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aphex twin - "bummy"

offline hungrig from Sweden on 2002-02-10 22:25 [#00084688]
Points: 692 Status: Lurker

why isn´t this great track on any of the releases by Aphex
Twin??? I want it! :)


offline Intruder from Chicago (United States) on 2002-02-10 22:29 [#00084689]
Points: 581 Status: Lurker

its on mealtime comp. on planet mu.


offline raimons from Stockholm (Sweden) on 2002-02-10 22:29 [#00084690]
Points: 4266 Status: Lurker

i agree man!


offline hungrig from Sweden on 2002-02-10 22:31 [#00084691]
Points: 692 Status: Lurker

anyone know more info? why and when did Richard put
togeather this cool track?


offline D-Hex from Blue Springs Missouri (United States) on 2002-02-10 22:57 [#00084696]
Points: 871 Status: Lurker

When - I dont know

Why - Because he is richard


offline Ceri JC from Jefferson City (United States) on 2002-02-10 23:18 [#00084712]
Points: 23549 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

I just downloaded "Jedi" this is the same track as "On the
romance tip" is this because of a diffference in american/uk


offline D-Hex from Blue Springs Missouri (United States) on 2002-02-11 00:30 [#00084809]
Points: 871 Status: Lurker

Ive wondered that myself ceri.


offline Ubik from United States on 2002-02-11 00:34 [#00084816]
Points: 662 Status: Lurker

its called both "jedi" and "on the romance tip". when he
rerealeased the caustic window stuff he did not include
"r2d2" and might have changed the name from "jedi" because
he was scared that George Lucas would send some Wookie
lawyers to kick his ass.


offline Aktium from cleveland (United States) on 2002-02-11 08:04 [#00085047]
Points: 1128 Status: Lurker

is the bummy you got live? cause if it isn't please let me
know where you got it from because iv'e been looking for the
studio track for a while now


offline LionelCosgrove from Baden Württemberg (Germany) on 2002-02-11 09:06 [#00085067]
Points: 195 Status: Regular

i have to original bummy track with 192 kbps. i think this
track is phat, i would really like to know more about this
one too. i have no idea where i found it. i know the live
version too, is great.


offline Fernz from A Scottish Wanker (United Kingdom) on 2002-02-11 11:50 [#00085170]
Points: 1692 Status: Regular

I think Bummy sounds like a mixer having a fit. Thats good
though. :)


offline hungrig from Sweden on 2002-02-11 18:15 [#00085427]
Points: 692 Status: Lurker

I have both live and "regular" version of "bummy". I found
them on some ftp-server some time ago. More info about the
track please! I know you aphex fans out there can help!


offline dave from saskatoon (Canada) on 2002-02-11 18:23 [#00085432]
Points: 1135 Status: Regular

you got me?


offline Phresch from fucking Trondheim (Norway) on 2002-05-24 00:45 [#00232306]
Points: 9989 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

Bummy is fuckin brilliant. I love that flute melody @ 01.21
(original version, not live). Has he sampled that?


offline Sepix from Major City (Austria) on 2002-05-24 00:47 [#00232309]
Points: 3110 Status: Lurker

the whole song has been up here (explore),
has been :(


offline Phresch from fucking Trondheim (Norway) on 2002-05-24 01:00 [#00232319]
Points: 9989 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

yeah, that's a damn tragedy. the explore section was quite
useful....nice discography.


offline babydieonchord from Middlesboro' (United Kingdom) on 2002-05-24 09:58 [#00232775]
Points: 68 Status: Lurker

Bummy info: Released on a compilation cd "Mealtime" (Planet
Mu Records) in 1997 alongside tracks from Plug (Vibert),
µ-Ziq, and others.

The break in the track is James Brown's "Soul Pride" and
it's timing is altered by a Pro Tools timestretcher Plug-In.
The strings and bass came from a sample cd and a korg synth


offline hungrig from Sweden on 2002-05-24 10:01 [#00232781]
Points: 692 Status: Lurker

oh look at that! one of my old topics are back again. that's
nice. :)


offline hungrig from Sweden on 2002-05-24 10:05 [#00232791]
Points: 692 Status: Lurker

i have the mealtime comp. all good! :)


offline recycle from Where is Phobiazero (Lincoln) (United States) on 2023-06-28 09:45 [#02628914]
Points: 39582 Status: Regular

Fantastic track


online belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2023-06-28 10:38 [#02628916]
Points: 6286 Status: Lurker

the whole mealtime comp is bangin


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