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20 Aphex Twin albums in MP3 format.

Richard James from Cornwall on 2001-03-27 17:07 [#00001640]

Why do I f*cking bother.

Spending time and money making songs for you to listen to,
then you go and utilise technology to rip me off.


o-ghap from burnip lane on 2001-03-27 17:19 [#00001641]

got a point there, rich..


ChemX from Miami, Florida on 2001-03-27 17:38 [#00001644]

Hey rich, why no email? :o)


ded zero from kenosha, wisconsin on 2001-03-27 18:27 [#00001648]

i got my first taste of aphex from napster, BUT i believe if
you appreciate music and the artist you are to purchase
there works. i have as many aphex cd's as i can get my hands
on, that says alot especially when i can d/l all the songs
and burn them.

through aphex i also got hooked to autechre, cylob,
squarepusher and u-ziq. i'm after all those cd's currently


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-03-27 18:49 [#00001649]

No shit like this on my messageboard.


Joakim on 2001-03-27 20:26 [#00001651]

Personally, I use Napster a lot to check out artists and
music I've never heard. If I like it, I buy it. It's
basically the same as going to your local music store,
listen to a CD, and then buy it if you like what's on it. Of
course, I could d/l every song released by RDJ, and then
burn 'em, but that's not what fans do. Just thought I'd
share my thoughts on this...



nano from malmö/sweden on 2001-03-27 20:45 [#00001653]

well if you made your songs a little more easy to come over
we had'nt have to do it =)

nah, personaly i think mr james like the whole mp3-thingie.


LtAirComStarscream from NEW YORK on 2001-03-27 21:46 [#00001659]

i buy the albums on vinal and then for traveling purposes i
download the songs i already got and burn them onto cds.


Richard D. James from London on 2001-03-28 00:25 [#00001671]

Oi, don't listen to that twat, he's an imposter.


Tekn010G from Australia on 2001-03-28 00:40 [#00001672]

He's right, it's like an episode of the twilight zone, I
think that it could possibly be richie because
1: he doesn't try to prove that he is aphex, which is what
I'd expect from an imposter
2: he voiced his opinion and that's it, a fake would go on
about useless facts about RDJ's life so that people would
think "well, he knows that so he must be the twin"
3: when I was heaps young I used to lie a lot, so I know how
these people think, If he was going to lie, he'd put a
couple of hints there to point towards the man himself (see
point 2:)

Richard likes to piss people off, and that's what I think
he's done, He's probably laughing at the responses right


It might just be a wannabe that got the bright idea of
impersonating james to stir up contaversy (I know It's spelt
wrong, but I don't have a dictionary handy) about the recent
"james on" topic that started a few days ago,
but if it is richard I just wanna say keep making the great
music, you've inspired a generation and earned a cult
following, and the rate of which people are being born
highly outweigh the number of people using technology to
screw you over, the population inflation ensures your
success,... all that's left now is to abolish all shitty pop
music, then the world would be in perfect harmony
long life Richard D James


anonymous aphex fan #1 from the globe on 2001-03-28 00:41 [#00001673]



anonymous aphex fan #2 from the globe on 2001-03-28 00:42 [#00001674]



aphex fans all over the world from the globe on 2001-03-28 00:43 [#00001675]



tekn010G from Australia on 2001-03-28 00:44 [#00001676]

see, you do have a cult following


ChemX from Miami, Florida on 2001-03-28 01:15 [#00001677]

Well, if it really is rich himself (doubt it though) then
all I have to say is "Kick ass noise"


okRobot from Los Angeles on 2001-03-28 01:20 [#00001678]

Man its true support your favorite artists, I have all the
fu*king AphexTwin CDs that are available for purchase in the
US, I download the sh*t I cant buy...I don't even burn it..I
play it in the office, I got people here in my office into
Aphex Twin...Support that man [AFX] cause his sh*t is


tekn010G from Australia on 2001-03-28 02:27 [#00001686]

I just noticed something, the message board index say's that
the topic was created by "mescon" either it's a glitch or
someone just temporarily changed their name (much more
likely) so I guess It ain't him, ohh well woulda been good
if it where


ChemX from Miami, Florida on 2001-03-28 03:34 [#00001687]

Actually, the original message with the addy was deleted by
the moderator. I have the site written down at work, drop me
a line if you need it. I don't support piracy, however, I
doubt I will be able to purchase hangable auto bulb I/II,
being so rare and all.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-03-28 08:10 [#00001691]

ChemX - Do us all a favour - please dont spread that URL.

