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Music Today

po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-16 18:35 [#00003557]

In my opinion music today is completly decided by the
corparate fat cats who run record labels, all this goth rock
shit currently around (limp Bizkit, Papa Roach etc) are
slowing down the music scene and not letting any new genres
and artists into the charts, I think something should be
done about this as I am a true fan of Aphex Twin and like
it for the music, whereas all of the current acts around are
in it for the money, if any one has any ideas about how to
screw up the music scene or who is on the same wavelength,
chat to me.

remember: The Snow Answers Come in Dreams


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-16 19:41 [#00003562]

Well Ill tell you something Hahaha. I remember a few years
ago when the TEA PARTY came to my city, let me tell you : I
was pissed right off, they were such fucking losers and
their music sucked ass. So A friend and I had 2 free tickets
from his dad to go see this concert. Thee was maybe like
5000 people there to see them. So we ruined the concert
pretty much, we bought big things of coke o cola and threw
them up on stage, at the band and their vast expanse of
musical/electrical equipment. They didn't come back for a
long time, and even said that they didn't want to at all.
Hehehee.. They deserved it real good. It was in the
newspaper and everything.. no one knew it was us though. So
if you want to ruin that kind of thing, then get a network
of people across the worl, waiting to ruin everyones
concert. Hahaa.


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-16 19:44 [#00003564]

excellent news, i like your act of sabotage ;)

the idea for a whole network of ppl rready to sabotage
popular music sounds excellent, keep on posting ppl, and
email me about a possible network of saboteurs


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-16 19:50 [#00003565]

Oh man Ill abbotage any crappy music act such as you are
talking about. Im ready, its been done before by me... Ill
do it agian!


Ross from can. on 2001-04-16 19:57 [#00003568]

though im not a big smashing pumpkins fan, billy corgan had
a good quote, which i diced up slightly.."if music was as
important as the media made it out to be..if the pursuit of
greatness..and looking for this kind of gem hidden under the
dirt..the media would hit these bands, these fake bands into
the ground with a stick"


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-16 19:58 [#00003569]

shit, i forgot the worst bands of all....dear god no (can
barley bring himself to write the ursed words)....


and teeny bop, such as britney spears etc, who contaminate
the music scene with the horribly artificial music


Ross from can. on 2001-04-16 19:58 [#00003570]

poe, there's a lot of bands who arent in it for the
money..interesting music like massive attack, primal scream,
bjork, etc


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-16 20:00 [#00003571]

the thing is ross the 'media' is the big record companies,
and they are there purely for profit. Im sure all people who
like Aphex like it because of the music, not because it
dominates the charts and looks 'cool', that is what pee's me


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-16 20:08 [#00003574]

i agree with u aswell, primal scream bjork etc do make good
music and good for them that they are apreciated and they
get noticed in the charts, but it is the fat cat record
labels pumping out worthless bands just for the money, not
for the important thing THE MUSIC


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-04-17 02:48 [#00003597]

I don't want to come off as sounding like I listen to any
Boy Band/Teeny Bopper shit, because I don't... my brother
said a very excellent quote to me, "You have to listen to
all sorts of 'music' (if britney spears is classified as
'music' I guess) to appreciate what music is shit and what
music is not." Anyone agree with me? We've all heard this
recycled shit on the radio and cable tv, but it doesn't mean
it has to exist. For the most part american teeny boppers do
it because they're ignorant. They haven't listened to all
kinds of music to appreciate or commend those artists that
are more talented. It's all just one big fucking system,
where the corporate bastards are overtaking everything in
order to get as much money as possible without giving the
artists any. ONE BIG FUCKING MESS.


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-04-17 02:50 [#00003598]

BTW, p0}e or however the hell you type it, i listen to afx
because of the super fast beats and synths that he uses.
purely relaxing to me.


kidtrash from Santa Fe, NM on 2001-04-17 05:19 [#00003602]

I think that people should learn to sabotage the mega record
companies themselves through all kinds of crazy electronic
terrorist methods. More pirate radio stations would be nice


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-17 05:25 [#00003603]

Yes I think that it is absolutly foolish to think that the
record companies should be able to "own" the music we listen
to. I believe we/everyone else who agrees should set up
networks of people and fight these bastards.


