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rubbish john from Inside a room filled with naked vicars on 2001-04-25 10:07 [#00004553]

Just to let you know :

1. I am a stool pusher

2. I have a side parting

3. I like apricots

4. I am scared of parrots and concrete


Edward from home sweet home on 2001-04-25 10:48 [#00004555]

I have a fear of cuttlefish.


rubbish john from a very high place on 2001-04-25 11:01 [#00004557]

this "topic" of conversation was not, as it may appear,
initiated by me.
i know it was you magic dentures or wizard's beef or may think you're funny and clever, but i feel
it is my duty to enlighten you.
you are indeed a fool.


derrikkk from train on 2001-04-25 14:25 [#00004577]

none of those listed points are anything to be ashamed of
john, i specially enjoy apricots


rubbish john from a drainpipe on 2001-04-25 14:40 [#00004578]

it's not that i'm ashamed, it's the fact that these facts
were not true and infact made up by an imposter.
the guilty party has since apologised, but i'm not sure how
sincere he was.


derrikkk from train on 2001-04-25 15:34 [#00004588]

ah, yeah, i saw the apology, but i tell ya what, just
between me and you, i dont think he meant it....shhhhhh


rubbish john from someone else's pants on 2001-04-25 16:03 [#00004589]

oh well, i don't really care that much whether he was
sincere or not i just don't like imposters.


Scary Bear on 2001-04-25 20:05 [#00004609]

woz all this about teeth being an imposter?????

He's been around here for fucking ages.

And I reckon he's quality. What he is writing is fictional
yes, but looking at it that way everything AFX has ever done
is fictional simply by the fact that the tunes were made up
and not taken from somewhere.

The guy has a good imagination.


Scary Bear on 2001-04-25 20:06 [#00004611]

How comes nobody else said that before me. I'm suprised.
Have I got a little mixed up I ask myself????


Scary Bear on 2001-04-25 20:07 [#00004612]

Oh, I get it, take it as a joke mate, he ain't serious


derrikkk from train on 2001-04-26 09:52 [#00004699]



rubbish john from a speeding chevette on 2001-04-26 10:33 [#00004703]

joke or not, i take the matter of someone else misleading
others into believing i have a side parting very seriously.
well, not that seriously - infact, i don't give a shit - i
mean, what the hell am i gonna do about it.

wizards teeth - you carry on with your amusing insane
just don't pretend to be me


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