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Favorite Synth Sounds

offline The_Funkmaster from St. John's (Canada) on 2002-03-03 21:06 [#00110139]
Points: 16280 Status: Lurker

What songs have the best sounding synths to you? I love
Corsair by BoC... it has such great personality... Also, I
love the synths used on I Care Because You Do... Acrid Avid
Jam Shred, Start as You Mean to go On, and Alberto Balsalm


offline wayout from the street of crocodiles on 2002-03-03 21:16 [#00110158]
Points: 2849 Status: Lurker

i like it when synths sound a bit like on
µ-ziq's scaling...that little background synth that goes
'oooh ooh ooooh'
i also like the synths on µ-ziq's goodbye goodbye,
squarepusher's theme from earnest borgnine, psultan, beep
street, the little bit towards the beginng of squarepusher
also boc's an eagle in your mind
and a lot of the synth sounds on SAW1 and 2


offline AMinal from Toronto (Canada) on 2002-03-03 21:18 [#00110161]
Points: 3476 Status: Regular

lots of boc's synths...


offline Toxic Bass PJ from Birmingham (United Kingdom) on 2002-03-03 21:27 [#00110170]
Points: 181 Status: Lurker

spicy pitch bends :)


offline corngrower from the fertile grounds of Iowa, w (United States) on 2002-03-03 21:57 [#00110211]
Points: 4404 Status: Lurker

Lots of the early aphex stuff, like Saw 85-92 had some nice
old school synths, like in xtal and ageispolis


offline aron from saskatoon (Canada) on 2002-03-03 22:05 [#00110214]
Points: 3756 Status: Lurker

tons of boc stuff.
journey inwards and soem other stuff by ltj bukem.

there's prolly more that io can't htink of right now


offline Ophecks from Nova Scotia (Canada) on 2002-03-03 23:07 [#00110256]
Points: 19190 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

I love the brittle synth he uses on CockVer10... reminds me
of some machine choking out some sick sounds, I don't
know... it's just strange. I also LOVE the synths on Alberto
Balsalm, Flim and IZ-US.


offline Laserbeak from Netherlands, The on 2002-03-03 23:22 [#00110264]
Points: 2670 Status: Lurker

Nav Katze: Ziggy(Aphex Twin Remix)
Polygon Window: Polygon Window


offline Phresch from fucking Trondheim (Norway) on 2002-03-03 23:24 [#00110266]
Points: 9989 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

my favourite synth sounds are the ones that i make myself,
'cause i know exactly what i get.


offline Monoid from one source all things depend on 2002-03-03 23:41 [#00110281]
Points: 10937 Status: Regular

Theres that PAD prest in FM7 I really like....I like PAD


offline Phresch from fucking Trondheim (Norway) on 2002-03-03 23:48 [#00110286]
Points: 9989 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

me too. love pads.


offline Laserbeak from Netherlands, The on 2002-03-04 00:37 [#00110297]
Points: 2670 Status: Lurker

If you like pads check out the Korg Wavestation, it's the
ultimate padmachine IMHO


offline Quoth from Sweden on 2002-03-04 00:41 [#00110300]
Points: 3839 Status: Lurker

Favorite Song By Artist that incorporates my favorites
sounding synth from them/him/her:

Aphex Twin: Peek 824545201
Autechre: Eggshell
Boards Of Canada: Turquoise Hexagon Sun
Bjork: Hidden Place
Radiohead: In Limbo
Squarepusher: Go! Spastic
Nobukazu Takemura: Let My Fish Loose (Aphex Twin Remix)


offline OK on 2002-03-04 07:50 [#00110529]
Points: 4790 Status: Regular

in limbo? that doesn't use any synth thing.. just bass
guitar drums and voice


offline eXXailon from purgatory on 2002-03-04 07:59 [#00110536]
Points: 6745 Status: Lurker


Autechre: Teartear, Kalpol Intro, Eggshell, Eutow

Aphex Twin: Fingerbib, Xtal, Heliosphan, Hedphelym (this
song is great)

and much, much more......


offline nanotech from Sukavasti Amitaba Pureland (United States) on 2002-03-04 08:09 [#00110544]
Points: 3637 Status: Lurker

I perfer modular synthesis. knobs, knobs, and more knobs. I
especially like RDJ's approach on the concept. The "one-two"
opening base line on the original "On" is so sweet. I sugest
anyone whose interested check out the track "Front" on
"Trace" (the whole abulm is pretty phat) by Gridlock
(Metroplois records).

I despise pads, it's mostly holding down a few keys, and
letting the keyboard do the work. I've yet to find many
artists to use it in a diffrent way than a harmony layer
over the track.


offline tommo from Perth (Australia) on 2002-03-04 08:45 [#00110564]
Points: 144 Status: Lurker

I love the strings in Boy/girl song, and I think the drum
effects accompany them in a weird
perfect-because-it-sounds-completely-different sort of way.
But those strings are probably one of my fave effects.


offline tommo from Perth (Australia) on 2002-03-04 08:46 [#00110566]
Points: 144 Status: Lurker

Oh, and also the little synth melody in Acrid Avid Jam Shred
and everything in Pancake Lizard.



offline WooferAttack from Milano (Italy) on 2002-03-04 09:00 [#00110573]
Points: 12918 Status: Lurker

I love the synth sounds of Arched Maid Via RDJ, Vorshosbn,


offline illfates from space (United States) on 2002-03-04 09:06 [#00110577]
Points: 844 Status: Regular

i'm extremely partial to the lowpassed bell (i think they're
squares) that BoC seems so fond of.. I'm also a big fan of
high frequency synth would quick but non-repetitive
modulation of different aspects.... Anything that makes one
tone sound like it's going somewhere or doing something
without ever leaving pitch pleases me.


offline nanotech from Sukavasti Amitaba Pureland (United States) on 2019-06-07 11:12 [#02579608]
Points: 3637 Status: Lurker



offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-06-08 15:31 [#02579699]
Points: 15324 Status: Addict

- pwm and chorus on a juno
- all the things you can do with an sh101


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2019-06-09 19:05 [#02579730]
Points: 4554 Status: Addict

has like FACT or vice or whatever one does articles on 'the
history of important sounds' type thing done one on the
It's almost as good as the rotterdam termination source
'poing' jews harp, which i stumbled across with three peak
EQs and a pulse osc the other day.
Not enough jews harp in the top 40 for quite a while


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2019-06-09 19:06 [#02579732]
Points: 4554 Status: Addict

nah it was saw, thinking about it


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