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-17 09:19 [#00003613]

Boy Bands - yes.. i remember seeing something on dateline
about the backstreet boys. It was this big corporate fat
ass who started them up. this was the same dude who put
together new kids on the block. but it is just so obvious,
because in the interview with this corporate guy, he talked
about how he decided on a boy band because little girls
would go into a frenzy and have to have all the cd's,
t-shirts, posters, etc. Basically stuff that you can sell.
So right here it is TOTALLY obvious that the backstreet boys
don't exist for the sake of music, but just for the sake of
money. *sigh*


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-17 11:19 [#00003621]

i agree with you tottaly Quoth about listening to all types
of music and making your own judgment wether as to they like
the music or not, but because the charts and cable tv are
dominated by the mass produced music that all sounds the
same ppl dont get a chance to see or hear other artists
because the record company fat cats dominate what ppl listen
to and smaller better bands arent seen or heard of.


Netlon Sentinel from beyond on 2001-04-17 12:31 [#00003627]

i think the "heavy metal boybands" such as linkin' park,
creed, nickelback etc. are even worse than the regular
boybands. they seem to come from the same backstreet
factory, but they think they make rock music, although i
doubt they write much of it themselves. i used to be a
rocker (still am) and i always hoped rock would be revived.
but now that it has, i want nothing to do with it.
but since the industry has always regulated what is to be
popular music (in the early 90's there was grunge, then rap,
then r&b, then the boy/girlbands and now there's "rock"), i
fear "our" music (warp) will be really, really popular for a
brief time within some years. aphex twin is already known
worldwide, as is red snapper. yikes...

and hey, if you don't like what's being played on the radio,
give 'em a call and tell 'em what you want to hear. easy.


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-17 12:36 [#00003628]

yeah, that or just don't rely on the media for art or
entertainment. I swear, i have not listened to the radio
for YEARS. As for the television... i take it in small
doeses... pretty much stick to the simpsons and futurama.
I've noticed now that commercials are always new to me...


hexane from lambside on 2001-04-17 13:59 [#00003632]

i've never been sure why they are labelled 'boy bands'. i
mean, to be in a band you have to play an instrument don't
you? in that case they should be called 'Boy Choirs'.


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-17 14:11 [#00003635]

yeah, but then their voices are digitally remastered, etc.
so then they don't even deserve the chior status..

so they should just be called 'boys' or 'pretty boys to
look at'

basically boy bands is the equivalent of porn for little
teenage girls... and teenage girls (i.e. britney spears) is
porn for middle aged men. hehe...


Rampax from Belgium on 2001-04-17 14:23 [#00003639]

Britney is porn to me too man... CRAY-Z


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-17 15:07 [#00003645]

haha... oh, believe me, me too, me too. i don't know a
single man who doesn't want to crawl up inside that booty
for the rest of their days alive.



po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-17 18:48 [#00003662]

she is FINE but the music is far from listenable


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-04-17 19:54 [#00003674]

Just put it on "mute" and watch :)


hevquip from horse's foot on 2001-04-17 20:34 [#00003680]

britney spears would make much more money if she did many
more things nude.

there is too much shite music convoluting the media, and
because of that, no one knows what good music is anymore.


LSDemon from Austin on 2001-04-17 22:36 [#00003687]

Dude, Britney makes her money because she never does
anything QUITE nude. If she did nude once she would make a
lot of money, but then the contracts from family things
would dry up.

She makes much more appearing everywhere ALMOST nude. That
makes everyone want to tune in and watch, but makes her
clean enough for big companies to load money in to and not
lose their family business.

The girl knows what she's doing when it comes to money.
She's making tons.



XePhA88 from san jose, ca on 2001-04-18 01:29 [#00003694]

Okay, first of all I agree with Quoth: just mute her dumb
ass and put on some aphex twin. she is something to look
at... dear god she is. And yeah, I agree with LSDemon about
her making money by teasing us... but fuck man... i'm ready
to see the real britney. oh yes.


