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offline Co-existence from Bergen (Norway) on 2008-05-14 11:35 [#02206324]
Points: 3386 Status: Lurker

...should work better as a topic name than 'New

I'm excited. I want FLAC's...


offline Co-existence from Bergen (Norway) on 2008-05-14 11:41 [#02206326]
Points: 3386 Status: Lurker

The facts:

Autechre are to release 13 new songs digitally over the
space of two weeks beginning on May 19.

In total the band will release over 140 minutes of new

The 13 tracks will be released digitally on over a
course of two weeks, either as a mini-subscription or
individual track downloads as and when they become
available. The music will then appear as EP Bundles on
iTunes and other major download services a week later.

The tracklisting is:

'The Plc ccc'
'Perlence range 7'
'Perlence Suns'
'Perlence subrange 3'
'Perlence losid 2'
'Perlence subrange 6-36'


offline Quaristice on 2008-05-14 11:41 [#02206327]
Points: 521 Status: Regular

great news!


offline cuntychuck from Copenhagen (Denmark) on 2008-05-14 11:42 [#02206328]
Points: 8602 Status: Regular

looking forward!


offline obara from the one I'm in now (Poland) on 2008-05-14 11:46 [#02206330]
Points: 19114 Status: Lurker

news source ! now !


offline J198 from Maastricht (Netherlands, The) on 2008-05-14 11:49 [#02206331]
Points: 7342 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

this really must be the end.


offline Co-existence from Bergen (Norway) on 2008-05-14 11:49 [#02206332]
Points: 3386 Status: Lurker

Some sources:

LAZY_google search


offline Co-existence from Bergen (Norway) on 2008-05-14 11:58 [#02206336]
Points: 3386 Status: Lurker

LAZY_verification by

It's for real!


offline obara from the one I'm in now (Poland) on 2008-05-14 12:03 [#02206340]
Points: 19114 Status: Lurker

it's all Trent's fault


offline Quaristice on 2008-05-14 12:04 [#02206341]
Points: 521 Status: Regular | Followup to obara: #02206340

It will be free?


offline PORICK from fucking IRELAND on 2008-05-14 12:05 [#02206342]
Points: 1911 Status: Lurker

really not at all excited, will grab the music, am not
expecting to be stunned

I think live is the only way to experience this kind of


offline MADESTMAX from Germany on 2008-05-14 13:31 [#02206390]
Points: 83 Status: Regular

PORICK you are a fucking dork.


offline futureimage from buy FIR from Juno (United Kingdom) on 2008-05-14 13:38 [#02206395]
Points: 6427 Status: Lurker | Followup to Co-existence: #02206336

Brilliant, it's not a fake. Uber-looking forward to this


offline cx from Norway on 2008-05-14 13:40 [#02206397]
Points: 4537 Status: Regular



offline WhiteMtJubilee from Grasmere (United States) on 2008-05-14 15:26 [#02206474]
Points: 233 Status: Lurker

judging by the warp announcement page, it appears designers
republic outdid themselves on the artwork again. Hey! Warp!
You want colored squares I can hook you up for half the
price (what with the crappy dollar and all)


offline catfood03 on 2008-05-14 17:37 [#02206525]
Points: 1088 Status: Lurker

awwww... still no alt Simmm!!!


offline CS2x from London (United Kingdom) on 2008-05-14 18:02 [#02206532]
Points: 5079 Status: Lurker

I'm not too into this "Versions" thing. I'd rather just hear
some brand new tracks than longer/shorter/different jams of
tracks I know already. I liked the 'Quaristice' bonus CD,
but the extended versions weren't different enough to
warrant the purchase for me (though I would have preferred
them if I had hear them first.) Fol4 is incredible, though.
Made me glad to part with the £20.


offline CS2x from London (United Kingdom) on 2008-05-14 18:02 [#02206534]
Points: 5079 Status: Lurker | Followup to CS2x: #02206532



offline gl0tch from     on 2008-05-14 18:15 [#02206541]
Points: 2708 Status: Lurker | Followup to catfood03: #02206525

