 2007-04-18 04:29 [#02073289]
Points: 2720 Status: Lurker

collab cornwall


offline pigster from melbs on 2007-04-18 04:34 [#02073290]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker | Followup to zero-cool: #02073289

a little bit of this and a little bit of that?


offline E-man from Rixensart (Belgium) on 2007-04-18 05:11 [#02073300]
Points: 3000 Status: Regular

sounds lovely, warpmart seems to believe it is afx, as do i

seriously the acid line in track 01 is fantastic, can't get
enough of it ^^


offline pigster from melbs on 2007-04-18 05:19 [#02073302]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker

the live version also brings in some synth which is somewhat
similiar to track 2 on analord 8. and the bass on the second
sample sounds all too similiar to bwoon dub bass 7\ ?!!!


offline zero-cool on 2007-04-18 05:21 [#02073303]
Points: 2720 Status: Lurker



offline E-man from Rixensart (Belgium) on 2007-04-18 05:41 [#02073308]
Points: 3000 Status: Regular



offline EVOL from a long time ago on 2007-04-18 05:43 [#02073309]
Points: 4920 Status: Regular

you have to figure, who else is gonna have access to synths
that sound exactly the same as rdj's, right?


offline zero-cool on 2007-04-18 05:45 [#02073310]
Points: 2720 Status: Lurker

this sounds seo fucking fresh and original, new ideas


offline Fah from Netherlands, The on 2007-04-18 06:10 [#02073319]
Points: 6428 Status: Regular

i can hear alot of analord pullage though it's put in a new
fresh way. Maybe someone fiddling with afx's gear?


offline HmND from your mom (Israel) on 2007-04-18 06:16 [#02073322]
Points: 660 Status: Regular

Richie rich should release a full blown album NOW.


offline zero-cool on 2007-04-18 06:29 [#02073326]
Points: 2720 Status: Lurker

Never Open Windows


offline pigster from melbs on 2007-04-18 06:32 [#02073327]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker | Followup to zero-cool: #02073326

fan of mac i presume?


offline zero-cool on 2007-04-18 07:00 [#02073336]
Points: 2720 Status: Lurker | Followup to pigster: #02073327

nope dope


offline Brisk from selling smack at the orphanage on 2007-04-18 08:46 [#02073356]
Points: 4667 Status: Lurker

Though it definitely sounds like analord, i'm thinking this
isn't a solo aphex project (if it is at all). Maybe Luke
Vibert on his own, using aphex's gear? I think it sounds
pretty cool though.. the second sample sounded like basic
channel doing acid :D


offline jaffzz on 2007-04-18 11:18 [#02073392]
Points: 27 Status: Regular

imo its the don, and i reckon it sounds pretty fresh,
especially the last one, want to see it go on a good 9
minutes thereafter


offline jaffzz on 2007-04-18 11:19 [#02073393]
Points: 27 Status: Regular

it probably ends 5 seconds after the boomkat preview


offline gerbik on 2007-04-18 11:48 [#02073399]
Points: 441 Status: Lurker

without a doubt it's rdj. no vibert.


offline aquagak from Berlin (Germany) on 2007-04-18 12:20 [#02073402]
Points: 4394 Status: Regular

I am hence forth a fan of "The Tuss"


offline matmax from France on 2007-04-18 16:13 [#02073453]
Points: 149 Status: Lurker

so phucking phreshhhhhhhhh !!


offline penexpers from Toronto (Canada) on 2007-04-18 16:31 [#02073460]
Points: 4030 Status: Regular

Judging by the acid line at the end of the first sample,
this has surely got to be him.


offline rad smiles on 2007-04-18 18:05 [#02073490]
Points: 5608 Status: Lurker

that third clip is rad


offline RussellDust on 2007-04-18 18:30 [#02073498]
Points: 15497 Status: Regular

that third clip is rad smiles


offline Fah from Netherlands, The on 2007-04-18 18:45 [#02073500]
Points: 6428 Status: Regular

the puss..


padum psh
hu hu hu


offline OK on 2007-04-18 20:04 [#02073514]
Points: 4791 Status: Lurker

hu hu hu


offline Jaser from Castle Greyskull (United Kingdom) on 2007-04-19 04:35 [#02073561]
Points: 2101 Status: Regular

Can you smell the BS in the press Release?

