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Reaktor 4 vocoder

offline Taffmonster from dog_belch (Japan) on 2005-04-16 01:07 [#01566927]
Points: 6196 Status: Lurker

ok im an idiot when it comes to vocoders (prolly and idiot
when it comes to alot of things) but i cannot work out how i
use the vocoder on reaktor 4? how do i get the audio to
input etc?
i know this is prolly a dummies question but i know shit
about vocoders, cant even work the one on my novation


offline Taxidermist from Black Grass on 2005-04-16 02:26 [#01566956]
Points: 9958 Status: Lurker

you need to put one source into the modulator and one into
the carrier. They need to be different sounds, like make an
oscilator, with a consistent frequency, and amplitude, and
then run that through the carrier. Then connect a microphone
to your computer, run the line in through to the modulator,
and then speak into it. As long as a current is running
through everything, it should work as a vocoder...

although I would suggest something else for your vocoding
needs. For a software vocoder, I would suggest the Native
Instruments Vokator, or the IK multimedia Orange Vocoder, or
the Native Waves Morphoder. They all sound much better, and
have many more options.

My favorite is the IK Multimedia orange vocoder. It sounds
nicest, the only problem being it doesn't have midi support
for the carrier (so its much harder to play your notes...
you have to automate the chord feature) and it sounds so
distinctive, that its obvious when you use it.


offline Taffmonster from dog_belch (Japan) on 2005-04-16 03:17 [#01566969]
Points: 6196 Status: Lurker | Followup to Taxidermist: #01566956

thanks man :) extremely helpful


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