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Best afx tune for mobile phones?

Richard on 2001-03-31 21:54 [#00002201]

what is the most suitable afx tune that you could make into
a mobile phone ringing sound?


spektr from sweden on 2001-03-31 22:00 [#00002202]

ventolin would be nice :)


ChemX from Miami, Florida on 2001-03-31 22:48 [#00002204]

I think that On would sound cool, and easy to make as well


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-04-01 18:43 [#00002273]

Well, send me some then!


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-02 01:30 [#00002301]

no no no... i really thought about this once. i think the
best one would be Flim. it goes:

D, F, A, A#, D, F, A, A#,

C, Eb, G, D, C Eb, G, D (both the D's are one octave up)

and then well... just listen to this song.. i don't feel
like writing out all the music. but it's nice and simple...


tekn010G from Australia on 2001-04-02 02:30 [#00002311]

Aigespolis, the tune at the start


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-04 09:45 [#00002519]

good one tek... okay i got another one... but i have no idea
what the scale he uses is... its the part in point210561 off
ab3, where the hollow ambient tone which carries the tonic
note throughout most of the song (he also drops it down
sometimes for cadence) goes off on its own solo. it
sounds odd, but it goes together... i want to ask my music
friend to tell me the notes, but i never see her... too busy
playing violin. do you guys know what part i am talking


rob aka bucephalus from Australia on 2001-04-04 09:48 [#00002521]

what about yellow calx? or z twig?
or maybe 'to cure a weakling child'


al en flif ten from in a twat slab on 2001-04-04 09:55 [#00002522]

i hate those bloody tuney ring things, they all sound
shite!. When you can actually record a track in to your
phone then it would be better, or you could record you self
saying "theres someone on your phone!" or just have a fart
as your ring, that would be amusing......or sectretly record
a fart as the ring for your girlfriends phone, that would be
even funnier.


Id Lab on 2001-04-04 20:52 [#00002569]

Is it really worth demeaning any tune you respect by playing
it on your phone? Until they fit those things with multiple
oscillators, resonant filters and effects, I'm not even
going to buy one.


Id Lab from a soapbox, somewhere on 2001-04-04 21:06 [#00002572]

Actually this is a serious point. Stockhausen wrote about it
as well. Everything we buy is designed to look good - phones
being a case in point. But the designers pay no attention to
designing the sound. He uses the example of a toilet - it's
made in nice shiny porcelain, in a range of colours, with
curvaceous curves, but you try buying one in B major. Crisp
packets: designed to look delicious, but they make an
annoying crackling sound. Power tools. Microwaves. Vacuum
cleaners. Cars are a slight exception, and I once saw a
kettle which played a chord when it boiled, but in general
designers just work visually. Phones are made to look really
cool now, but they still have less auditory sophistication
than a rubber band on a shoebox.


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-04 21:18 [#00002575]

just wait for nanotechnology to get here in another 20-30
years.... then we won't have a damn thing to worry about.


tekn010G from Australia on 2001-04-04 22:27 [#00002580]

I still think aigeispolis could be done justice on a mobile


Aron? from Canada on 2001-04-04 22:54 [#00002588]

I think the coolest one for a mobile would be R2D2!


linkande faran (frisyr-boy) from amekk on 2001-04-05 13:51 [#00002617]

complex mathematical equation


MaFx from swaziland on 2001-04-05 14:14 [#00002619]

XePhA88 - are they the actual chords for the song,
or notes


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-05 22:48 [#00002665]

those are the notes. The song is in Bb Major. One of my
non-aphex twin friends told me that they think Flim is remix
of willy wonka song. is this true? i don't think so...

Id Lab: i agree with you about designers forgetting about
audio aesthetics, but this is kinda how i see it:

You have a cell phone. You could either have an Aphex Twin
tune on it, or you could NOT have an Aphex Twin tune on it.
I'd choose to have the aphex twin tune, regardless of the
shitty little speaker that plays it. hehe


offline virginpusher from County Clare on 2004-02-07 21:00 [#01063915]
Points: 27326 Status: Lurker

I would like to hear "on" as a ring tone!
I think that would just be great and splendid at the same


offline horsefactory from 💠 (United Kingdom) on 2004-02-07 21:02 [#01063916]
Points: 14862 Status: Lurker | Followup to virginpusher: #01063915



offline virginpusher from County Clare on 2004-02-07 21:06 [#01063917]
Points: 27326 Status: Lurker | Followup to horsefactory: #01063916

Using the search function located this beautiful thread!


offline horsefactory from 💠 (United Kingdom) on 2004-02-07 21:09 [#01063918]
Points: 14862 Status: Lurker

I love doing that, I always think "Let's bring some awesome
thread to the main page!!"

Then I search and I can't find anything good. This is
because I am one of life's losers.


offline mappatazee from ¨y¨z¨| (Burkina Faso) on 2004-02-07 21:10 [#01063919]
Points: 14239 Status: Regular

I hate song ring tones. I hate. Them. Hate. I would be so
embarrassed if a little song started playing every time I
got a call.


offline tolstoyed from the ocean on 2004-02-07 21:10 [#01063920]
Points: 50073 Status: Moderator | Followup to virginpusher: #01063917

what did you search for?


offline ymenard on 2004-02-07 23:12 [#01064036]
Points: 1001 Status: Regular


...Help 'Computer


offline Key from Bbbbarrow-in-f (United Kingdom) on 2004-02-08 04:31 [#01064166]
Points: 857 Status: Lurker

I used to have On as my ringtone. The only Aphex tracks I
could find are that and Heliosphan.


