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Aeschkalet from my kitchen on 2001-04-19 21:34 [#00003971]

hi, i'm looking for a song with lyrics that say something
about a defective boy. it's really hard to describe. it's
pretty easy listening, not loud or harsh sounding. i'm
almost completely sure it's by aphex. does anyone know the
name of it?


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-20 15:32 [#00004055]

like i say, i think you mean u0ziq, in pine effect, track 1
(kinda slow warbling sound)


wizards teeth from inside pele\\\'s wisdom tooth on 2001-04-20 16:27 [#00004063]

Is it not that song that goes like this :

"my feet, my arms and my heeeeeaaad"

I was walking around the city centre today and noticed that
everyone looks different. Out of all the possible
permutations of facial features, I wonder if all have
existed at one point or is there infinite possibilities.

Example - In 1,000 years time will there be a version of me
with a a left side of face measuring six inches longer than
the right side of my face ?


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