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your websites everybody

hevquip from a crabs carriage on 2001-05-23 23:29 [#00007131]

hello. if you have a website, you should post it here. mine


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-24 02:36 [#00007142]

Here is my webpage, which features many interesting things
about AFX and things related to it. Thanks!



wizards teeth on 2001-05-24 10:01 [#00007154]


japes from London on 2001-05-24 11:37 [#00007155]


crapnose from Montreal on 2001-05-24 12:26 [#00007160]


gotmeth? on 2001-05-24 18:24 [#00007164]


gotmeth? on 2001-05-24 18:25 [#00007165]


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-05-25 00:19 [#00007174]


Dislodge from Canada on 2001-05-25 01:48 [#00007175]

I'm an illustrator/cartoonist ... and starting work at a
video game development company...


dor-x from israel on 2001-05-25 03:05 [#00007179]

hi, come visit WWW.MP3.COM/DORON
for great music. nothing to do with aphex, though i did
manage to get a cd of mine to his photographer during a show
he did here, in israel, i didn't get no replay, despite
licking up to him with a drawing of the Richard.D album
cover, that i made myself (and i did get a 100 in drawing
when i went to art school).


LtAirComStarscream from NY on 2001-05-25 16:44 [#00007191]


hevquip from a crabs carriage on 2001-05-25 20:03 [#00007195]

i have updated my website as of yesterday if anybody cares.


hevquip from a crabs carriage on 2001-05-25 20:04 [#00007196]

i have updated my website as of yesterday if anybody cares.


codec on 2001-05-26 15:04 [#00007227]

I have an atari teenage riot site :-)) (but you probably
don.t like ATR)


JON LOGAN A from DALLAS< TEXAS on 2001-05-31 03:18 [#00007592]

hey down load:
"invisible manipulation"
"hardened cockroach"
thanks tell us if you like our mix of dishwashers, toilets,
synths, screams and guitars.


rob fragilenine from inside a skipping cd player on on on on on on on on on *BANG* on 2001-05-31 04:26 [#00007595]

its not quite finished yet, but here it is:

Download every song NOW!


od from perth on 2001-05-31 08:00 [#00007614]

i thank j for this one....


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