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music that evolves/changes gradually

)mWmM)w...wMw...w(MmWm( on 2001-10-11 03:34 [#00040177]

Some of the music that I find most interesting is that which
evolves. Examples are squarepusher's big loada's track 8's
beginning, how the drum hits gradually become more and more
frequent. Another is download's III's "moth"'s when the
chaotic sound comes in and mutates subtly to another
different sound. A lot of autechre evolves, like the last
song on chichlisuite they even said that a key to their
music is subtle change. Crunch's 1 has many tunes where the
sound changes too. So, like I was saying, we should organize
a very tactful military campaign to rescue the innocent
penguins in solitary confinement at Disneyland.


unluky fuker from fuk off on 2001-10-11 03:39 [#00040179]

count me in


)mWmM)w...wMw...w(MmWm( on 2001-10-11 03:46 [#00040180]

Ok you get the watermellon ammunition and I'll get the raw
fish that will prove invaluable for fending off mickey mouse
and his bitch rat girlfriend. We're gonna save you
penguins!... or die trying.


)mWmM)w...wMw...w(MmWm( on 2001-10-11 04:57 [#00040182]

I thought I'd annoy you by telling you I just ordered
funkstorung's appetite for discuction because I know you
don't care. That is all for now, stay tuned for more as this
story developes.


umami on 2001-10-11 05:29 [#00040184]

appetite for dicksucktion


umami on 2001-10-11 05:29 [#00040185]

appetite for disgustion


umami on 2001-10-11 05:30 [#00040186]

appetite for discussion


)mWmM)w...wMw...w(MmWm( on 2001-10-12 05:34 [#00040417]

Very well. Let's discuss it, you start.


Mutant Death Pengwin from Medicine Hat on 2001-10-12 05:42 [#00040419]

i love funkstorung! i had to pay nearly $50 for appetite
for disctruction to be imported (small town, canada).


)mWmM)w...wMw...w(MmWm( on 2001-10-12 05:48 [#00040420]

Wow, that's a load of cash, I bought it for about 17$
including shipping at There's only 4 songs right?
because had about 12 different samples for
this album but cdnow had a track listing of 4 tracks. The
description sounds very interesting, took them 5 years to
make I think (or it was 1 or something, don't remember
exactly) Plus anything compared to autechre has my interest,
and this has almost been acused of plagarism.


Mutant Death Pengwin from Medicine Hat on 2001-10-12 05:50 [#00040421]

mine has alot more than 4 tracks. its a full 70 minutes. i
think funkstorung is great. i like them waaaaay more
autechre. autechre is boring to me (from what i've
downloaded) funkstorung has alot more energy to their music.


ahgaksjht on 2001-10-12 05:52 [#00040422]

haha "autechre is boring"
autechre is the most entertaining music ever to grace this


Mutant Death Pengwin from Medicine Hat on 2001-10-12 05:53 [#00040424]

says you.


fsfgdsfgds on 2001-10-12 05:55 [#00040425]

says me.


asdfadfs on 2001-10-12 05:56 [#00040426]

prolly people don't like to hear truth, but oh well.
people tend not to "get" autechre. it requires a certain
level of attention to detail. waaay beyond say, aphex twin.


Mutant Death Pengwin from Medicine Hat on 2001-10-12 06:04 [#00040428]

good music is in the ear of the beholder. i think autechre
sucks, you don't. i am right you are wrong.
the great thing about living in democrasy is the fact we
can have differing opinions and not have our left hand cut


)mWmM)w...wMw...w(MmWm( on 2001-10-12 06:06 [#00040429]

I can see how it can be percieved as boring... that's mostly
because the songs do the same thing for quite a long time,
even though there are loads of subtle differences in the
structure. I often felt like a big change was needed
sometimes, big changes like in aphex's song "4" frontline
assemblie's "flavour of the weak" etc. Instead of gradual
change, or based on chance, but all basically the same
structure, even if insanely complex and interesting. I still
really like autechre though, my favorite music makers.


Mutant Death Pengwin from Medicine Hat on 2001-10-12 06:07 [#00040430]

my favorite music makers are now like 70 years old or dead.
50,60, 70s rock is the best music. it had energy and the
people who made it loved what they did.


kljshdfkjh on 2001-10-12 06:19 [#00040432]

mdp, autechre are my favorite artists. but whenever i get a
new ae album, i invariably hate it. it always sounds overly
chaotic and without emotion. but if you take the time to
listen, just listen without judgement, then things will
reveal themselves. it's kind of like the same style as a
skateboarder going down the street, doing tricks off of
whatever he comes across. they do tricks off the sounds
that are already there. it's a very free aesthetic, if you
have any ideas about what music "ought to be", then you
won't like it. but once you hear their stuff, say, 20 or 30
times, then you'll be hooked. and yes, you're right,
everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and i'm not
saying you have to like them. i'm just kinda tryin to
explain where i'm comin from...
[ :


)mWmM)w...wMw...w(MmWm( on 2001-10-12 06:21 [#00040433]

I don't think I know too much of that, can you give
examples? I like some 80's (I think) stuff because it's so
funny like george michael, mc hammer, vanilla ice.


)mWmM)w...wMw...w(MmWm( on 2001-10-12 06:30 [#00040435]

I liked "ep7" (my first AE album) from the very first listen
because it was so obvious that it was composed completely in
an original way, as if they had absolutely no influences
from trends of the time. The slower "windchimish" songs were
sleep inducing hypnotic-like. It definately gets better with
repeated listens too. At first I thought "acroyear" was the
single best track I'd ever heard, but after a LOT of listens
it has dulled because I finally sort of understand it, and
the looped drumish main part stales it (when finally noticed
amidst the chaos, it was camouflaged basically) Now I think
"777" is the best probably.


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