That's probably b/c (by the sounds of it) that is one of the
only few "sequenced" tracks on the album. Everything else
live wank reglued together.


offline catfood03 on 2008-05-14 18:16 [#02206542]
Points: 1088 Status: Lurker | Followup to CS2x: #02206532

I agree. I was hoping for fresh new tracks, though I don't
want to get fooled by the titles. Some of the alt versions
so far were very different and that's what I'm hoping for
here. We'll just have to wait and see I suppose.


offline catfood03 on 2008-05-14 18:20 [#02206544]
Points: 1088 Status: Lurker | Followup to gl0tch: #02206541

not sure if that would be the reason for neglecting certain
Quaristice tracks. I'm sure Simmm, Fwze, and WNSN started
far from where they finished.


offline Ego from Antwerpen (Belgium) on 2008-05-14 18:29 [#02206550]
Points: 168 Status: Lurker | Followup to WhiteMtJubilee: #02206474

You mean this thing? LAZY_TITLE

I can't believe these guys, I never thought you could
actually make money with some uninspirational fucked up
typography, stupid idea's and horrible realisations. I'm
amazed they got themselves a decent clientlist.


offline magicant from toronto (Canada) on 2008-05-15 01:31 [#02206645]
Points: 2448 Status: Lurker

I want a physical product


offline pigster from melbs on 2008-05-15 02:29 [#02206646]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker



offline Quaristice on 2008-05-15 02:33 [#02206647]
Points: 521 Status: Regular | Followup to magicant: #02206645

that's so 1980s


offline Co-existence from Bergen (Norway) on 2008-05-15 03:30 [#02206652]
Points: 3386 Status: Lurker

we could all throw in some dough and then have some vinyls
pressed... just a thought...


offline Co-existence from Bergen (Norway) on 2008-05-16 12:48 [#02207190]
Points: 3386 Status: Lurker

"There’s a common joke among Autechre fans that goes like
this: Most listeners only grow to love the duo’s last
album right around the time that they are ready to release
their next one. The implication, of course, is that it takes
listeners an enormous amount of work to fully understand and
embrace the terrain that Autechre have mapped out. That joke
didn’t make much sense after Confield, though.
Comprehending 2003’s Draft 7.30 and 2005’s Untilted was
easy in the wake of the 2001 album that erased the
hard-beat/soft-melody duality of the group’s previous
output and traded it for something far more emotionally
ambiguous. Problem is, their music also became a whole lot
harder to love."

Amusing piece: Read the rest here....


offline cx from Norway on 2008-05-16 14:52 [#02207286]
Points: 4537 Status: Regular | Followup to Co-existence: #02207190

it's good writing, but in a sense i feel it's missing

first off, confield, draft and in some ways untilted is to
me a lot more lovable than quaristice.
not because it's such intellectual or hard to digest music,
but because in many ways i feel it has more emotion, and
more depth.

confield and draft both have extremely original takes on
music, and very depthy sounds, but on quaristice it sounds
yes more accessible but at the same time a bit more

it's very hard to explain how i feel when i listen to
confield and draft, but all i can say is i feel 'more' when
i listen to them rather than quaristice.

tankakern is an exception because it is so damn awesome,
fol4 and paralel suns as well, paralel because it actually
feels like the title.

another angle though is that quaristice is in many ways the
album i wanted back when i heard untilted.
i really wanted them to go in this direction back then, but
in retrospect i kinda want them to go back and make
something truly unique.

but that doesn't mean i'm disappointed with quaristice. it's
not as epic as draft, confield or even untilted, nor as
interesting purely from a sound perspctive, but it is very
warm and 'full', and its quite pleasing to the ear.


offline Co-existence from Bergen (Norway) on 2008-05-16 15:41 [#02207299]
Points: 3386 Status: Lurker | Followup to cx: #02207286

