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3rd June

offline earthleakage from tell the world you're winning on 2024-06-03 00:28 [#02635947]
Points: 27784 Status: Addict

A highly unimportant day
Some airplane gliding into one of the bigger clouds over
In a downtown far away, Mr. Toomy, our face in a crowd
The city was slow and tired
The Wall Street boys wearing their ties around their neck
Like boxer's towels after a fight
Mr. Toomy stopped his pinstripe suit outside a barber shop
Looked at his face, took off his jacket and stepped on it


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-06-03 02:44 [#02635951]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

it's another day where i'm not allowed. i've never been
allowed to own a dog. i'm not supposed to smoke cigarettes
at the house. the neighbors get annoyed if i smoke
cigarettes not at the house. i smoke weed and this is crime
of the fucking century. i'm not allowed to have a car. i'm
not allowed to make AI bea arthur bush. i'm not allowed to
have an opinion because i'm not concise


offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2024-06-03 10:51 [#02635958]
Points: 4836 Status: Addict

Let's continue.

Toomy sood on his jacket, entranced by motion of the spiral
barber sign. Hypnotized.
Around him the heat stayed in the grid, the city lagged this
mid-afternoon, it slept on it's feet.
All the metal moved, but less car horns rang through th-

"i was at the market, and that, well a man-- this certain
kind of guy, that. you know when he's behind you by the
sound of his footfalls"

oh hold on everybody. Epicmegatrax has something to say.

"that. well, it's a certain kind of sound that was kind
of... well fuck you man, everywhere I go someone is trying
to intercept me but not single corporate offer for riced out
industries? my ideas would double your income but these
trolls don't want to, well they, that, want to build instead
a satellite dish? (1)ui to what trasmit steve albini's brain
waves? even he quit music when I quit making music, and
that, is more like an emotional memory. that, well, like old
yeller. this guy though I looked back and he was walking
with his kid, that, like I used to with my dad. go ahead and
fuck off, i'm two levels ahead of everyone here and I took
the last marble from those motherfuckers pockets"


offline mermaidman on 2024-06-03 12:13 [#02635959]
Points: 8177 Status: Regular



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