Dont you guys understand that Rich will never release
new albums if things like this happen. It is pretty


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-03-28 08:21 [#00001692]

I'm pretty sure Rich is gonna reissue HAB 1 & 2 according to
a few interviews.

But do you really think he will do that if those mp3's are
already in everyones computer?


AFXDUB from canada on 2001-03-28 09:52 [#00001703]

im pretty sure ive read that RDJ thinks that napster is a
good thing.


alan flifton from outer mongolia on 2001-03-28 10:18 [#00001710]

Im pretty sure old richey boy (or R as I call him) likes


Richard James from Cornwall on 2001-03-28 11:39 [#00001714]

No I do not like Marmite, but I am partial to Bovril.


alan flifton from outer mongolia on 2001-03-28 12:38 [#00001717]

Bovril!, Rich, you've let me down. I bet you like Vegemite
too (the pooftas marmite).


Glitch from (secret underground lair) on 2001-03-28 12:41 [#00001719]

Hes not going to release any new music, because hes dead, *I
killed him, ran him over with my truck

*excerpt from Ren and Stimpy


hexane from Australia on 2001-03-28 14:00 [#00001724]

"It's bizarre how most people use Napster as if it were HMV
or Tower Records, just to get pop music that they can find
anywhere. Whereas creative people use Napster to get music
that they'd never normally be able to get."


Mick from Oztralia on 2001-03-28 16:51 [#00001738]

Rich does appreciate a drop of the Vegemite, 'coz heez a
f*cking legend.

Flifton can get on back to Outer Mongolia where he comes

I don't know if anyone was paying attention, but Rich was
sipping on Fosters tinnies recently at dedbeat.

Fosters mate, you know where that comes from?

Yeah, I saw ya Rich, you were an Aussie in your past life,
weren't ya?

Time to visit Oz again mate, get back to your roots.

PS. VB kicks arse over Fosters. Stop drinking the weaker


mike b -djfony- from helemano, hawaii on 2001-03-28 19:13 [#00001750]

-in response to tekn010g's post-
yeah I noticed the name difference too.... besides RDJ would
never put his name anywhere as Richard James without the
middle initial "d" out of respects for his late brother who
passed away before he was born

---just a little RDJ tidbit for those who didnt know---


Siamese Twin from Leeds on 2001-03-28 20:00 [#00001753]

This guy is NOT Richard, obviously he realises the things
that will make people suspicious, so just made a quick
comment. He does have a point, although it\'s a point which
been made millions of times before. I will not give any kind
messages in case it really is him, because it ISN\'T. Aah it
doesn\'t matter, it just these people are losers with no
life and they just want a bit of attention. Ignore him.

I think the Radiohead message board is very good... the band
members appear in a different colour so no-one can
impersonate them (except 1337 h4xx0rZ, but i\'m sure they
have more important things to do). Aphex should set up
something like that... or at least get some computer nerds
to do it.


mescon from Sweden on 2001-03-28 21:21 [#00001760]

Um, hello.... i cant see my own message in here....


Siamese Twin from Leeds on 2001-03-28 21:29 [#00001761]

heheh that's happened to me before...


Siamese Twin from Leeds on 2001-03-28 21:44 [#00001762]

heheh that's happened to me before...


crapnose from montreal on 2001-03-28 21:48 [#00001763]

obviously a fake. infact, there is a small little link on
the front page of this very website that pretty much makes
it clear that he's neither against nor for the napster
thing...i believe he makes the music for his own pleasure
and whatever you do for it he could give less of a shit.


mescon from Sweden on 2001-03-28 21:49 [#00001764]

Hi... Ive read all messages in here and can see that almost
everyone seems to dislike the fact that I had 20 of afx's
albums availble for you to download.