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-18 01:35 [#00003697]

Nice ass!... i Think ill grab it


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-04-18 01:36 [#00003699]

DAMN RIGHT Xehpa88! nice post! btw, interesting track you
got off of you answering machine. it's really distorted
however, you have better version you could email me?


Ross from can. on 2001-04-18 02:25 [#00003701]

what's terrible is that (though i dont like her) Billie the
pop star has been almost lynched since she started going out
with a guy from about stupid fans (girls) who
are obsessed out of their minds with boybands. Our grad next
year, we get a song every year, and usually it's a pile of
shit, but my friends and me are going to try to vote for
some pixies *really not likely..* I do agree you have to
listen to everything to appreciate music, i dont like
corporate music because it sounds corporate and unoriginal
to me..But there's lots of good stuff in every genre..i love
jazz, electronic (use the word to cover a whole bunch of
subsidiaries in it), piano players (kate bush, tori amos)
and etc.


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-18 07:24 [#00003725]

Quoth: nah sorry, that was the best recording that i got.
i mentioned that somewhere.. i don't know if i did on my
site.. or on another message board or what... i lost the
message so this is the only copy that i have...

yeah, I have great Britney spears pix. but i'd rather just
have a fucking gf. fucking hoes


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-04-18 08:58 [#00003738]

I try to listen to as many types of music as possible, no
matter what genre of music you can find there will always be
something that you will be capable of liking, so I say start
listening to stuff that you haven't heard before, listen to
the stuff that you'd think that you would hate (ie. country
music, jazz, etc) and then make your decision on what you
like, and for god sakes start supporting experimental bands
that are starting up, If we support the good musicians
enough,... then soon they will become the popular thing
(because so many of us will be supporting them) so I
recommend that you go to,...,.... or,... or,.... and listen to all of
the artist's, If there's something you like,.. E-mail them,
socialize with them and make the musical community a much
warmer place to be in, only then will we be able to
progress, instead of trying to hinder the progress of bad
music,.. help the progress of good music, that is the only
way that we will ever be able to fix what all the companies
have done with music today..
best regards


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-18 12:04 [#00003750]

definitely, listen to all types of music and make your own
opinion, but how can other people when all they do is watch
mtv and listen to popular music radio, so how can the
smaller band compete? when the record label fat cats
virtually choose what people listen to


pixie from Scotland on 2001-04-18 18:19 [#00003800]

small, live bands will always have a market, as will big and
shiny polished poptarts. A friend of mine used to be into
grunge (for want of a better word) eg nirvana, sonic youth
etc and now loves Hearsay and Westlife. I can't understand
it. I think my point is when was the last time you ever
liked anything that was in the charts? You're not meant to.
We're not the target market.


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-04-19 01:06 [#00003854]

Somebody said a while ago they haven't listened to the radio
in like two years or so. Where I live we got a kick ass
college radio that does play AFX tracks once in a while.
89.3 KRNU if any of you are able to pick it up. I live in
Nebraska so sorry for all y'all out of america. the "music
today" for that radio station kicks ass, always a good
selection of electronica and straight up experimental stuff.


od from australia on 2001-04-19 03:39 [#00003875]

yeah we got RTRFM here government funded community radio
hosted by a bunch of stoned university students (i guest
DJed a metal show and the DJ goes off during a set to smoke
buckets with soem transients in the recepotion
none else is there that time of night) they play kick ass
techno loads n that station too. Mostly 4/4 but i found a
show called the ambient zone and i heard my first
funkstorung there. the other nights. wicked. :)


RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-04-19 04:11 [#00003876]

you are all funny w/ britney spears....but dont use women
(blah blah blah) ya know common curtosy to women and men 26 and dont think she still looks

QUOTH---ive never heard afx on KRNU...but its ok....i isten
mainly to 106.3 the blaze (rock/metal)......
did you see FUGAZI on tuesday @ the union on UNL
campus?????? it was wonderful......wrtie me


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-19 12:57 [#00003922]

i think i will make an apropriate site for this 'network',my
previous sites have been disasters. anyways, what are the
laws for site?, i dont want it take down by the fbi or


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-19 15:33 [#00003942]


i hope that worked


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-19 15:34 [#00003943]

wooohooo, i do know basic HTML!!!#

*dances around the room*


d. griffiths from Amsterdam on 2001-04-19 15:46 [#00003944]

whooop di doooo!


wizards teeth from inside pele\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s wisdom tooth on 2001-04-19 15:50 [#00003945]

What "network" are you going to make a new site for ?

