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Aphex? Richey-me-lad? What is ya up to, huh? Do tell...

Breaded Gecko from uk on 2001-05-16 03:07 [#00006538]

What is Aphex doing these days? Is he DJing at any festivals
or shady venues around the country?

What of unreleased stuff? Melodies from Mars, Peel Sesions,
etc? Come and open the box, let the monsters breathe, and
shine those wings, brother D...

New stuff? Wheres the whereabouts if there's a whenabouts.



chocci from uk on 2001-05-16 17:35 [#00006572]

he's gonna be dj'ing at the Sonar festival in Barcelona in
June - check out the Warp wbsite for more info


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-05-16 18:11 [#00006579]

Yeah -- very cool. Plaid will be there as well...


PostModernVancouver from Vancouver,Canada on 2001-05-16 20:25 [#00006584]

Hmm, I still think that Aphex shall release a new album
sometime in the future...
I rather have something new then him releasing the old stuff
which IMO is inferior to his new stuff, barring Polygon
Window, Selected Ambient Works series.
Caustic Window, Gak, Soit and all that is very average in my
opinion, it doesnt hold a candle to his 94-till 97 stuff at
all, hes just gotten better and better, and I think that he
has more in store then he lets on.
We'll just have to wait and see until this happens...


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