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Universal Indicator SH-101 Green 12"10"7"

Jennyhen on 2001-04-22 20:08 [#00004217]

Where can I find a copy of this? Does anybody kmow how much
it might set me back? Thanks!


5is6 from centeroftheultraworld on 2001-04-22 20:15 [#00004218]

I have the mp3's but the vinyl might be tough to find. I
suggest conjouring up the devil and leasing out your eternal
soul if you have bad credit. Otherwise, go to Napster and
dl it. =>


velocity_kendall from in here on 2001-04-23 15:20 [#00004267]

I'm willing to sell my set .

offer me lot's . . . . .


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-23 20:52 [#00004308]

I wouldn't want to sell my set if i had one.. I just have
the complete Mp3s........ah!. Dont sell it velocity!


Jennyhen on 2001-04-24 01:44 [#00004331]

I have no idea what to offer you as I don't know what they
have sold for in the past or the going rate. I've heard it's
super rare!
Please could you give me a ball park figure


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-24 02:18 [#00004337]

AHHHH!!! Velocity don't sell it to him if you actually have
it! Its so FUCKING RARE! Id love that in my collection, and
if I had it i would charge sooooo muh money.. well I
wouldn't sell it in the first place, but whatever.


Jennyhen on 2001-04-24 09:36 [#00004382]


Jenny is a girls name!


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-24 21:15 [#00004458]

Uhmm sorry.. here let me redo that.. VELOCITY.. DON'T SELL


Jennyhen on 2001-04-24 21:40 [#00004467]

If you could find one how much would you pay for it (that
rare shit, that is)


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-24 21:47 [#00004472]

Well first off its REFLEX! [its no big deal] and secondly..
well lets say I owned a copy and were for some odd reason
willing to sell it.. id would be a SHITLOAD of money....
like Universal Indicator Green!?.. I would charge maybe like
200 canadian dollars. For sure. The only rare cds I own are
the second ON remix cd by Aphex Twin.. and that even isn't
really that rare. I also own a single that NIRVANA did with
the jesus lizard... there were only 5000 copies made in the
world.. it is worth a lot of money. as it is so rare.. and I
would never sell that.. ever. Its so cool to own something
that is rare.. and worth something.


Jennyhen on 2001-04-24 23:34 [#00004482]

I just heard that one sold recently on e-bay for 300USD!!!
I think I might mp3 it instead!


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-04-24 23:44 [#00004489]

I have only seen 1 person on ebay selling the complet set of
UI green. It went for a lot of money. All I ned is the
green set on vinyl. If you reall want the UI series. Keep
checking on That is where you will find the
rare Aphex material.

Good luck


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-25 00:45 [#00004494]

I know where to get it all on mp3.....hehehe.


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-04-25 09:16 [#00004551]

Great, the best way to complete Aphex music collection is to
get it off napster.
I have completed his whole catalogue on cd, vinyl or cdr
format, my mission is to get as much of it as I can on
original format. I'm slowly getting there.


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-25 14:52 [#00004579]

Richard.. oh boy, I love it when people rip words right
outta my mouth. Oh, what am I supposed to do?. Go out and
buy it.. well I don't see it anywhere.


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-25 14:53 [#00004580]

Oh and I noticed that where are you from somewhere in the
UK? Europe? If so... that shit is by far much more easier to
locate [AFX] than over here In Canada.... sure its cool that
you own {or so you say you own} everything hes done
almost... great whatever.. thats by no means a possibility
here. Sorry.


Jennyhen on 2001-04-25 15:27 [#00004586]

you seem to have a little chip on your shoulder


derrikkk from train on 2001-04-25 15:32 [#00004587]

reflex is a plumb


velocity_kendall from in here on 2001-04-25 16:04 [#00004590]

does anyone want to buy my copy or what ?


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-04-25 19:01 [#00004598]

i will give you a half sucked cupa choop lolly and a small
bag of nails, i could be persuaded to also give u an old 50p
piece if u throw in hangable auto bulb 2. What do u say?


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-04-25 20:37 [#00004619]

REFLEX what is your problem?
All I was trying to say is that Its easy to complete the
Aphex collection from Napster. Buying the originals is much
more of a task. Thats why I use e-bay to try to get the
rare Aphex material.


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-25 21:47 [#00004626]

Richard: my problem? I don't really have one to be honest. I
don't mind/care what you wrote... I dunno...... what does it
matter?. Oh and who told me I have a chip on my shoulder?
[damn rights i do]


Come To Daddy from Dallas Tx on 2001-04-25 23:28 [#00004643]

Jennyhen, go to ebay theres a guy there selling the whole
intire Universal Indacator set, red, green, blue, and
yellow, in perfect condiction for 150$!!!


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-25 23:48 [#00004645]

thats cheap ass


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