How does one add more than text only to the message board ?


po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-19 18:30 [#00003954]

mat be for sabotaging pop gigs ;)

that would be funny...but probably wont happen


ƒ(x) from glycerol ester of wood resin on 2001-04-19 19:28 [#00003960]

if you don't like music today there is a solution.

make the music you want to hear.

if you can conceptualize it, you can create it. in this
world we live in there is nothing stopping each and every
one of us from creating our own music. the very fact that
you have access to a computer and are reading this message
is proof that you possess the neccesary tools to manufacture
your own music. the skills, the drive, and the desire are
another matter.

but if you feel you have to "reach people" (i.e. 'perform'),
than that's another matter entirely. that's your problem.
now you rely on them. on society and thus on industry and
take this path at your own risk.

but -
create your own music for yourself.
and the satisfaction will be sublime.

no marketing.
no advertising.
no commercials.
no agents.
no managers
no labels.
no R+A.
no sold out appearances.
no weak follow up albums.
no categories or genres.
no CD clubs.
no promotion.
no magazine glossies.
no publicity.
no 12-year olds nicking your material.

no limitations.

no excuses either.

"I color the silence in layers. Then i take away one silent
layer, and there is another silent layer beneath. Then I
remove the second silent layer, and there is another silent
layer beneath that, and......"


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-19 21:12 [#00003967]



po{e} from THE UK on 2001-04-19 21:20 [#00003970]

well, that thought of producing my own work has always been
at the back of my mind...somewhere in one of these threads i
have asked ppl if (in the uk or online) if there is anywhere
that sells mixing desks(studio), analogue synths, samplers,
decks etc, so if any one knows, tell me!, (i would prefer
the actual instrument, not software)

thx, i think it is good that most ppl here like producing
their own material, good work


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-04-20 01:50 [#00003998]

I make my own stuff, but I think it could really be changed
for the better if someone were to be my partner in crime.
Take for example; ID LAB & WIZARD'S TEETH collaboration. I
wouldn't mind at all w/doing one w/any of you.


wizards teeth from Inside a Kangaroo on 2001-04-20 09:44 [#00004029]


I am a fan of collaborating, there are only a few of my
friends in Newcastle who are interested in making tunes.

Send me an e-mail and we can start sharing ideas.


rubbish john from the very top of very tall sycamore tree. on 2001-04-20 15:06 [#00004051]

I was intrigued to see what people's comments were on the
state of music today. I wasn't surprised to see that most
people think that it is a huge pile of steaming shite. I
so i choose to ignore most of it, that is unless it gets too
much for me, and i end up ranting about how much i hate it
and if someone doesn't calm me down and get me to shut up, I
usually end up chewing the heads of small dogs. Please
understand, I'm not usually like this, but the the shite we
are sometimes forced to listen too really winds me up.


Ross from can. on 2001-04-21 00:32 [#00004103]

well it's good to not do things for money..but making music
for yourself after awhile gets kinda boring, ive been making
music for about a year and a half, and now i really want to
get it to my friends, but then again, it's just my
friends..i would hate it to be widespread in my school,
because i like giving it to people who'd APPRECIATE it..not
like the bands at my school that sell their cds for $10,
play shows and are typical rock bands that girls will
love..RR, i have lots of friends and i'm not an outsider or
anything, but these are the type of guys who take out their
guitars at parties and the girls get soo turned on...I'm
still contemplating playing my school, just to weird
everyone out, there's so much conformity that id love to do
this for a change of pace


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