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Behringer wasp deluxe 150.02 quid on Amazon

offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2021-10-05 20:10 [#02612496]
Points: 5900 Status: Regular

Give in to Bezos and Uli. Buy buy buy.


offline hevquip from megagram dusk sect (United States) on 2021-10-14 07:26 [#02612703]
Points: 3283 Status: Lurker

i'm actually currently noodling around on my crave and took
a chance on a neutron awhile back and got both cheaper than
the wasp is for the price i paid i'm content
quality & reputation aside. it's really the only behringer
gear i'd intentionally own; i have a few older compressors
from their lawsuit era that are essentially clones of
slightly better compressors, but it's hard to spend money on
something that i feel it's too integral to what i make.


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2021-10-15 22:07 [#02612741]
Points: 5798 Status: Regular

ha behringer named a product 'Crave'


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