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offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-17 17:29 [#02633581]
Points: 24389 Status: Addict

back in my spiral over data vinyl, we had a dispute about
whether or not i'd exported anything @ 96kbps ever in the
last few years, because i'd just [within data vinyl spiral]
mouthed off that i had not.

you came back that i had spoken about precisely that in
discord, that i would be toast if you could only freaking
find it, and i say ppff no

then i'm rambling about sailing up to the memory and bla

and fuck it, i should just admit it. you were totally
correct and you caught me mouthing off and i didn't want to
admit it at the time

...but that's the only fucking time i've ever exported shit
96kbps audio in the last few years. i think

...or was it hevquip i was arguing with over this? i get
things confused sometimes


offline mermaidman on 2024-03-18 09:11 [#02633597]
Points: 8028 Status: Regular

i remember you had the habit of exporting 128kbps mp3s and
was talking about mastering high frequencies in russell's


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-18 17:50 [#02633604]
Points: 24389 Status: Addict

no, no, no

1. the real thing on discord was "you know, if all these
sites like soundclot are going to do this to my music, i
should at least have a listen to what it does to my
frequencies" and so i bounced a few and i'm poking (which, i
guess, would seem like a firehose) at discord and hung over
my mixer mussing with the EQ

[number in between 1 and 2]. TO MY CURRENT KNOWLEDGE that is
the only time i have exported such trash since... well, it'd
take me a while to figure out. i'd say years, but...

say, but, oh, you have!

3. At first I genuinely do not remember it. From my
perspective, I'm not lying

4. I remember it. Fuck. Shit. He's right

5. A bunch of expansive visual writing about how this was a
bit of a strange memory. Because let's talk our way past
without admitting it

and here it all is, exactly how much you were right about.
but i wonder if you'd considered that i actually thought it
was true when i first said it?

flip side, i'm now saying TO MY CURRENT KNOWLEDGE because
maybe i've forgotten some other time. i was a bit flustered
being caught there but we're deep enough into memory, i see,
after recent things -- okay, it is crucial to be honest

i'm actually curious what next. i've not been honest with a
troll before


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-27 02:33 [#02634110]
Points: 24389 Status: Addict

that, really, it was a strange one to pull up for many
reasons, and nevermind. that i used an AI image generator to
actually pull a pretty damn close image out of the mire and
how could i not have shared that

but my analogy of like i'm lost in a vast ocean and i'm in a
power boat sailing up to the memory. it was a very
longwinded excuse, but this is quite a real thing. it's all
in there. which means there's so fucking much i have to take
a boat over somewhere for a while and then get it up off
shelf 41927-D with a forklift and unpack the correct
sterlite plastic bin from the palette within the shipping
container and inside this is a box that has another box of
index cards, and it will be the third one from the back,
yes, i am sure

and i can do that no problem, but you can see how ridiculous
it seems to contemplate doing this for everything all the
time. so i lose stuff because that's packed off somewhere
else in my brain and i need to navigate back over there

but i was still just flustered and trying to bullshit my way
through being caught


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2024-03-27 02:52 [#02634111]
Points: 24389 Status: Addict

06:53:21.271000+00:00,i record everything to wav since \
whenever but you know you upload to soundclot and it's 128k


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