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splainin foolean work

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-06-02 12:39 [#02635932]
Points: 24878 Status: Regular

i was rather terrified to find there is some, like, reddit
cult based around... i dunno, a game i collapse into like a
snooze while waiting for the T ~ making statistical bets
about whatever's going on around me. i've marveled this
bramble refore and this is just is-mint.

there are no promises in life. will gravity stop working how
it always has tomorrow? no one has promised you anything in
this regard -- think about that. they could just take it
away from you. how would you handle it?

my family is ridiculously, like, stop trying to turn me into
a sock puppet of what you want. well what if my family
starts talking to my landlord behind my back? because
they've done it before. this has happened to me like twice
by 2014 and both times i just threw my arms up in the air
and... fine, alright, remake my life like a reality TV show.
i admit i need some help. but 2014 and i'm already
threatening to get a restraining order against my mom. she
thinks i am starving and in truth i have quit frozen pizza.
she starts showing up at my house. i have to drive my own
house and go somewhere else because she is waiting after the
store. i had bottin on. "please. stop. mov-ing" endless
mother. fucking haunting

this is sort of like a meme that forms a repeating family
structure of networked brains tldr. i'm not starving. mom
you're an asshole. i have ptst. i really do. i am NOT.
LYING. but i have been through so much at this point that i
am just, like, god-level unflappable. WHAT IF MY FAMILY TOOK

i've planned for that, motherfuckers. you'll be sorry.

but my family can't mess with physics. i can't either, nor
can bezobo jeff. so i really do not anticipate gravity
changing next thursday, or whatever. the idea that gravity
would be "shut off"... what would that even do? how would...
nevermind. it won't happen. it's absurd. but so am i, so i
took a moment to plan it out for a laugh anyways. why not? i
enjoy this lots


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