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"that 'French' translation [try{ed}'EZ Translator']"(+sorry about "warlike nature'o'my address"...really sorry)

"Neel'ex'*" (*which I've yet to try!) on 2001-10-26 20:13 [#00045839]

Twin Aphex - incompris Creator or genius of the alpages?
It is very difficult tarir of praises with regard to a major
actor in the musical creation since more of ten years, the
one of the bigger schizophrènes of the musical world, I
named D Sir Richard. James. And nevertheless after the
listens Drukqs, his 7 album, something operates itself, an
internal debate s'enclenche itself.
Here lusters that this interpelle artist always more of
world, musters the publics, widens his audience well beyond
the simple fans of electronic musics, with original
expérimentations, interesting by their étrangeté and
sometimes frank captivantes it is necessary to well say it.
But even where this evolution does she have us fasciner? Do
not risk do us to lose our free agency when almost-unanimity
is done around an almost sanctified personage? Acting
itself here abstracted music, to the direction of
experimental one, not referring itself to any tendency, any
norm, it is difficult to appeal to its habitual indicators.
Then necessarily, one takes the critic into account,
opinions, and then it can happen that one loses
l'objectivité, neutrality. Then has-one necessarily itself
gargariser of the new Twin album d'Aphex?
Torture room? Here, the radicalisme, pushed to his
paroxysme on all the titles, maintains the tension in
continuous, despite the hit of frequent ambient interludes.
Not any compromise, therefore, in an intersidérale war
where industrial sounds and déstructurés beat break
confront themselves to jungle rafales blow hardcore. And
then when the cyclone separates itself, this is to leave the
place to a frank disturbing calm. An atmosphere weighing,
therefore, matérialisée by sonorous expérimentations
torturées, lacking in all beat, where sharp metallic sounds
tear empties it on melts saturées resonances
d'infrabasses… Bienvenue in the haunted universe of the
Aphex professor, more blocked than never, where resound
screams of terrorisées women. Are we confined in a torture
room? Non, one broadcasts us simply the band-his of
nightmares of a man, a surangoissé. One then is pressed
réentendre the passages to the rhythmic surchargées, so
this emptiness freezes for us.
« Where is located the limit between music and noise? »
Hermétisme Thus, the general mood is particularly dark and
disturbing, included when the compositeur seems to want to
rest the spirit for us with melodies to the piano. But
simplicity and the sadness of these do not do, indeed, that
to express the déprime threshhold attains by a genius,
pétri, visibly, of a deep evil-be (as this is often the
case with the geniuses) and of which l' œuvre, this time,
totally inaccessible east (be frank). Difficult with
s'extasier itself, therefore, in front of such a
hermétisme. Difficult also of cerner the gait of the
artist for opposite to usually, most of the compositions of
this album do not touch. Certain pieces, although very
worked, seem even of a déconcertante poverty. Provided
that our genius does not confine itself too a long time in
this very personal gait…
The marginalité, yes, maisAlors, true névrose or very
taken of part radical délibérément in reaction to the
tendency having consecrated the down tempo sirupeux and
other deep - « funky-jazzy-latino » - house, accouchant of
the method henceforth incontournable of Lounge; maybe is
this all simply the two at the same time? For it is
necessary to well admit it, the electronic music itself
démocratisant to big speed V, she does not stretch to
itself radicaliser (in all case not to the level of the
stars of which does evidently left Twin Aphex). Then for or
against the music « blocked », in all case a thing is
sure: once again this is besides-Sleeve that one takes the
more of risks. One would reply: « yes but it is necessary
to replace too lounge and of house commercial by noise? »,
Then the big debate on the contemporary art (concrete
music…) is relancé. Where is located the limit between
music and noise? Does it exist only a border? But anyway,
when a disc does nothing but to break the ears the question
« is this very necessary one? » Arises with a lot. The
marginalité, yes, but when she brings something new, of
unpublished one, or, in all case, when she obtains at least
an emotion…
A œuvre that cools… And if this dear D. James had
himself concocté all that, wearied of a démesuré success
that the l'ennuierait. The king of the vice would have
therefore pushed his malice to to create a œuvre that
cools, that restricts a unanimity disturbing? Finally, the
master of the l'underground wishes maybe to remain
underground per hour where its past experimentations almost
became the norm, in all case a method.

Written by Luc Demont from Amazon


offline JAroen from the pineal gland on 2004-06-21 11:04 [#01249817]
Points: 16065 Status: Regular

LOL, get outta here!


offline virginpusher from County Clare on 2004-06-21 11:08 [#01249826]
Points: 27326 Status: Lurker | Followup to JAroen: #01249817

:D!!! ahaha!


offline ziggomatic from ??....uv ajed...deja vu....?? on 2004-06-21 11:13 [#01249832]
Points: 2523 Status: Lurker

he seems to either be informing us of where Richard's
direction is going/went after Drukqs...........

...or it's the end of the world.


offline ziggomatic from ??....uv ajed...deja vu....?? on 2004-06-21 11:14 [#01249835]
Points: 2523 Status: Lurker

Je préfère le dernier.


offline horsefactory from 💠 (United Kingdom) on 2004-06-21 11:29 [#01249854]
Points: 14867 Status: Regular


Attached picture


offline virginpusher from County Clare on 2004-06-21 12:00 [#01249890]
Points: 27326 Status: Lurker | Followup to "Neel'ex'*" (*which I've yet to try!): #00045839

identify yourself!!!!


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