That's some interesting thoughts on Quaristice, but how do
you feel about the ltd. bonus disc? It certainly filled in
the gaps for me...


offline cx from Norway on 2008-05-16 16:08 [#02207305]
Points: 4537 Status: Regular

you know

im listening to quari again today for the first time in a
few weeks properly.
there are really a lot of good sounds on there.
especially on disc 2 yeah.

i guess i didnt give it my best.

disc 2 is nice.


offline cx from Norway on 2008-05-16 16:12 [#02207307]
Points: 4537 Status: Regular

5:00 and out on chenc9 on disc 2 is brilliant


offline MADESTMAX from Germany on 2008-05-16 16:31 [#02207314]
Points: 83 Status: Regular

0:00 - 5:00 is very awesome also


offline MADESTMAX from Germany on 2008-05-16 16:34 [#02207315]
Points: 83 Status: Regular

I'm very much looking forward to
Autechre created it. Still enough reason for me.


offline MADESTMAX from Germany on 2008-05-16 16:35 [#02207316]
Points: 83 Status: Regular



offline Co-existence from Bergen (Norway) on 2008-05-18 02:22 [#02207844]
Points: 3386 Status: Lurker

T minus one day and still no news from Bleep(?)


offline _gvarek_ from next to you (Poland) on 2008-05-18 02:53 [#02207848]
Points: 4882 Status: Lurker

it's those progressive house mixes they've been talking
about a while ago


offline rad smiles on 2008-05-18 19:12 [#02208014]
Points: 5608 Status: Lurker

c'mon isn't it the 19th already?


offline catfood03 on 2008-05-18 20:07 [#02208044]
Points: 1088 Status: Lurker

it's almost here!!!! 5... 4... 3... 2...


offline catfood03 on 2008-05-18 20:18 [#02208056]
Points: 1088 Status: Lurker

5... 4... 3... 2...


offline catfood03 on 2008-05-18 20:19 [#02208058]
Points: 1088 Status: Lurker

5... 4... 3... 2...

aw, fuck it. it's time for bed.


offline cygnus from nowhere and everyplace on 2008-05-18 22:48 [#02208097]
Points: 11905 Status: Regular

its 12 mindight here wheres my quadrange :( :( :( :(


offline gl0tch from     on 2008-05-18 22:58 [#02208098]
Points: 2708 Status: Lurker

you got bleeped.


offline cygnus from nowhere and everyplace on 2008-05-18 23:44 [#02208099]
Points: 11905 Status: Regular | Followup to gl0tch: #02208098

guess itll be up tomorrow morning


offline futureimage from buy FIR from Juno (United Kingdom) on 2008-05-19 00:18 [#02208103]
Points: 6427 Status: Lurker

Gah still not up, earliest I can check it now is 12:30.
Thanks Ae, thanks. :P


offline avart from nomo' on 2008-05-19 04:12 [#02208114]
Points: 1764 Status: Lurker

come on!


offline Co-existence from Bergen (Norway) on 2008-05-19 04:32 [#02208116]
Points: 3386 Status: Lurker

Still nutt'n...


offline MADESTMAX from Germany on 2008-05-19 04:47 [#02208117]
Points: 83 Status: Regular

my experience waiting for bleep to get stuff up was always
that it would happen around 4 in the afternoon or a bit
later. I live in germany so you can now estimate what this
means for where ever you guys are from.


offline cx from Norway on 2008-05-19 04:55 [#02208118]
Points: 4537 Status: Regular

lets hope the servers wont slow down to a grinding halt this

but its just one track from what i understand so shouldnt be
much a problem


offline penexpers from Toronto (Canada) on 2008-05-19 05:09 [#02208121]
Points: 4030 Status: Regular

Come ooooon.

I hope they're not gonna financially nail the
one-track-at-a-time buyers.


offline avart from nomo' on 2008-05-19 06:05 [#02208126]
Points: 1764 Status: Lurker



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