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Custom Remixes

ska from seattle wa usa on 2001-04-25 23:09 [#00004636]

When you download a track, it would be cool if you would
spend the 5 extra seconds to give it a rating. I won't say
which tracks are mine but for all the downloads, i think
they have been rated less than 3% of the time. I know most
of the artists would like to know what our fellow aphex twin
fans think of our works.
thanks much!!


RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-04-26 02:08 [#00004668]

the custom remixes are great.....i rate.....


Calx on 2001-04-26 07:15 [#00004691]

I think the custum fan remixes are one of the best features
on this site. It's hard to find sites that will store
mp3's, let alone encourage them. I like listening to the
mixes and I always rate!


ska from seattle WA usa on 2001-04-26 23:54 [#00004765]

thanks, people who rate kick ass!


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