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I wAnT tO hEaR yOuR mUsIc

artificialselection from hell on 2001-04-19 08:33 [#00003897]

I just found this awesome, awesome site. I read that many of
you create music, and with a whole messageboard full of
aphex twin lovers (and autechre I'm guessing) I sure as hell
want to hear your creations. This should be WAY more
interesting than searching for music at the forum.
Hey, don't worry at all if you don't think it is very good.
I still want to hear it. Hopefully my mp3 player will play
more than a minute before hanging up like usual. My own song
that I would really like YOUR feedback on is "asexual spore
releasing hyper bloomer" at
Thanks for your time. Other suggestions of artists other
than myself are "walking on eggshells" by,
"spirode" by, and some more videogame (16
bit) related Don't mistake this at
all for some attempt to get page hits or anything, I don't
care about that at all. Give me your own suggestions even if
they're not by you too.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-04-19 08:53 [#00003898]

Well, if you want music then check out the CUSTOM REMIXES
section. More than 50 mp3 remixes for you to choose from.

One of my favourite "mp3 artists" is Speedwax:


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-04-19 09:01 [#00003899]

you can find my music at,... just type in
"serial rate" at the search engine,..

and also,.. If you want Aphex/Autechre stuff,... try looking
at "", they have heaps of this sorta


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-04-19 12:09 [#00003921]

Well if you like you could listen to my newest online track
"Fuse" at

Lots of people are expressing their fondness of this track,
and I know fans of Aphex Twin enjoy it allmost as much as
fans of Autechre


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-19 13:16 [#00003923]

this is kinda unrealted, but does any1 know where there is
cheap, high quality mixing desks, analogue synths, samplers,
decks, cd palyers etc...


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-19 13:18 [#00003924]

i ment as in website, shop in the uk/mail order


hexane from a test tube on 2001-04-19 13:43 [#00003930]

you can try - its just been updated with
one-and-a-half years of material


hexane from a test tube on 2001-04-19 13:44 [#00003931]

btw, clicking on the link above gets you nowhere. i think i
forgot http://


od from australia on 2001-04-19 15:07 [#00003940]

erm yeah. cheers :[]


djfony -mike b- from helemano, hawaii on 2001-04-19 16:51 [#00003946]

check out my page


artificialselection on 2001-04-20 01:01 [#00003993]

Thanks everyone, I'll email you all with some sort of
feedback regarding your tracks and I hope you do the same
for me.


Ramalpha84 from New Zealand ( on 2001-04-20 04:06 [#00004011]

People actually like my music, and I admit I don't suck that
much anymore. Listen to the top 3 songs, thwy are the best
up there.


Id Lab on 2001-04-20 04:57 [#00004014]

I was going to say look at, because it's
mine, but Tekn010G got there first. My own music is at I will listen to Artificial
Selection, and the others you suggest, and maybe you'll get
listed on Brakehorse as well.


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-04-20 12:58 [#00004037]

idlab, You host brakehorse?,.. cool!!

p.s. what do you think of my music? good/shit?


gweisolo from cambridge on 2001-04-20 19:10 [#00004077]

If you havent heard the new Mouse Finding The Key lp - my
hearts diskontent then why not listen to some audio samples
Soon there will be mp3s at At the moment it is
still realy basic



artificialselection from hell on 2001-04-20 21:29 [#00004090]

I've emailed some of you (in no particular order) and I'll
email the rest sometime soon. If anyone cares, out of the 4
or 5 or so music sites that I listened to, it is my opinion
(which doesn't carry a whole lot of weight since everyone's
opinion is different) that Glitch's "tendril" stuff is the
best. I won't want to hurt anyones feelings or anything so I
won't say who's the worst or anything unless I email you
personally. Keep the suggestions coming, also speedwax was
probably the second runner up, but I only heard one song.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-04-20 21:30 [#00004091]

You must download Speedwax 'Refrain" - it's my favourite
track. ;-)


artificialselection from hell on 2001-04-20 21:37 [#00004093]

I have accepted your mission. I will not let you down. All
units report to speedwax.


d. griffiths from the toilet on 2001-04-20 22:14 [#00004094]



d. griffiths from the toilet on 2001-04-20 22:46 [#00004096]

speedwax = very very nice, i like.
Also I checked some Glitchy stuff and i have to say that is
very nice too, you got some talent there me thinks, dont get
a big head though or i'll come round your house and beat you


timothydog from IL, USA on 2001-04-21 01:31 [#00004109]

Check out my stuff if you get a chance..


Ramalpha84 from New Zealand ( on 2001-04-21 02:46 [#00004111]

Lemme geuss, I was worst.


artificialselection from hell on 2001-04-21 10:47 [#00004118]

Hell no you weren't worst in my opinion. I can see how you
evolved getting better most likely as you learned how to use
whatever it is you use to make music. That's what you see on
my page too ( I have some
god awful songs near the bottom, and some that I modestly,
sarcastically at least, think are the best out of all the
tracks I've heard here. Decomposition of Fraggle for example
is just wicked. I'm used to the fact that most people don't
like my music though. It's a simple fact that my reasons for
liking organized sound differ from most other people's, so I
accept this. As for your music, I thought the intro sound
for your ballad of the ant brigade (you have fun titles like
me too) was really good. And the wob song or whatever you
called it was great too. These are both original and great.
I'm not into ambient stuff so much like your other song.
Then again I can't say how it turned out because today my
mp3 player has decided again to only play for 40 seconds
then hang up. Anywho, I'll probably download those two
tracks and put em on a cd with some of the other stuff I've
heard here. I needed new music so thanks everyone. I'll get
to whoever else later, unless I die or something,


Ramalpha84 from New Zealand ( on 2001-04-22 02:32 [#00004157]

Newtopia is the ambient one, I'm not very good at putting
the songs into genres, it's more ambient dance, although it
doesn't have the typical 4/4 beat mind you. I think it
isn't that bad a song, if you have the time, download it
cause it transforms quite slowly.

Most of my songs aren't drill & bass but I think I am best
at those, I just get sick of doin' the same thing all the
time, and besides I only make music for fun.


diastole from on 2001-04-22 04:10 [#00004161]

hey, if any of you guys would like to talk to one another in
realtime without having to werk out who's on what instant
messenger malarky, just go to my webshite, i have installed
a simple chatroom facility for all you electronica

see above link..urllllllllll


artificialselection from hell on 2001-04-22 09:59 [#00004180]

Well I'm pretty sure I got to everyone with an email. We
have a new winner, ID lab's "phonetic energy" is quite a lot
better than the rest. If anyone would like to review me,
that would be great.


od from australia on 2001-04-22 14:51 [#00004195]

whats going on?

yeah thanx for the email man made me feel all warm and fuzzy
and that got nothgin to do with the buckets i ad earlier


Human© on 2001-04-24 05:03 [#00004358]


artificialselection from hell on 2001-04-24 18:08 [#00004440]



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