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the twin live

Tinnie from greenville on 2001-05-25 16:46 [#00007192]

has anyone heard the twin live recently? what is it like?
what is he using ? what does it sound like? Is he still


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-05-26 11:58 [#00007224]

yes.....amazing hardcore shit.. Some times he throws in
some of his own tracks. Insane drum and base with him using
his laptop and vinyls. When Richard plays he plays so much
hard shit to get the crowd going.
Its wicked, I hope this helps.


Earface from Tadley, near Basingstoke on 2001-05-27 12:14 [#00007297]

Yeah, I saw Caustic Window at the last Nesh party. It was
really wicked. Some of the people at those parties are cool
as well, like that one that had that tune that went,
"bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, lemsip, lemsip, lemsip,
lemsip, drugsick, drugsick, drugsick"! Mind you, I thought
RDJ was better at the Nesh party in January, probably
because I got the priveledge of talking to him afterwards.


sic from netherlands on 2001-05-27 17:52 [#00007306]

saw him with the rephlex disco assault system tour...hard
hard hard! and I had the idea he was doing a lot live with
his compy and jungleterra's drummachines


age from full on brandance on 2001-07-04 16:37 [#00012277]

i saw him dj at the WARP lighthouse party in london last
october-he came on after an intense set by bogdan racynski
with this bloke who was dropping allsorts of mental headfuck
noise on top of richs tunes-as the front bit by the stage
was an enclosure, the back by the bar led out to the
courtyard-so when rich was playing mad gabba mixed with fuck
knoes what, people were leaving to get air..what did rich
do? thats right, hed play something more tuneful so people
would go back in-yep, you've guessed it-as soon as people
were back in rich dropped the most intense, dark, full on
texhno.what you have to understand here is that this was at
like 4.30 in the morning and everyone had had, how can i put
it? 'a bit too much to drink' if you follow...the best bit
was when rich recorded & played the crowd back to themselves
in real time & started fucking about with the tempo!! that
was incredible-fantastic


João Evangelista from Portugal on 2001-07-04 17:39 [#00012289]

I saw RDJ live a couple of months ago, and it was very
aggressive, yet amusing


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