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Popcorn? An aphex remix?

chris moore from Bolton UK on 2001-04-24 13:40 [#00004404]

Did richard do his own version of popcorn?



hexane from a test tube on 2001-04-24 14:41 [#00004409]

he did indeed


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-04-24 15:05 [#00004420]

Popcorn is an Aphex remix. It was on a vinyl but got banned
for not getting permission to use it or something. This is
also the same with r2d2.


-=[MC PhuQheAd]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-04-24 15:17 [#00004426]

Well, "Popcorn" was omitted because of copyright issues,

Then why the hell did they omit "R2D2", because of copyright
stuff with LucasArts, or what?


hexane from a test tube on 2001-04-24 16:32 [#00004432]

yeh, lucasarts have something up their arse. i tried to
upload a track to which had r2d2 samples in it and
they wouldn't let me because it was a copyright infringement
etc. etc. how can someone put copyright on bleeps and
squeaks? the world would be a much better place w/t ©


chris moore from Bolton UK on 2001-04-24 18:13 [#00004441]

Thanks - that clears that up BUT - Ive heard the 2nd track
on Window Licker called something other than complex
mathematical equation. Any ideas. + this has been bugging me
for years....... ever heard of a video than Richard did with
men floating in space and images from Vietnam. I think it
was called something like westworld?? It may have been a
joint effort with squarepusher? I watched it about 2 am many
years ago on MTV but never have seen it mentioned anywhere
after this.


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-24 21:23 [#00004459]

The song popcorn.. which sounds a lot like the AFX version
is on a commercial where I live.. in Canada [see above]. It
is a weird commercial.


crapnose from Montreal on 2001-04-27 00:42 [#00004770]

a pampers commercial.


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-27 00:43 [#00004771]

Crapnose: ahh a fellow Canadian.... yeah well, i don;t
really remember... but that was it!


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