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The Subterranean World

offline Tony Danza from Karl Marx Onlyfans on 2019-08-22 01:18 [#02583815]
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I just got this guy's book at the library and looked
him up and here he is doing an interview. The book's about
how the world is completely snaked with tunnels and
catacombs where mole people (wMw etc.) live. He meets
strange people and goes camping in caves and tunnels and
shit. Stuff about underground life forms and the psychology
and anthropology of the... Roger Wilco will know what I mean
when I say, the chthonic.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-08-22 01:53 [#02583821]
Points: 15372 Status: Regular

The next time he went down into a cave, he didn't have as
nice a stay. This cave was in Texas. Siffre was
well-equipped and the cave was more pleasant in terms of
temperature and atmosphere. Internal clocks had become a hot
topic in science since his last stay in a cave, and Siffre
wanted to tamper with his. He was trying to get on a 48-hour

After two months he became horrifically depressed. His
cycles eventually fluctuated between 18 and 52 hours. His
lowest moment came when, after he'd spent days watching a
mouse loot his food stores, he tried to catch it to have
some kind of company, and accidentally killed it. During the
experiment he had electrodes attached to his head, to
monitor his progress. One day there was a lightning storm,
and the electrodes gave him agonizing shocks. He was too
disoriented by depression to realize how to make the pain
stop until he'd been shocked three times.

Despite the extreme depression, Siffre kept up doing
isolation experiments in caves. He considered his six-month
isolation experiment worsened by the fact that the
atmosphere in the cave ruined the record player and
magazines he used to keep his mind occupied. Granted, that
probably didn't help, but how much music can anyone listen

he should have tried writing it instead


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