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the song Nice is Actualy...

Yuurei from calgary, alberta, canada on 2001-07-16 05:16 [#00015326]

I found out... more then likely I was one of only few to
somehow get the song "Nice" grate song but was unsure if it
was Aphex or not. it was listed under his name, but so is
everything else. so after some leg work... someone just cut
off the start to Iz-Us, where the little girl is talking and
renamed the song Nice. so am glad to know now that the song
is Aphex Twin... and I actually like the version of the song
with out the little girl better. so the song listed as Nice
Is Actualy Iz-Us.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-16 06:32 [#00015332]

Yuurei: ah.. someone from Alberta! nice! haha.. im from
Edmonton as you can tell, whats up, you go to the stampede?


Yuurei from calgary, alberta, canada on 2001-07-17 05:53 [#00015688]

no I didn't. am not big on the roping cows. wearing jeans
and a cowboy hat. and I have been to the big theme parks so
stamped rides don't do to much for me. its ok to go to with
yeah so that's my little rant on the stampede. you go?


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-17 06:19 [#00015692]

Yuurei: Hell no. I think it would be kinda fun, ive gone
before a few times when I was younger, im 18 now. My friend
went though, he had fun. Whatever. So.. hows the alberta



Yuurei from calgary, alberta, canada on 2001-07-17 08:41 [#00015710]

Alberta life... well like any other life I would think. I
think Alberta has a bad reparation in Canada that were this
cowpoke town, which I dont really think we are... well I
dont know about Edmonton. but Calgary dose... which the
stampede dose not help that image... the hole city turns
into the wild west and its horrible... everyone trying to be
more like a cowboy or hick then the next person.
but Alberta life... I dont think I have ever thought of my
life involving the where I live at all.
well how's your Alberta life or life Reflex?


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-17 08:59 [#00015719]

Yuurei: well hm. my life. its all good for me. Alberta is a
great place to live I think. Ive been all over Canada and
America and have come to realize that Alberta is one of the
better places to live, along with Texas, California,
toronto, vancouver and one or two other places. Its a good
place. Edmonton is awsome I think, ever come here?? weve got
some cool things going on, Whyte Ave is growing into
something a lot different than what it used to be. Which is
neither good nor bad.

You gots ICQ?? Gimme your number if ya do.

Tell me more about you, I guess, your the closest person to
home ive met on here, so its neat. im a guy, 18 and
obviously live in edmonton. Tell me more.



Yuurei from calgary, alberta, canada on 2001-07-17 09:54 [#00015742]

about me... am never good with that question. well am a
male, am 18. I listen to Aphex Twin. am better with more
direct line of questioning.
I do have icq, give me your e-mail and I will e-mail it to


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-17 20:42 [#00015991]

Yuurei: my email is this.

Email me your ICQ number please! We can swap files and so
on. Hahaha.... thanks!



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