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Id like to kiss ass now

Chilled from Ultraworld on 2001-06-01 20:51 [#00007937]

Joyrex is off for some reason :(
So Icame here to check out the custom shit,and id like to
say most of it is beautiful as afx himself....specially the
mix of saw 2......magical...anywayz,any of you gimme your
mp3.sites? i love checking out good free music....


Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum ( on 2001-06-01 21:15 [#00007940]

Uh, I didn't do any of the remixes, but my URL's in the
location bar if you wouldn't mind subjecting yourself to my
noodlings for a minute or two. I'd appreciate it.



Joyrex from somewhere other than :O] on 2001-06-01 22:20 [#00007941]

No need to pucker up - I'll be back up soon, just having
some technical difficulties (see "just to let you know"

But, in the meantime, enjoy Phobia's site for all it's
unique qualities like the custom remixes!

(gosh, was I puckering up?) :O}


Chris Ochre from rhymes with bum ( on 2001-06-02 00:47 [#00007948]

Hey Joyrex - do you have a scan of the Index interview?
I've heard you have it on your site!


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-06-06 08:43 [#00008433]

I just got my permission to publish the Index Interview on
my site. Hopefully it'll get online later today.


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-06 08:49 [#00008435]

Just read the "shameless promotion thread" a page or two
back. Lots of people's url's are there with some pretty
interesting music. Especially that one that calls himself M,
amazing! Ingenius!


od from perth on 2001-06-06 14:09 [#00008472]

i heard adrock reads this board sometimes.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-06-06 14:35 [#00008476]



streamer on 2001-06-06 14:53 [#00008477]

Ad-Rock of Beastie Boys fame, I presume.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-06-06 15:03 [#00008478]

Wow - that's cool!

Do we have more famous people around here?


dronox from the pixels of on 2001-06-08 01:56 [#00008658]

I'm famous in my own mind... okay no, I'm a nobody in my own

I don't even want my own autograph.


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