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offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-07 09:58 [#02612555]
Points: 22898 Status: Regular

to date: my ebay account; so ancient. i was, i think,
fifteen when i created it. lied about my age; worked just
fine. paypal did not yet exist; mailed a check. i still have
my first purchase, some desktop speakers, to this day. use
the as workbench test speaks

sold a bunch of custom circuits and bent nonsense for rent
money in the 00's. sold off a bunch of my gear for much more
adult-level rent money in the 10's. by then, it'd become...
death of a thousand cuts?

listing fee, percentage of sale fee. but wait! shipping is
part of the sale fee, though shipping is calculated
precisely, we're taking a cut of it. but wait! paypal takes
a cut of all this on top of that. oh and you need to pay $10
a month for an "ebay store" to keep going sry

so, next phase: alright, selling on ebay is desperation, but
maybe i might still buy stuff. but, no: i see this guy
listing, arguably, worthless junk, but worthless junk i
recognize as the sequel to some other worthless junk i own;
some crusty old late-90's failed bit of machine vision
hardware. he wants like $$$ and i message him saying: hey
yo, no one will ever buy this except me, i offer $ and he is
all !!!?#@#% deeply offended

so i listed my precursor to his thing at $9001 and within
weeks there were others listed for $500, $1200, etc.

then recently i logged back in because it was screaming
about deleting my account, and it promptly wants me to link
my bank account. ok, getting rid of paypal is cool, but this
is worse?

anyways, my point: is there anything like ebay that doesn't
suck like ebay does now? that's not reverb or etsy, and lets
me sell, like, high-end c-mount lenses?


offline Tony Danza from nuked west on 2021-10-07 13:34 [#02612557]
Points: 3231 Status: Lurker

shocking that a monopolistic company enjoying the
benefits of network effects is more interested in showing
profits rather than offering a great service to its users!
Why would this happen??


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-10-08 06:15 [#02612568]
Points: 22898 Status: Regular

well, i dunno, it used to be good. it's kind of like a
siphon; past a certain level of customer abandonment the
platform will go into a tailspin. people aren't listing
much, so people stop visiting as much, so the people still
listing start to go elsewhere too. so, yes, i do figure
they'd arguably have in interest in not treating people
too badly. just, you know, badly, in a casual
corporate predictable way

but i suppose, as a publicly traded company, they're all
about the next quarter... and, maybe, that's what you mean:
all this has happened before; all this will happen again.
eventually wiley coyote will realize he ran over the edge of
the cliff three quarters ago and cue the slide whistle


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