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An off topic question about a job (letter carriers)

artificialselection from hell on 2001-04-24 07:32 [#00004368]

Let me take advantage of being in a message board full of
brains each carrying unique knowledge. I HATE my job. You
don't understand, I HHAATTEE it. So I'm thinking about
becoming a letter carrier so I can be mostly by myself most
of the day. Can anyone answer any of these questions? It
would be helpful.
Do they work 8 hours and then go home? (I don't want to work
ANY more than 8 hours a day)
What do they get paid (I think they start at 12$ an hour,
but what's it get up to? I just need enough money to live
off, that's it)
Or any other information. I dunno, maybe you have a friend
that's in this job or something. Thanks.


Deceptikon from on 2001-04-24 08:24 [#00004375]

I have no idea, but you might want to clarifiy what country
you are talking about..


phiz from Amsterdam on 2001-04-24 10:18 [#00004385]

my mate delivers French Letters to people in Amsterdam


artificialselection from hell on 2001-04-24 17:39 [#00004437]

Hell of course, ok ok, the USA. I was also wondering how
long it takes to get a job after you fill an application.


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-04-24 20:41 [#00004456]

what are you working with now that you hate so much?


Deceptikon from on 2001-04-25 03:12 [#00004515]

Why don't you just call the post office and ask about it?


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