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dont release analord now!

offline notmyname from France on 2004-12-02 02:52 [#01412879]
Points: 683 Status: Lurker

in case anyone from rephlex records read this:
please release analord after xmas, not before (have to buy
shit loads of presents & few cash left)


offline bill_hicks from my city is amazing it is calle on 2004-12-02 03:18 [#01412885]
Points: 4286 Status: Lurker

it'll only be about €5 or some shit like that you
skinflint. go buy it and lets make afx number 1 for


offline aquagak from Berlin (Germany) on 2004-12-02 08:08 [#01413038]
Points: 4397 Status: Regular

It says on the Rephlex site
Release Date: t.b.a. (nov/dec 2004)

which if you read very very carefully is saying "the release
date will be announced between November and December".....
It doesn’t mean it will be released around then. Just have
patience, soon you will have twelve lovely 12" for every
month in 2005.


offline dog_belch from Netherlands, The on 2004-12-02 08:17 [#01413045]
Points: 15098 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

So you're saying the annoucement date is to be announced...
later. Rephlex, never put off until tomorrow what you can
put off indefinitely.


offline uzim on 2004-12-02 08:18 [#01413046]
Points: 17716 Status: Lurker | Followup to notmyname: #01412879

you could just buy it afterwards if you don't have the money
on the release date, no? (unless it's a very limited


offline xf from Australia on 2004-12-02 08:21 [#01413050]
Points: 2952 Status: Lurker | Followup to notmyname: #01412879

didn't selling your presents ever occur to you?


offline AlbertoBalsalm from Reykjavík (Iceland) on 2004-12-02 08:21 [#01413052]
Points: 9459 Status: Lurker | Followup to notmyname: #01412879

shut up. i want it now!


offline xf from Australia on 2004-12-02 08:21 [#01413053]
Points: 2952 Status: Lurker | Followup to uzim: #01413046

heh, only 100 copies, ignoring the rips on soulseek!


offline Ceri JC from Jefferson City (United States) on 2004-12-02 09:22 [#01413088]
Points: 23549 Status: Moderator | Followup to bill_hicks: #01412885 | Show recordbag

He will of spent all his money on one of these.


offline hyakusen from 8=============> on 2004-12-02 09:24 [#01413090]
Points: 7021 Status: Addict

im suprised some really want to buy analord.


offline earthleakage from tell the world you're winning on 2004-12-02 09:44 [#01413104]
Points: 27764 Status: Regular | Followup to hyakusen: #01413090

it's the latent homosexuality in all of us thats bursting


offline horsefactory from 💠 (United Kingdom) on 2004-12-02 09:50 [#01413108]
Points: 14867 Status: Regular | Followup to Ceri JC: #01413088

Hahahah, I've just bought one!


offline Chihiro from twins land on 2004-12-02 10:35 [#01413154]
Points: 4650 Status: Regular

RELEASE IT !!!!!!!


offline pomme de terre from obscure body in the SK System on 2004-12-02 10:38 [#01413159]
Points: 11943 Status: Moderator | Followup to aquagak: #01413038 | Show recordbag

Watch out making assumptions like that.. You may get shoved!


offline Raz0rBlade_uk on 2004-12-02 13:43 [#01413400]
Points: 12540 Status: Addict | Show recordbag

Yes I do remember it originally saying November 22 or
something. It's now December and so I can't really trust
their (nov/dec) release date. I'm guessing it may be late.


offline virginpusher from County Clare on 2004-12-02 13:45 [#01413406]
Points: 27326 Status: Lurker | Followup to horsefactory: #01413108

The concept seems like a joke but i dont want to laugh at
this. This is a tough one


offline deepspace9mm from filth on 2004-12-02 14:06 [#01413443]
Points: 6846 Status: Addict | Followup to Ceri JC: #01413088

Hahaha! Fuckin' ell, that's just... fantastic.


offline roygbivcore from, of course! on 2004-12-02 14:22 [#01413461]
Points: 22557 Status: Lurker

his shit is getting worse and worse


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