I understand that RDJ has to make a living on this music,
and piracy kind of breaks the option to do so.
However, I own 7 albums, all purchased in music stores.
After a while of listening I wanted to expand my Aphex Twin
experiences with further albums, which was something way to
difficult and expensive to realize. I joined another forum
like this, which was also "more" into the computer
underground scene, which leads us to warez/piracy. The works
of Aphex Twin is, as you all know very intellectual, which
most computer underground users have a tendency to like
alot. Therefore there are alot of computer skilled fans,
with heaploads of other albums by RDJ, which are currently
not availble in Sweden, in any recordstore (as far as I

So... when I was offered 13 albums I didn't have... was I
supposed to say no, then feel good for being morally
correct, then feel bad for missing the opportunity to widen
my Aphex Twin experiences? No... I value the the Aphex Twin
experience alot higher than I value the moral question
within this "drama".

Being a computer'freak' as I am, I felt that most others
would like to hear more works by Aphex Twin if the only
could. So I made my archive avaible for you all to

All I can say is that I would buy every single album and
CD-S there is by Aphex Twin if it wasn't for the low
availability in this country. Sure, you can order from the
U.K or other countries, but that is simply too expensive for
a guy like me. I once gathered all albums I could find
through the internet CD stores, and calculated that it would
cost me 2457 SKR (Swedish Kronor), which is ca 240$ or
180£. Would you pay that when the same music is availble
for download, and could be listened to within minutes? I
dont think so. As Joakim said... its like a music store...
you listen to the music... if you like it, you buy it.
Personally I dont like "Selected Ambient Works" all that
much, however I do like Joyrex J4, J5 and J9, AB4 and almost
all other albums, and so I will buy them if I run across
them in a store.

A musician first plays for free everywhere he can... just
because he likes what he is doing, and hopes that other do
aswell. When this turns and becomes 'making music for the
profit' it has gone totally wrong.

Of course many of you out there will disagree with me on
some points, but thats your opinion, not mine. I made the
choice to share my collection because I wanted others to
experience the same thing as I did while listening to RDJ...
and that was.... the ultimate awareness.

Over and out.
// mescon


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-03-28 22:13 [#00001765]


First, those files are illegal to begin with. This
should be a reason good enough for us to remove links to

Although you got a few points there. But if you uploaded the
tracks just for others to discover his music - then you are
"ute på hal is". That's where the EXPLORE-section comes in
on this site. Samples from each track -- appetizers -- if
you like them -- then buy the release.

If you can't buy the release due to limited copies -- then
this it's a big problem. Sure! But this is what makes stuff

And as for your list -- do you really consider SAW II, SAW
85-92, Come To Daddy etc as being rare and hard to get? No!
Many newbies would probably have downloaded the stuff and
being pretty happy with it and never buy the stuff since
they already got 'em.

So if you were following your own rules then you should only
made some of the releases available for others to

Don't take this personally -- this goes for everyone doing
similiar actions. The mp3 policy for this site is perhaps
pretty diffuse but posting direct links to illegal
are def. out of business.

Välkommen tillbaka Mescon, vi behöver fler svenskar
här... :-)


mike b -djfony- from helemano, hawaii on 2001-03-28 22:19 [#00001766]



mescon from Sweden on 2001-03-28 22:54 [#00001769]

I dont claim you for removing my link to the archive. The so
called newbies who dont buy them cant be real fans... real
fans support his works by buying his music... Its great with
the "explore" section, of course, but as I said... it can be
hard to get albums, and very expensive... so... blah, you
removed the link, so what difference does it make now,
anyway? Im just gonna be a happy little Aphex fan :)
*mumbling like the dude on Funny little man*