Confederation Trough’ EP is the debut single of new
Rephlex signing The Tuss aka Brian Tregaskin, a musician
discovered via intensive MySpace exploration by the A&R
Apparently touted by labels such as XL and Ninja, The
Tuss’s official line seems inspired by the time FFRR
Chicago house legend Lil Louis’ smash hit ‘French
Kiss’, even tho they had no information about him at all
at the time!
The EP features 4 tracks across 2 formats (just 3 tracks on
each tho), featuring a unique blend of head music and dance
vibes, everything from acid / house / techno / industrial to
pastoral and folk influences.

- 12": A. Fredugolon 6 B1. Alspacka B2. Akunk
- CD: 1. Fredugolon 6 2. Alspacka 3. GX1 Solo


offline Brisk from selling smack at the orphanage on 2007-04-19 05:59 [#02073567]
Points: 4667 Status: Lurker

I *really* hate it when rephlex include the full range of
tracks spread across multiple fomats. They did it with the
Black Devil Disco Club too and it basically means spending
twice the amount to get the complete product.


offline pigster from melbs on 2007-04-19 06:14 [#02073571]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker

this is true. however, i'll probably only be getting one
format regardless. so im happy with this news of a fourth
you're money making schemes don't work with me!


offline Chin Bwoy Phat from London (United Kingdom) on 2007-04-19 06:22 [#02073573]
Points: 574 Status: Lurker


A force too thundering
Unforgotten acid hero
Re-education of throng
Ergo, it not a French duo.
Go teen Richard, fun too.
An orthodontic refuge
A god of incoherent rut
No-tooth generic fraud
Toughened fornicator


offline EVOL from a long time ago on 2007-04-19 06:34 [#02073579]
Points: 4920 Status: Regular | Followup to Chin Bwoy Phat: #02073573

is that what you spent the last two weeks figuring out?
holy shit...


offline manifesto on 2007-04-19 06:41 [#02073580]
Points: 20 Status: Addict

I'm sure Rephlex really hald to hold back on releasing this
is in a faux leopard skin filofax for 80 quid.


offline Chin Bwoy Phat from London (United Kingdom) on 2007-04-19 06:42 [#02073581]
Points: 574 Status: Lurker

yeah, it took me fucking ages.

it didn't really, someone else did it.


offline RussellDust on 2007-04-19 12:02 [#02073641]
Points: 15497 Status: Regular | Followup to EVOL: #02073579

you really can be a top nob. :)


offline aquagak from Berlin (Germany) on 2007-04-19 12:41 [#02073660]
Points: 4394 Status: Regular | Followup to EVOL: #02073579



offline greggreg from United Kingdom on 2007-04-19 13:09 [#02073670]
Points: 143 Status: Lurker

This is wicked.


offline EVOL from a long time ago on 2007-04-19 15:57 [#02073715]
Points: 4920 Status: Regular

jeez-louise! sorry everyone, that was just my fucked up way
of saying i missed you. but yes i am a top nob, thank you
very much. fav+


offline bogala from NYC (United States) on 2007-04-19 16:40 [#02073725]
Points: 5125 Status: Regular

Its great. Just found out. What makes Richard sound soooo
Richard? Its so immediately obvious this is him.


offline bogala from NYC (United States) on 2007-04-19 16:41 [#02073727]
Points: 5125 Status: Regular

Any other aliases I should know about?


offline exsub from United Kingdom on 2007-04-19 17:12 [#02073740]
Points: 524 Status: Lurker

He's not doing a venetian snares is he?.. he could go one
step further.. having 5 ep's, each consisting of 3 tracks
which amount to the full album of 16 tracks.


offline EVOL from a long time ago on 2007-04-19 17:35 [#02073745]
Points: 4920 Status: Regular | Followup to exsub: #02073740

not like he hasn't before...


offline i_x_ten from arsemuncher on 2007-04-19 18:03 [#02073758]
Points: 10031 Status: Regular

-hey guys i heard this record that sounds like aphex twin

- shit no way

-ya really it sounds just like analord

-reckon its him?

-yeah its gotta be


anyone else think this is a bit whack?


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