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my vacation

hevquip from a foxes wooden leg on 2001-06-21 20:13 [#00010642]

hello, i recently visited china .i was there on holiday
break to purchase a pelicans eyebrow. while walking through
hong kong stroking panther hips, my legs turned to moist
concrete! how embarrassed i was! i ran into the closest shop
and asked a calculator speaking to ed harris what i should
do, just as i did, 2687.497 yeti's began shouting and i
quickly left. and that's when i ran into (literally)a
beautiful girl as tall as 45 teacups. her femurs were
gourgeous and she had a magnificent collection of molested
pantries! i said to her "where has your mother placed the
minks eating cakes?" she then offered to bathe with me, but
i had to refuse seeing that my legs were made of moist
concrete and would surely dissolve. she then turned into an
eel and flew at james brolin with a handbag full of thieves.
perhaps i will court a lamp post instead now. i enoy
vacation. perhaps the next one i take will be a trip to the
supermarket so that i may ask them for fig jars!


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