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Arch Rival from NY US on 2001-07-06 13:02 [#00012720]

I dont want to sound stupid but could someone tell me what a
ACID sounding track is?

What is ACID music?

Have AFX made some acid music?
(If, tell me wich tracks..)

Dont tell me that ACID is some wack hardcore rave type of
bullshit (like that Fantasia track).

I like AFXs gabba, idm, hip hop, trip hop ambient and drill
n bass music.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-06 13:08 [#00012722]

Well, acid....don't like it much either.

Closest to RDJ-acid should be the UI-series. Check out UI Red here.


Professor Yaffle from the bookcase on 2001-07-06 13:17 [#00012725]

The term ACID defives from the late 80s when a certain DJ
called DJ peirre found that if he tweaked his TB 303 machine
(a bass seqencer made by Roland) in a certain way it made
these wierd sounds, this was a total revolution to dance
music and acid house was born.

A good example of acid music can be found on the universal
indicator series.
The Acid sound is still very big in alot of commercial
trance shite thats being produced today, but, there are
loads of people (inc aphex) who use it in there music in a
more clever or subtle way these days.

NOTE: the TB 303 is not made anymore, its replacement is the
MC303, there is also a machine called the Novation
BassStation, which is basicly a new tb 303, and countless
virtual synths try to emulate it also. The program rebirth
features 2 virtual TB 303s, which are rather wicked

One band that really thrived on the acid sound in the early
90s were Hardfloor, listen to any of their stuff and you'll
hear acid.


Professor Yaffle from the bookcase on 2001-07-06 13:19 [#00012726]

phew, must take a nap.


Scary Bear on 2001-07-06 13:39 [#00012734]

I don't have a very clear idea of acid music myself, I would
say that I don't mind that UI: Red at all. I think it's
pretty cool.

I do however know that LSD is one of Lab 4s main influences.
I have mentioned them before. They are very phat dance
tunes, not commercial, what they should be like. If U ask me
they are amazing but completely different to AFX. Check out
some of the samples at

I reccomend Contact London and Candyman (or is i Sandman,
you'll recognise it when you see it).


Arch Rival from NY US on 2001-07-06 13:39 [#00012735]

Hey thanx for the help.


Arch Rival from NY US on 2001-07-06 13:41 [#00012736]

Arrrrgghhh I just peeped that Universal Indicator shit!!!!

Horrbible shit, thats some boring shit music.

I hope his new albumwont be ACID.

Somebody told me that his new album will be ACID sounding?


Arch Rival from NY US on 2001-07-06 13:42 [#00012737]

Dont yall like his Richard D James, Come To Daddy and ICBYD
style more?????


\/\/ooƒerAttack!!! from Milan on 2001-07-06 13:50 [#00012740]

I like ACID, I remeber in the year 89-90 it was my favourite

My favourite ACID isn't fast, I prefer slow ACID, like for
example "What Time Is Love Original Acid Mix" by KLF and
other similiar songs very hypnotics.
However Universal Indicator series is interesting me.

I had an ACID TAPE and I called it "PH 0", because It was
acid like a Yoghurt off".



Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-06 13:54 [#00012744]

Yeah, drill&bass.....


Chimp Systems from Millwangle on 2001-07-06 14:13 [#00012749]

I reckon if the boy AFX is going to do acid trax it's going
to be on some wild new-style level, not like some of his
early 4/4 acid technoey stuff which was cool at the time,
but now sounds kind of . . . grey. Meself, I reckon there
are going to be loads of actual 'songs' on the new album,
with choruses and whatnot, and AFX singing. In fact, I'll
bet these new shoes.


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-06 17:24 [#00012884]

try the yellow tee bee three 0 three


felix progress from usa on 2001-07-06 21:13 [#00012906]

The new album should maintain the acid feel as well as the
drill and bass style and w/ 30 track I'm sure will get those
chillout tracks as well. October is a while to wait but it
will be worth it I'm sure.LONG LIVE BRAINDANCE


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