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Where should I purchase?

LeMoN on 2001-06-02 04:51 [#00007957]

I cant find Analouge Bubblebath cds at any local music
stores, would they be under Aphex Twin? Would Polygon Window
and Caustic Window and HAB be under Aphex as well?? How
about 85-92 SAW, the only way to get that is through import
correct? i live in the US. If i had to order any of these
online, where would be a good reliable place to order
these?? thanks...


delet... from ... very dry gulch .. on 2001-06-02 05:14 [#00007961]

.. i hear ... .. is k .. in the reliable
stakes .. plsu they like giving away the odd freeb'ee ..


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-06-02 12:37 [#00007992]

freebies only go with records though, ive never got anything
with my cds other than stickers and advertising


delet... from .. really ... well .. alcove .. on 2001-06-02 12:41 [#00007993]

... hmm .. you'd think after the title 'ov mr. jenkinson's
new album being "go plastic" .. they'd give cd's a bit more
respect ./.. but i spose DJ's buy vinyl .. so they're
spruking the new stuff through freebies to the human
jukeboxes ..

.. that's my theory .. for today anyway .. based on the
some total .. 'ov the facts in this message stream ...


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