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Fun ´n anagrams

Peter Buck from Wayl on 2001-04-22 17:56 [#00004209]

I just figured out (not depending on internet anagram
searches) that:

cow cud is a twin forms an anagram with caustic window.

ICCT hedral forms an anagram with
Arched Clit (???)


5is6 from centeroftheultraworld on 2001-04-22 19:23 [#00004214]

ICCT HEDRAL = cathedral ic. If you cant imagine a towering
gothic cathedral after hearing the track, then you ought to
desypher this anagram: YFOL KLURSELI


Tac Deeley from Ceil (Wayl) on 2001-04-23 18:08 [#00004289]

Hehhh.. It was a joke, mate.
Don´t get your knuckles white because of a funny little


Id Lab on 2001-04-24 00:53 [#00004327]

Richard loves anagrams. 'Arched maid via RDJ' and all that.
My real name is an anagram of 'what the horrible grumbler
loops' or 'Well brother! Hamburger to polish!' or 'Shh! I'm
the globular blow reporter'. So those are futuire
Id Lab track titles, possibly.

Everyone go to, get the software and do your
own name.


T.E.C.E - Delay from near on 2001-04-24 17:37 [#00004436]


I am totally into this anagramming shit. I am too lazy to
find out fitting names to my tracks so i usually just make
up anagrams of obscene words and locations around where i am


Netlon Sentinel from beyond on 2001-04-24 20:10 [#00004447]

peter buck? weren't you arrested yesterday?


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-24 21:32 [#00004462]

Id Lab: do get a better anagram producer.. I believe its
better.. I didn't try out yours.. but go here :

The Anaram Producer

It come up with SHIT LOADS of anagrams for whatever you type
in. I typed In aphex twin, and got some pretty neato ones.
Including some track titles he has used :]~


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