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John Lennon on 2001-06-09 13:40 [#00008908]



Paul McCartney on 2001-06-09 13:41 [#00008909]

I need somebody


po{e} from the uk on 2001-06-09 13:41 [#00008910]



John Lennon on 2001-06-09 13:41 [#00008911]



Paul McCartney on 2001-06-09 13:42 [#00008913]

Not just anybody


streamer on 2001-06-09 13:42 [#00008914]

A bit late for that, John.


John Lennon on 2001-06-09 13:43 [#00008916]



Paul McCartney on 2001-06-09 13:44 [#00008917]

I need someone


nekta killa from in a bin on 2001-06-09 13:50 [#00008921]

fuck off john and paul, and don't come back until you make
another good album, which will be never so ha ha poo ma joo


John Lennon and Paul McCartney on 2001-06-09 17:11 [#00008934]



Paul McCartney on 2001-11-18 08:32 [#00053186]

I need somebody.


crayon_kid from the sewers under your house on 2001-11-18 08:33 [#00053187]

john, your wife is uuuuugly


Yoko Ono on 2001-11-18 08:40 [#00053188]

Fark yo-or, chick-ee boy.


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2001-11-18 18:14 [#00053220]

Haha, I love you guys.


offline supreme from Antwerp (Belgium) on 2002-04-25 14:28 [#00193642]
Points: 5444 Status: Regular

lol!!!! they were funny!!


offline lctroboy from Borås (Sweden) on 2002-04-25 14:29 [#00193644]
Points: 1705 Status: Regular

well this was sick.


offline KEN from BIRMINGHAM (United Kingdom) on 2002-04-25 14:36 [#00193651]
Points: 1844 Status: Regular

john lennon was the peoples poet-he spoke for the working
class and believed in peace. let it be.let it be. let it be'
let it beeeee. whisper words of wisdom. let it be.

RIP john.


offline Fernz from A Scottish Wanker (United Kingdom) on 2002-04-25 14:52 [#00193669]
Points: 1692 Status: Regular

Useless topic that. Funny tho.


offline KEN from BIRMINGHAM (United Kingdom) on 2002-04-25 14:54 [#00193672]
Points: 1844 Status: Regular

i enjoyed it. i used to have a hamster called 'ringo' as
well-seriously. i used to have such fun when it
dies-'ringo's dead' -'what!!?? the drummer??' 'no, my


offline Chri5py from my Solarbear (United Kingdom) on 2002-04-25 15:47 [#00193723]
Points: 2903 Status: Lurker

I never liked John Lennon


offline Ceri JC from Jefferson City (United States) on 2002-04-25 15:59 [#00193740]
Points: 23549 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

It's funny how the first 9 people on the thread don't have
avatars- hastily created "spamming accounts"? Apart from
Ophecks of course...


offline MO2 from Minneapolis, MN (United States) on 2002-04-25 17:25 [#00193829]
Points: 321 Status: Lurker

there are hundreds of topics as stupid as this one from back
in the one should be complaining about the quality
of the topics now....


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2002-04-25 18:44 [#00193870]
Points: 24571 Status: Regular | Followup to KEN: #00193651

let it be was written by paul mccartney and was about his
mother, mary - what that has to do with john lennon is a


offline Shatterproof from xltronic messageboard on 2003-06-15 17:14 [#00741950]
Points: 361 Status: Addict

Hahaha :)

I love meaningless topics such as this one.


offline ecnadniarb on 2003-06-15 17:16 [#00741953]
Points: 24804 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

If this topic had of been a new one started by Skyfarmer you
would all be whining now instead of saying how cool it was.


offline WooferAttack from Milano (Italy) on 2003-06-16 00:16 [#00742337]
Points: 12920 Status: Lurker

funny topic :-D


offline DaWeeze from WANTED IN 16 STATES! on 2003-06-16 00:26 [#00742357]
Points: 5213 Status: Addict | Followup to WooferAttack: #00742337

Not really...


offline WooferAttack from Milano (Italy) on 2003-06-16 00:32 [#00742369]
Points: 12920 Status: Lurker | Followup to DaWeeze: #00742357

good old days...


offline Shatterproof from xltronic messageboard on 2003-06-16 00:43 [#00742394]
Points: 361 Status: Addict | Followup to DaWeeze: #00742357

This topic is hilarious... its 24 first posts I mean :-D


offline JAroen from the pineal gland on 2003-06-16 01:14 [#00742438]
Points: 16065 Status: Regular

this topic skyfarms


offline Bob Mcbob on 2003-06-16 03:05 [#00742484]
Points: 9939 Status: Regular

One can but wonder what the beatles will do next......


offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2003-06-16 06:00 [#00742637]
Points: 24571 Status: Regular | Followup to JAroen: #00742438

great new word jAroen !


offline uzim on 2003-06-16 06:13 [#00742648]
Points: 17716 Status: Lurker



offline jingle from London (United Kingdom) on 2003-06-16 06:20 [#00742658]
Points: 502 Status: Regular

2 down, 2 to go: is the peoples poet and working class hero
the same john lennon who lived in great big mansions and
lived a life of excess, and preached peace while beating
women? george was the only okay one, it was sad to see him
die, while Paul the biggest chancer of them all is the
richest and unfortunately still very much alive. he is a
little cheesy cunt. ebony and ivory is shit. the frog song
is shit. wings is shit. mcfartney is shit


offline JAroen from the pineal gland on 2003-06-16 06:23 [#00742663]
Points: 16065 Status: Regular | Followup to marlowe: #00742637

oh yeah the word skyfarming mmm.. totally wicked sick


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