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flashbulb nepo baby

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-06-13 00:26 [#02636208]
Points: 24873 Status: Lurker

rich kid, permamiasma, worm. you giggled so much when he
licked you like a dog, yes? you are a porktanker. you can
only climb so far up your own ass before your family loses
coherency DNA whatever. the cubical hogs, space truckers,
you've been very comfy but. pig


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-06-13 02:04 [#02636216]
Points: 24873 Status: Lurker

According to police reports, the student used a camera
disguised as a shirt button, connected to AI software via a
"router" (possibly a mistranslation of a cellular modem)
hidden in the sole of their shoe. The system worked by
scanning the exam questions using the button camera, which
then relayed the information to an unnamed AI model. The
software generated the correct answers and recited them to
the student through an earpiece.

A video released by the Isparta police demonstrated how the
cheating system functioned. In the video, a police officer
scans a question, and the AI software provides the correct
answer through the earpiece.

see, this is why i had this weird deja vu to my latin
homework when marcus aur- daniel ek is quoting,
regurgitating my latin homework, it feels like. because an
AI told him to say that. and he doesn't know shit. and his
AI is me and i hate Daniel Ek so it obviously made him say
something dumb

the point, motherfuckers. everyone is always a work in
progress. you can nurture a plant but you can tell it where
to sprout flowers. the mose is the medium the mess age. you
did no work, i did all the work, now your maschine has shit
the bedrock and your AI trolls you in front of the whole
world and because you did no work you have no answers. let's
talk about the 5th declension motherfucker


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