offline AlbertoBalsalm from Reykjavík (Iceland) on 2004-02-08 04:33 [#01064169]
Points: 9459 Status: Lurker

elephant song for sure


offline Monoid from one source all things depend on 2004-02-08 04:35 [#01064171]
Points: 10937 Status: Regular

This thread is almost 3 years old....


offline Jazembo from The Earth ball on 2004-02-08 04:37 [#01064177]
Points: 2788 Status: Regular

I would like to use Ochre - Mobile Foes, but I don't have a
programable phone.


offline knobcheese from Perth (Australia) on 2004-02-08 04:40 [#01064183]
Points: 982 Status: Lurker

i use rammstein's feuer frei, i got the entire song as a


offline redrum from the allman brothers band (Ireland) on 2004-02-08 05:42 [#01064244]
Points: 12878 Status: Addict

vordhosbn :D


offline knobcheese from Perth (Australia) on 2004-02-08 05:44 [#01064245]
Points: 982 Status: Lurker

since i'm a polyphonic man myself, are there any aphex
midi's floating around i could try using?


offline Phresch from fucking Trondheim (Norway) on 2004-02-08 06:05 [#01064252]
Points: 9989 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

i've got "flicklife" by cylob.- made it myself. :)


offline Sanguine from San Francisco (United States) on 2004-02-08 06:32 [#01064274]
Points: 859 Status: Lurker

I programmed Donkey Rubarb on mine... quite happy with it


offline deepspace9mm from filth on 2004-02-08 06:43 [#01064289]
Points: 6846 Status: Addict

Powepill sounds good, programmed it in myself.


offline nene from United States on 2004-02-08 08:29 [#01064437]
Points: 1475 Status: Lurker

"since i'm a polyphonic man myself, are there any aphex
midi's floating around i could try using?"

I've got a very accurate midi of "4" that I found via this


offline virginpusher from County Clare on 2004-02-08 11:30 [#01064597]
Points: 27326 Status: Lurker

We should get a collection of fan made ringtones for XLT!!!


offline Xanatos from New York City (United States) on 2004-02-08 16:13 [#01064847]
Points: 3316 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

Does anyone know about these new higher quality rings, if
you can download songs to your phone for free?

Has anyone made any afx rings for the higher quality phones?


offline Asche XL on 2004-02-08 23:06 [#01065115]
Points: 4241 Status: Lurker | Followup to knobcheese: #01064183



offline celloncllone from anywhere but in (Germany) on 2004-02-09 08:29 [#01065409]
Points: 849 Status: Regular

lol. who the hell went back into the archive that far?


offline goDel from ɐpʎǝx (Seychelles) on 2004-02-09 10:50 [#01065533]
Points: 10224 Status: Regular

that's some quality gravediggin, virginpusher!

for my ringtone i recorded the resonance you get when you
aim two megaphones towards each other at close distance (few
centimeters) at full volume.
i call it "my broken mobilephone"-tone


offline goDel from ɐpʎǝx (Seychelles) on 2004-02-09 10:52 [#01065535]
Points: 10224 Status: Regular | Followup to goDel: #01065533

and to be ontopic, you should call it ktpa1 (or whatever the
name of that noise track was)


offline DeLtoiD from Ontario on 2004-02-09 10:58 [#01065537]
Points: 2934 Status: Lurker

heh, the organ sound at the beginning of afx237...

it'd be even cooler to get the voice to just do that



offline Oddioblender from Fort Worth, TX (United States) on 2004-02-09 11:01 [#01065540]
Points: 9601 Status: Lurker

how about pigeon street? that's a good short and sweet one.
then again i don't have a cell phone, nor would i want it to
play a song when it rings.


offline virginpusher from County Clare on 2004-02-09 11:04 [#01065542]
Points: 27326 Status: Lurker

avril 14th would be great as well!


offline nanotech from Sukavasti Amitaba Pureland (United States) on 2019-06-07 11:13 [#02579609]
Points: 3637 Status: Lurker



offline Roger Wilco from Mo's Beans on 2019-06-07 12:52 [#02579616]
Points: 1124 Status: Lurker

Funny, now you can put whatever as your ringtone, people
seem not to bother and just leave it on default.


offline Roger Wilco from Mo's Beans on 2019-06-07 14:13 [#02579617]
Points: 1124 Status: Lurker

That said I think it's a great idea to have Aphex's "On" as
a ringtone, I am going to do that. For the longest time I've
had that AGT Rave Cru's remix of Freak. I feel I should have
just the classic "LFO" though, eh...


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2019-06-07 14:47 [#02579619]
Points: 27210 Status: Addict


I need to make this into an mp3


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2019-06-07 19:08 [#02579630]
Points: 27210 Status: Addict | Followup to Roger Wilco: #02579617

I only found out last year the video for ON was filmed on
Hilbre Island a place ive visited since childhood


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2019-06-08 15:24 [#02579698]
Points: 15324 Status: Addict

for years i have wanted out of space by prodigy, a
particular segment. the part right before the "boing" and
transition to rasta mode. the part where it's sort of a
quick one-finger synth xylofone. here:


then you hear... dunt, dunt. dunt dunt, dunt. these short
little... rave stabs? they're like orch hits, but short and
more rave-y. anyways, i want the phone's vibrator to pulse
with each of these hits.

obviously, the "boing" is where it goes to voicemail, and my
"text message received" noise would just be the "boing" as

i came up with this back in 2013 or something and i still
don't know how to set it up so the phone does pulses of
vibration in sync with the ringtone so i've never bothered.

anyone know if this is even possible?


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