Sverige rockar! (Sweden rocks)


mescon from Sweden on 2001-03-28 23:00 [#00001772]

BTW, you started your re-bound with: "The files are
illegal"... its not a matter of illegality... its simply a
moral question... I felt I could live on knowing that I
didn't pay for 13 of the albums, so I downloaded them.... no
big deal for me. I would buy them if I had could find them,
and if I had the money. To be honest I dont prioritize my
music collection, although im a great music fan. My
prioritys goes to computers, education and stuff like
that... So... thats the main reason I downloaded
it... i just thought that if others felt they could live
with it, they should be given the opportunity to do the same
as me (that would be, downloading them of course).


tune|fx from somewhere between europe and canada on 2001-03-28 23:59 [#00001778]

OK, that is right, everybody is doin it. But none of them
states it in public, right? Hope you get it.


Ross from Canada on 2001-03-29 02:36 [#00001783]

the local hmv has NO aphex twin ridiculous. I
bought come to daddy in scotland, and at hmv in the Uk i saw
loads of rarer stuff, but i didnt have the money..In Canada,
if i want more aphex i gotta go downtown, ill probably buy
some of the harder to find stuff when i go back to Scotland
this summer


crapnose from Montreal on 2001-03-29 03:04 [#00001796]

Really? that's odd...there is LOADS of Aphex stuff at all
the HMV's i've been to. They've got the On single, Classics,
53/13, RDJ, ICBYD, Windowlicker, Analogue Bubblebath,
Ventolin, Girl/Boy Song....the list goes on. although, i
never checked under any of his aliases. they're in the drum
n bass section.


Ross from Canada on 2001-03-29 03:05 [#00001797]

they were out of them for a long time at our hmv, you know
whats terrible too? No squarepusher either!


crapnose from Montreal on 2001-03-29 03:30 [#00001806]

they have lots of squarepusher too--also boards of canada,
autechre, basically any IDM artist. it's the supreme HMV...


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-03-29 05:20 [#00001815]

Whine Whine Whine

I live in New Zealand, NEW ZEALAND FUR FUCKS SAKE, Do you
think I can go into town and get an Album I want just like
that, NO, unless its Aphex Twin 51/13, tons of that shit
down here


Oysterova from Vilkaviskis on 2001-03-29 14:56 [#00001888]

I like music (sound) not the format.
Mp3 quality is quite fucked so you
can't hear 1/2 of real sounds. Better
to go to the street, sit on the bunch
and record some swips with md player!


alan flifton from outer mongolia on 2001-03-29 14:59 [#00001889]

too right


Velocity_Kendall from uk on 2001-03-29 15:07 [#00001890]

Why don't you just get your aphex stuff from warpmart ?


tune|fx from somewhere between europe and canada on 2001-03-29 15:20 [#00001891]

Maybe their credit history is too crappy to apply for a VISA


XePhA88 from san jose, ca on 2001-03-30 13:49 [#00002105]

this is why adam smith's economy sucks. it makes things
like richard's music become about the money and not the art.
do any of you have to pay to see a picture of the mona
lisa? but then we must pay to listen to aphex twin?

i would hope that richard would want us to pay him back
simply with our love and loyalty. look at this site and
many other sites created just out of love? Richard could
have nothing to do with these sites, but we are all trying
to act as a community to support his music. Whether it be
posting on the message board, or saying to a friend, " hey,
you gotta check this song out..."

just spread the love. as long as richard has a place to
live, access to whatever equipement he needs or wants, and
has enough to enjoy those perks in life, then I say he's
fine. If he wants to drive around in a tank, fine. I don't
think we need to worry about him being poor, so just chill.
and the legality of mp3's? yeah, it's a law. whoo hoo.
would society ever change if all the laws were followed?

it's not about money, regardless of the legality of mp3's,
it's about the music. so the decision is up to each and
everyone of us.

i know that i support his ass 110%, so i feel i'm cool with


alan flifton from outer mongolia on 2001-03-30 14:06 [#00002106]

nah rich wants the dosh


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