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free stuff with my drukqs order

((>e.V.o.L.u.M.e<)) from cold and balmy seattle on 2001-11-04 22:43 [#00048483]

does everyone get the same free stuff?
i just picked up my drukqs vinyl from my P and M's house and
i got a lot of free stuff. i got a promo album from anti
pop consortum; a bumper sticker that says "come on you cunt
lets have some aphex acid"; another sticker that says
"drukqs"; a bunch of aphex album artwork photo cards; a
drukqs poster; a drukqs promo poster thing (the vinyl size
posters, i can't remember what they are called); a post card
thingy that says aphex twin on one side and drukqs on the
other; and umm oh a flyer for a warp party thing.

whad'you get?


Ophecks on 2001-11-04 22:44 [#00048484]

Jack shit, I don't have it yet.


Is this true? from on now on 2001-11-04 23:16 [#00048490]

well aren't you the man then


Is this true? from on now on 2001-11-04 23:17 [#00048491]

both of you


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-11-05 04:58 [#00048552]

you call them P and M, that's pretty odd. ACO reference or
just normal lingo?


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-11-05 04:59 [#00048553]

Oh, and I didn't get any of that shit, but I bought the CD
at virgin megawhore. I'm going to buy the vinyl at
somepoint...not sure from where.


Robin Milding from Sweden on 2001-11-05 06:33 [#00048576]

Me and another guy both ordered drukqs in the same order,
and we only got one of each sticker. :(


Hurby on 2001-11-05 07:20 [#00048583]

People on Ebay are selling all the stickers and postcards
and shit that comes with them, if you're that "desperate."


Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-11-05 07:58 [#00048592]

i ordered the cd through warp and got everything but the


evolume from at work in bothell, north of seattle, USA on 2001-11-05 16:59 [#00048727]

a clockwork orange reference.
"Sorry, no time for the ole in-out love, i've just come to
read the meter."


p:oly from tc on 2001-11-05 17:05 [#00048731]

ahhah, aphex acid!!!


Baron Von picklefoot from My special place ! on 2001-11-05 18:47 [#00048777]

Uhhhhh I feel so empty inside maybe drugs will fill it


Jimmy on 2001-11-05 22:46 [#00048839]

SHIT! I love anti pop consortium, but I just got the
postcards, the little promo black card thing, and the two
stickers and the cd. argh. I'm gonna order like 70 dollars
worth of stuff sometime and get another packages' worth of
shit, or they're gettin ANTHRAX! mwahaha!!!


Jimmy on 2001-11-05 22:47 [#00048840]

I would so buy the anti pop consortium album from somebody


evolume from at work in bothell, north of seattle, USA on 2001-11-05 22:48 [#00048842]

well i bought my copy on vinyl since i already had a pirate
version on c.d. Maybe only the vinyl orders got the promo
album. its like a 8 track vinyl.


Track 3 from Warp on 2001-11-05 22:49 [#00048843]

must have antipop consortium cd.........


evolume from at work in bothell, north of seattle, USA on 2001-11-05 22:51 [#00048846]

so to clear things up.
i bought drukqs on vinyl from warp.
the free APC promo was also vinyl.
it has like 8 tracks i can't remember which ones though.
when i get home from work i will post em if no one else


Chilled on 2001-11-06 00:04 [#00048862]

god i hate you fuckers,all i got were the postcards...i
wanted th stickers so fucking bad...


((>e.V.o.L.u.M.e<)) from cold and balmy seattle on 2001-11-06 01:05 [#00048881]

the tracks on the Anti Pop Consortium promo album are
1. tuff gong
2. splinter
3. dystopian disco force
4. 39303
5. pit
6. perpendicular
7. vector
oh and the album is called "the ends against the middle"


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