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drukqs titles

offline forck_02lynix from brooklyn on 2002-02-11 03:47 [#00084935]
Points: 3998 Status: Lurker

does anyone know what any of the titles on drukqs mean/form
an anagram with?


offline xlr from Boston (United States) on 2002-02-11 03:51 [#00084941]
Points: 4904 Status: Regular

they're apparentely welsh/cornish words and scriptures.
There's a limited translation somewhere but I can't remember
the link.


offline Ophecks from Nova Scotia (Canada) on 2002-02-11 03:51 [#00084943]
Points: 19190 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

They're ALL real Welsh words?


offline forck_02lynix from brooklyn on 2002-02-11 03:53 [#00084946]
Points: 3998 Status: Lurker

ive heard some were welsh/cornish, but others were anagrams,
like 'xepha = aphex' and so many others


offline xlr from Boston (United States) on 2002-02-11 03:57 [#00084952]
Points: 4904 Status: Regular

found it. This was posted on Joyrex from the Drukqs FAQ:

When the tracklisting for drukqs was first revealed, many
people were puzzled at the seemingly gibberish tracknames
and feared Richard became like Autechre in making up words
to describe his songs. However, thanks to Centurix, a messageboard regular and his Cornish
Father-In-Law, John. The language they seem to be written in
is Kernawek, which is a derivative of gaelic typically used
in Cornwall. Richard is Cornish, and comes from Cornwall, so
this is a reasonable assumption. Below are the tracknames
and their translations (note: not all of them have been
deciphered or reasonably figured out yet.)

Jynweythek Ylow:
Jynweythek = Electronic machine
Ylow = Music

a vor = Launch or sail
hos = a coarse noise
John reckons its a noisey boat, like a tugboat.

Kladfvbung Micshk:
This is old cornish scripture, we're not sure what it means

Omgyjya Switch7:
Again, old scripture. To cope for some scriptures, modern
character sets tend to use numbers to replace things, like a
long "z" is spelt with a "3" and pronounced "th", same with
the "7" it's like a "t".

Strotha Tynhe:
Strotha = Squeeze
Tynhe = Tight/Tighten

Gwely Mernans:
Gwely = Bed
Mernans = Death
Death bed

well.. a cock is a cock really, although a cok is a boat

Avril 14th:
Kernow festival

Mt Saint Michel + St Michaels Mount:
Very pretty place...

Gwarek = Arch

Orban Eq Trx4:
John reckons Orban is a kind of rising mound or edge

We had no idea. Possibly something south of somewhere.

Hy A Scullyas Lyf A Dhagrow:
Ok, "A" can mean either "A" or "Goes"
Hy = Her/She
Scullyas = Wastes/Spills
Lyf = Deluge
Dhagrow (or possibly just grow) = dreg
John reckons this relates to the spillage of liquid, kind of
like "She spilled/wasted my pint"

Kesson Daslef:
Kesson = Harmonious
Daslef = We had no idea

Cymru Beats:
Cymru = Wales
Btoum Roumada


offline xlr from Boston (United States) on 2002-02-11 03:58 [#00084953]
Points: 4904 Status: Regular


Btoum Roumada:
Old scripture, very difficult to decipher

Possibly a small place in Cornwall

Penty Harmonium:
Penty = Paint
Harmonium = Harmony/music

Meltphace 6:


Prep Gwarlek 3b:
Old scripture again, with an elongated "z" where the "3" is.


Taking Control:

Petiatil Cx Htdui:
Old scripture again.

Ruglan Holon:
Holon = salt

AFX237 v7:

Ziggomatic v17:
yeah baby!

Old scripture again.

Now he's playing with us...


offline forck_02lynix from brooklyn on 2002-02-11 04:00 [#00084955]
Points: 3998 Status: Lurker


a lot


offline umbriel from Sainte-Foy (Canada) on 2002-02-11 04:05 [#00084959]
Points: 79 Status: Lurker

!!thats so interesting. thank you alot.


offline LionelCosgrove from Baden Württemberg (Germany) on 2002-02-11 09:21 [#00085071]
Points: 195 Status: Regular

yeah, i can't believe that all these words have such
meanings... thanks :-) i really liked to read these


offline Fernz from A Scottish Wanker (United Kingdom) on 2002-02-11 11:54 [#00085175]
Points: 1692 Status: Regular

Someone got the Lornaderek bit wrong there. Thats actually
his mum and dad's names combined. Lorna and Derek.


offline LionelCosgrove from Baden Württemberg (Germany) on 2002-02-11 11:56 [#00085176]
Points: 195 Status: Regular

seems to make sense, never realized before


offline nacmat on 2002-02-11 11:58 [#00085178]
Points: 31270 Status: Lurker

is that to be absolutely sure about?
i mean who knows welsh to afirm that...
anyway its good information... no doubt


offline xlr from Boston (United States) on 2002-02-11 17:21 [#00085407]
Points: 4904 Status: Regular

The guy's dad is from Cornwall so I'm guessing he has a
pretty good understanding. I never realized that Lornaderek
meant Richard's mum+dad's names.


offline jand from Braintree (United Kingdom) on 2002-02-11 21:08 [#00085540]
Points: 5975 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

"Possibly a small place in Cornwall"... that kinda puts the
rest of the naming thing in question to my mind...

I can see some of it but others are a bit stretched...


offline 010101 from Vancouver (Canada) on 2002-02-11 21:22 [#00085560]
Points: 7662 Status: Lurker

We need someone from Wales or Cornwall to have a look at
these I think. Are there any Taffs here?


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