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RDJ Tribute Album

gotmeth? on 2001-04-18 20:38 [#00003827]

i've read through a lot of the threads here and have come to
found that a lot of us are musicians, so why not combine our
talents and make a sorta tribute album to RDJ? i've always
been into redoing some his songs. would anyone like to get
in on it? if so, name some songs you'd like to attempt.
mine would be:


d. griffiths from the toilet on 2001-04-18 20:48 [#00003830]

I think thats a pretty cool idea, but I recon everybody
should get together and submit original tracks by themselves
that are Aphex influenced, not just remixes, that would make
for some interesting listening me thinks.


Shine on 2001-04-18 21:10 [#00003831]

Maybe you could release it on cleopatra records...



Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-04-19 02:45 [#00003865]



Ross from can. on 2001-04-19 03:03 [#00003867]

haha, cleopatra records has all the tribute albums...pretty
bad ones, as well


RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-04-19 03:16 [#00003871]

quoth- "hi"
a tribute would be kool---i love the custom remixes


crapnose from Montreal on 2001-04-24 02:10 [#00004334]

or covers of RDJ's tracks using different a
punk cover of Come to Daddy or a hip hop cover of


Human© on 2001-04-24 04:53 [#00004354]

Just an opinion here. If a group of people I've never met
made an album dedicated to me, I would kind of like, lose
it. It has to be a bit scary thinking all the werid junk out
there, let alone complete strangers honoring me. I think
that putting together an album would be great laughs and all
in good fun, but I don't think we should go off and make a
tribute to someone we've never met. Just an opinion.


5is6 from centeroftheultraworld on 2001-04-24 04:55 [#00004355]

who says noone on this board has never met him?


Human© on 2001-04-24 05:10 [#00004359]

Okay. I'll grant some have met him, but a lot of people have
met the ice cream guy around here, but he doesn't have a
tribute album. Richard is very talented, but it doesn't mean
we should all grovel and like go out of our way. This is all
suppose to be like, fun. I would be up for making an album
and marketing it to isolated teenagers in third world
contries, but making one for Richard just seems like lame
suck-up worship stuff. Not too appealing.


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