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Live sessions

Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-05 10:22 [#00012419]

Anyone seen RDJ live?

I need to update the "Live Sessions" in the EXPLORE-section.
So, if you been to a concert/live session not listed there,
then please provide me with the following info:

What?, Where?, When?, Liveset/tracklist? and do you have
photos/flyers from the session? Personal view/experience of
the show?

...and of course, if you've been to a session already listed
there, provide me with some additional info.

Use this topic or send me a message with the info. You'll
get credits for your efforts!


my face on 2001-07-05 10:55 [#00012420]

I saw him live once..............
...............and he was shit.


RECYCLE from roca,ne on 2001-07-05 23:44 [#00012590]

my face--------thanks for the excellant description !!! you
are shite.....


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-05 23:48 [#00012595]

yes! shite!


Scary Bear on 2001-07-05 23:54 [#00012597]

Let us remember that at times RDJ has said himself that he
has been shite. IfU read the articles. But I don't want to
be argumntative I'm not in the mood.


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-06 00:03 [#00012601]

I know what you mean...some (very few) of his tracks are
just too fucked.


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